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Celtics' Paul Pierce reflects on his solid performance versus the Wizards--1/22

Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Doc Rivers doesn't think the Celtics did Paul Pierce right by trading him away and not letting him spend his entire career with the Celtics.

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  1. John Wall: 'Paul Pierce picked us apart-1/22

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  2. Flip Saunders: 'It was tough to stop Pierce's rhythm'-1/22

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  3. CSN's J. Michael talks Celtics, Wall, Dwight Howard

    be to be challenged week. Rondo is the guy and it's now left over from that former championship team Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce they're now with the going to be with the Brooklyn nets. So it's all about how he's gonna get a lower Rondo who

  4. How do the Wizards draft picks fit in DC?

    the NBA. there was some news league wide also decide as a shock and Anthony did it with the Cleveland the big news Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Jason Terry go to Brooklyn. All of a sudden now the nets look like a team that will be formidable next

  1. Rivers: Didn't feel right to trade Pierce


    Thu, 12 Sep 2013

    Doc Rivers doesn't think the Celtics did Paul Pierce right by trading him away and not letting him spend his entire career with the Celtics.

  2. Wakeup Call: To Hondo, Pierce was the best at 1-on-1


    Mon, 9 Sep 2013

    Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Monday, September 9.

  3. Garnett confirms no trade anywhere without Pierce


    Thu, 5 Sep 2013

    Kevin Garnett tells members of Chinese media that he would not have accepted a trade anywhere if Paul Pierce wasn't part of it.

  4. Smith: Pierce doesn't 'know what NY is all about'


    Sat, 31 Aug 2013

    J.R. Smith has something to say about comments new Brooklyn Net Paul Pierce recently made.

  5. Will you be rooting for Pierce and KG?


    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    The guys on Celtics Talk TV discuss whether or not Celtics fans will be cheering on Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett this season.

  6. Report: Sixers hire Grizzlies assistant Pierce


    Sun, 25 Aug 2013

    The Sixers, according to a report, have agreed in principle to a deal with Memphis Grizzlies player development coordinator Lloyd Pierce .

  7. Source: Sixers hire Grizzlies assistant Pierce


    Sun, 25 Aug 2013

    The Sixers, according to a source, have hired Memphis Grizzlies player development coordinator Lloyd Pierce .

  8. Pierce , Terry making noise hyping Nets


    Sat, 24 Aug 2013

    The Boston Celtics made noise this summer by trading Pierce , Garnett and Terry to the Brooklyn Nets. A month later, the players are creating buzz with their new team.

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  10. Pierce : 'Mature' Rondo can lead Celtics


    Mon, 19 Aug 2013

    Former Celtics captain Paul Pierce thinks Rajon Rondo will be able to lead the Celtics into the future. But when Rondo returns to the court is still a question.

  11. Cubs pitching prospects closing out the season in style


    Thu, 15 Aug 2013

    As the minor league season comes to a close, CubsTalk checks in on some of the Cubs' top pitching prospects, including Triple-A Iowa's Kyle Hendricks and High-A Daytona's Pierce Johnson.

  12. Report: Pierce to skip October game in Boston


    Tue, 13 Aug 2013

    Paul Pierce will stay home when the Nets visit Boston for their Oct. 23 exhibition game, making their Jan. 26 regular-season meeting his first game back at TD Garden.

  13. Pierce says Rondo injury was beginning of the end


    Mon, 12 Aug 2013

    Paul Pierce told the Boston Herald in an interview that Rajon Rondo's season-ending injury was the first domino to fall in the end of Pierce 's tenure.

  14. Pierce , Thompson miss practice with injuries


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    Both Bernard Pierce (knee) and Deonte Thompson (foot, ankle) missed practice Saturday, but neither injury is believed to be serious.

  15. Pierce 'didn't want to be a part of rebuilding'


    Fri, 9 Aug 2013

    Paul Pierce tells Slam Online's Adam Figman that he didn't want to be a part of the Celtics rebuild.

  16. Pierce staying positive after trade from Celtics


    Thu, 8 Aug 2013

    Paul Pierce understands why the Celtics had to trade him, and doesn't hold any grudges against them for it.

  17. Rivers on Pierce : trade 'may give him more life'


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    Doc Rivers says the trade that sent Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets may rejuvenate Pierce 's career.

  18. Celts schedule released; Pierce and KG return Jan. 26


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    KG and Paul Pierce return to Boston on Sunday, Jan. 26, and Doc Rivers comes back on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Click through for a printable version of the Celtics' 2013-14 schedule.

  19. Celtics host Nets in preseason game


    Thu, 25 Jul 2013

    The Celtics will host the Nets at TD Garden on October 23 in what could be Paul Pierce 's and Kevin Garnett's return to Boston since being traded.

  20. KG & Pierce honesty "refreshing" at Nets intro


    Mon, 22 Jul 2013

    Michael Holley and Glenn Ordway talk about the Brooklyn Nets press conference in which they introduced Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.