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Can Jayson Werth's play push Nats into playoffs?



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Mon, 30 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Team at skate tomorrow. Says he wants cal Ripken junior to be -- skipper. What do you think who should be inactive for this program and the thing cal Ripken is a big name around these big name of Baltimore but no I think you go somebody is already on us that -- north and around he has already made fifteen of -- people. On this squad they would continue right on what they have going on. Teammates Angels -- they wouldn't bring in a totally new manager they have the foot did touch if it isn't it is on his whole deal and as I look at this team right now they have. Half the people in place they are already on awaits is the way you keep them by keep the consistency going. It's all about cal I want to be about and that's not about cap help local been manageable or isn't anything. I don't wanna see about him. You're right and cal is mostly a name of course he is a legend but the -- They -- most of their pieces in place do they need any major changes or is that why you like the idea of going with someone in the club -- yeah. The Gaddafi -- who looked at the -- they've played down the stretch drive of the hottest team in all of baseball. And they talk about how -- ignore all you don't go to an actual character is an experience. They regular video for a while you go when that guy. And their players seem to respect him he's had opportunities to step up and and management David was -- got -- -- and I like your style because he makes decisions. He's got a different cobra thought it would be nicer to everybody and I'm not anything about the old the first. On this and this guy wants -- does he -- the movies -- -- much of him. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Jayson Werth , Gio Gonzalez let frustrations spill into dugout

    CSN Washington dot com. Something got Jayson Werth and he opened knowledge animated after the top of the first inning I worker was worked upset. And for not hustling or first base

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    CSN Washington dot com. With the national signed Jayson Werth to a seven year 126. Million dollar contract last off season. They expected the dynamic outfielder who was an all star in Philadelphia

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    CSN Washington dot com. Reports the the word came that everything was OK at Minnesota Fairly hilarious. We need you know we usually did get them and controls his. You know see. Any players. You know protestors say it again Harrison has you know probably. Actually pretty good so. You know I've said

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    CSN Washington dot com do you live here year round now so what's the reception been like in the offseason I imagine different then you know a year ago. Yeah a year makes. You know it's been it's been I think that is exciting thing is it's is you know supporting the baseball team that's. That's what

  1. CSN Washington dot com. Team at skate tomorrow. Says he wants cal Ripken junior to be skipper. What do you think who should be inactive for this program and the thing cal Ripken is a big name around these big name of Baltimore but no I think you go somebody is already on us that north and around he

  2. to give them. How proud are you. No matter what the end result is the way you guys. I mean is not just in romances Jayson Werth has seen that in mind there are some guys in the clubhouse. Voice their opinion. And or something. You know times

  3. defensively and I think offensively in May be helping Jayson Werth can you say that he's been the one constant really ..... PS he's gonna challenge for the batting title mr. Jayson Werth . Pretty remarkable and really this is kind of an extension

  4. CSN Washington dot com how about this since August the ninth all of a sudden. The team that we thought they were gonna look like mark Zuckerman. Look at that for the Dodgers who have been so good I think historically good and that's right there with them over the last three weeks. It into an awful

  5. Nats cough up early lead but finish strong in win


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    The Nationals jumped out to an early 6-1 lead behind another homer from Jayson Werth and a two-run single from Kurt Suzuki, but things wouldn't prove quite that easy.

  6. Werth takes a tumble on the basepaths


    Wed, 21 Aug 2013

    Jayson Werth has been scorching hot at the plate for the Nationals in August, but his baserunning Tuesday night left plenty to be desired. See the .GIF for yourself.

  7. Werth would like Manuel to manage Nationals


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    Jayson Werth says he'd love for Charlie Manuel to manage the Nationals in 2014, but Davey Johnson doubts the club will go in that direction.

  8. phone calls agree went 441 general it's pretty good. There were some early fireworks and nationals dugout. When Jayson Werth got into a heated argument with Gonzales who was slow to cover first base on a potential double play Jason sometimes

  9. Nats' rain-delayed win is worth the wait


    Wed, 14 Aug 2013

    Adam LaRoche's two-run homer helped the Nationals overcome a rain delay and a spat between Gio Gonzalez and Jayson Werth during a 4-2 win on Tuesday.

  10. Werth, Gio argument explained


    Wed, 14 Aug 2013

    The dugout argument between Gio Gonzalez and Jayson Werth during the Nats' win against the Giants on Tuesday night was about just what many had speculated.

  11. flu and he's not in the lineup now I will say this he did take batting practice this afternoon but Adam LaRoche. Jayson Werth looked pretty good doing it you wonder if you might be trying to talk his way back in the lineup he's got what about

  12. Werth, Gio involved in dugout argument


    Tue, 13 Aug 2013

    The Comcast SportsNet Giants broadcast caught a tense moment between Jayson Werth and Gio Gonzalez.

  13. Werth, Davey leave Nats' win with injuries


    Mon, 12 Aug 2013

    Both Jayson Werth and Davey Johnson were in the trainers room by the end of the Nats' 6-0 win over the Phillies on Sunday.

  14. Red-hot Werth powers Nationals to victory


    Sun, 11 Aug 2013

    Jayson Werth has been perhaps the Nats' best player over the last two seasons, and he once again powered them to victory on Saturday night.

  15. Woes continue: Phillies lose 10th straight on road


    Sun, 11 Aug 2013

    Jayson Werth notched his 1,000th career hit on a game-winning homer. And the Phillies? They secured their longest road losing streak since 1999.

  16. CSN Washington dot com. I've never played well mine and I think Jordan out there and threw the ball very well if that's you know first second inning and Try to plug away and and moved Fisher and you know he's he's pretty hard to you know kids and office out here is there's very much to. Can do some

  17. Instant Replay: Nationals 8, Phillies 5


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    Jayson Werth broke open a 4-4 game in the seventh with a two-run homer for the 1,000th hit of his career to hand the Phillies an 8-5 loss.

  18. the first time admitting you may not happen this year we need to look beyond its effect let's take a look at what Jayson Werth says is pretty telling after this series of what he said a regarding the national. And looking ahead to next season

  19. gonna for the money I think go four. One of the bright spots for the nationals especially recently it's been player Jayson Werth hit the ball very very well so fair or foul. Jayson played this season is an aberration. I'm gonna say. Foul it

  20. CSN Washington dot com. They've lost five straight and ten of twelve and they're now four games under 500 for the season. But the nationals at this point say they can't do anything except keep battling. And hope that their luck changes before it's too late to a snake Rivers. Things are going. We're