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Rafael Furcal

Fri, 23 Aug 2013|

Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler says new White Sox infielder Leury Garcia has the skills to make him an everyday player reminiscent of All-Star shortstop Rafael Furcal.

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    bill and approached him and asked him get some help to get a job in the farm. Actually John. Said to me. Talk about this guy furcal . Things got really the only job he's polished. We'll just there's PH usually play College Baseball and basketball

  2. White Sox notes: Kinsler sees shades of Furcal in newest member of Sox


    Fri, 23 Aug 2013

    Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler says new White Sox infielder Leury Garcia has the skills to make him an everyday player reminiscent of All-Star shortstop Rafael Furcal .

  3. will be relived really. The ground up so you go to walk through senior Justin don't think you know when 300 plus twelve most furcal and with our offense well it could go into much green. But you know a lot of guys particularly fans truthful I thought that

  4. I'm excited to finally performance in line and I'm ready to get out there and. Forms that's all congratulations your furcal from Columbia Merrill Columbia Maryland there and a but congratulations and we'll see you the calendar released part of July

  5. what it seems like the Lester was you know there's kind of a lot of pressure on myself. He like closers most of the game furcal and once you start a world that. New Zealand for the guys out that we actually start quick and onto it. And everybody biggest

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    While the Cardinals will be without Rafael Furcal and Chris Carpenter this year, don't expect Mike Matheny's squad to fade out of the playoff picture.

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    I'm kind of his lawyer but this guy was a quarter week before shooting. And all the sudden you know he's hitting across furcal and over the glass and you sit across foursquare council back in the crease. Well this week Q the quarter inch inside the post

  8. will look good to have the bullpen. You know the result of Street lost it but really like it that pretty bad and individually about getting their work. And opening themselves up now furcal walked go ahead of him. CSN Washington dot com.

  9. When you look at all the different type of options that the work when I first came in the coaching you know I was with Oklahoma furcal peer group wishful. And then your end of the year than in the counter options speed option so you've been through a lot of

  10. getting started you know we we all. We know I'll do expects. A lot from everybody on this team because we have been together furcal for a couple of years now we we do wanna see more. And then with Robert coming in that really changes thinks the world just

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    Nick affectionate couple of assists get a free pass he was also responsible for two schools and some local supporters want furcal whose parents I think it's. We need to do it on anybody in particular those two guys and and obviously I mean the caps went

  12. down injured New Orleans and you put not numbers thirteen point seven assists three rebounds how's the season don't loans. Furcal for all thank you for for his opportunity to come over here and I and those of our fans and people that really support me and

  13. he overpowered him. And that goes right up the bars right schools little butterfly. now has six players in double figures furcal and Marcus Johansson continued to score very well. In first period it's definitely his hand healed pretty right now. The

  14. the Patriots team did not given up there are yards rushing and that's me as a single and 1000 do you think that's a test furcal you know to put up those kind of numbers against how the caliber team that is the Patriots and with a group at the bottom line

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    Saint Louis now 50 in the and TJO she scored the goal also was tied at one later in the period. Felt with the same for Patrick furcal and shot but for the match that is the game. Wraparound goal just I mean. I guess it's an unlucky bounce your goal to maybe

  16. first down right there would set up Colin Carroll. Number three. Sports agree it's good 419 the wildcats threatening maybe furcal back but at Churchill because of that stand tall. He'll scrambling to his right you won't be able to keep this plant like

  17. playing time because they were notices to last year. And hopefully we keep going and veterans took me a lot of yardage but furcal for ovals does that disappoint the red zone that well you know. Yeah choices and so there's no question about that. But

  18. continue things in get a chance to run his own program so it should be. Great is kind of quiet right now normally in the cycle furcal Russell coach who would walk there a couple points a little later in the summer we still feel that itch in almost like I don

  19. you guys have couple defensive breakdowns that cost. You know sooner and you know Sunkist a nice little ones HL by. On the furcal thing. You know. They lucky again you know I think they're gaining their responses. Well you gotta do senator for tomorrow

  20. CF the Washington dot com. The reports come just fingering the amazing Bachman from over the weekend Victor Martinez and furcal collided in Connecticut. It will be definitely a five year candidate porch he's gonna or his first defeat. Think you're