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Ian Desmond expects big things from himself this season



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Thu, 19 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Normally the nationals -- perfectly happy taking two out of three from the first place Braves. But at this point in the season and given how much ground they still have to make up even one loss looms large. Any other time of the year -- -- pretty good series especially against these guys that. You know right now can afford to lose any so. Doing the series thinking to birthers pretty used human first tune things and I want to third with no obvious who were you playing. -- of our potential season bit you know it's not like we. They same thing devastating. The nationals led to nothing after five innings but then Ross -- north crumbled in the sixth. Serving up two home runs and continuing it troubling trend for the right hander. You know -- night. Can still feel pretty good. You know even when -- -- menus. Until I was that he was. Precaution. So I don't think it was one of those cases where your program I guess. Straight from about pitches and six of their own toys for sure Lofton and or third. Just very beneficial to -- -- drove the units -- -- strongholds arms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The loss was tough enough but then came even tougher news post game. Stephen Strasburg is still dealing with forearm tightness and so he has been scratched from Thursday's scheduled start against Miami. Get another daunting challenge for this team. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Normally the nationals perfectly happy taking two out of three from the first place Braves. But at this point in the season and given how much ground they still have to make up even one loss looms large. Any other time of the year pretty good series especially against these

  3. to test for me and also for the coaches to see if that was gonna be something that affecting me throughout the game. He's Desmond Briscoe your best friend now. It's seemingly got off quick he he did and I really appreciated on you know you never want

  4. CSN Washington dot com. I think it could use some help the Washington Nationals after their series with the Braves it was so huge for this team coming and you her Bryce Harper few weeks we'll talk about how. The season wasn't over because of all those games against the Braves but. As we've seen all

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  8. CSN Washington dot com. not as soreness it could a very he's a great pitcher news tip your of phone they've they've. They're good job holding us down and we did the same thing going out there and try to hold and that's what's possible it's a good hitting team and respect them. And I think it was

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    I kinda had a feeling it's gonna be between either Ian Desmond and Jordan Zimmermann but who is your first half MVP for ..... there and deserving of the all star pick. I don't take Desmond here just because we played every single day for them

  11. CSN Washington dot com. Any measurement that have to consider at disperse captaincy and the disappointment and the team. Came into he didn't believe in court not only win the World Series but he among the best teams in baseball regular season again. just haven't been able to find their through

  12. and Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche and Ian Desmond . It shouldn't be happening like that they just have ..... nothing there. don't has been great to second base Desmond has been fantastic terminal Roche have gotten hot lately

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  15. CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy sports net central update. But Dave Dave Johnson when your regular sports on central update talking about the nationals at nationals lost of after the Phillies. Former national job leverage and Albert eight innings and Dan Haren and I don't are recovered but

  16. CSN Washington dot com the senate before in my in my number one for Washington Nationals and China it's a World Series and going there are surname Paris is turns on but. No for Washington Nationals and then where knows that WR my chest means Lamar and me. CSN Washington dot com it.

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    Bryce Harper has been elected an All-Star starter and Jordan Zimmermann earned a selection as well, though Ian Desmond will have to win the "Final Vote" competition to join them in New York.

  18. in that. There's one other possibility though if Troy Tulowitzki who has been out with an injury isn't able to play. Desmond could still slide in is second all star appearance and first actual game parents. CSN Washington dot com.

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    we've been fortunate enough to swing the bats and hot and and we continue you know Jayson Werth is doing great job Ian Desmond and you I was doing great job and I and you don't want to cool him off wanna in the dugout as soon as possible. Perhaps

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