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Can the Nationals salvage their 2013 season?



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Fri, 9 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. I think it could use some help the Washington Nationals after their series with the Braves it was so huge for this team coming and you her Bryce Harper few weeks we'll talk about how. The season wasn't over because of all those games against the Braves but. As we've seen all season long the nationals bats went really really cold against Atlanta. Starting pitching which -- been so good at times the Washington. Got no blood sports of guys this really is the -- season in microcosm of yeah it was I mean it's the sort of their last shot. They went into -- He's an opportunity in. Every single one of those games it was like FL have covered that's can -- 2530. Times this year guys it was the exact same thing to get pretty good pitching. Maybe take an early lead the offense shuts down big fight to the end I mean they had chances in the eighth ninth inning and just could not drive in. -- tying run when they needed it a very frustrating series for them but. The kind of had all built up to this and it wasn't all that surprising given where they've played this in and I thought it was interest in two because the tone really. It was I thought gonna be set when Bryce Harper talked about it last time likeable about we can happen -- that this is. Our our season right here we still have a chance to catch the Braves we had nine more games against him and then he going to get swept its really. The when you start to feel that hone in on some of the things that came out of that series very very concerning overall and like -- said they were fighting to the end no doubt about it but. There's something that's been lacking all season month I don't know if anybody can really put a finger run up but it's really one of those things where it starts -- -- starting to look like to me that the season is over for them. And I think you start to see that realization from them by the end of that series for the first time you heard guys talking about. Maybe it isn't this season Bryce Harper like we said who all along with Sabres to back nine games with the -- is our chance -- anything while the other still the wild card. And then you -- Jason were talking about beyond this year and other guys to sort of for the first time admitting you may not happen this year we need to look beyond its effect let's take a look at what Jayson Werth says is pretty telling after this series of what he said a regarding the national. And looking ahead to next season possibly committed to what they feel about this season we -- still in the building phase -- with all the expectations it doesn't really seem like that. We got a lot of young players the direction is still good flop talents. There's a lot of things to look forward to here in Washington so it doesn't sound like you've seen that has plans on playing. Esposito and this is not what Jason -- or anybody in that clubhouse was saying in February and march and April in the season again and really even up to a couple weeks ago I think they -- still trying to cling to the idea. That they could do it this year this is a team that came -- at the highest of expectations they embraced. Davey Johnson's World Series or bust month and they also yeah we should. -- feel that way we've made to the playoffs last year for bringing everybody back -- bolster the team in their minds. I know this is in the team that was thinking about next -- on his team that thought it was gonna win this year all of a sudden like hammer the realization of its not happening. And I hate -- -- they've from a player you to hear that because you know went up when you have about a month ago two months ago Werth said. -- this team it was too little too easy for them last year and maybe we need to buttoned down in and play harder. I thought that was right message we start looking ahead that's a moment from my perspective where you going for the GM going have a top of the manager and maybe we need to have a team meeting with -- GM and a manager. And talk about we cannot even start looking about that you just felt like -- to feel loved. That last couple days of the end of the season when guys are are putting their boxes together and put the tape under -- stuff away the -- we're ready gag. We still have 45 games but I can't believe some of the things of that here. CSN Washington dot com.

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