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Can the Redskins defense step up their game for Week 2?



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Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Hole now what about the Redskins defense we spent so much time during the off season of pre season worry about RG three. We sort of forgot -- be effective on both sides of the football because as the old saying goes. Defense wins championships Washington needs to step up. It is something they were I'm able to do against the Eagles the Burgundy and gold -- missing Adam Carriker Brandon Meriweather is. Banged up and Brian Orakpo is returning from injuries so. This gives them plenty of excuses even though they aren't making. We gotta talk over we have him Sabres communicate better. And things -- civil first day. You know we -- -- Osama over limits of a smaller group so I think the first the first. We focus of practice. Next week and trying to start as an example the first punch and fulfill have to recruit you're going to really good to win. You assume being questioned everything we do defense when it comes down to. Simple mistakes that make it. The -- look average in mass I think your wounds it does in position to make plays in this bunch tackles being in guys and then we were out of position. And not because we you know rep it and not because we know where it is because of the speed. Guys communication issues in some other stuff woods -- that we can take care of that. You have to communicate and I go for personal relationships through before the the biggest issue for the skins deal Monday night stopping the run and we've won they allowed 62 more yards on the ground -- any other team in the NFL. And factor in 3263. Yards rushing was the most Pistons allowed any game. Since 1996. CSN Washington dot com.

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  7. should have some more information on that tomorrow. Adam Carriker had successful surgery. The third surgery on that right ..... know you you guests are asking questions about whether Carriker is going to be able to contribute at all in 2013. publisher

  8. you back in here. I understand you have some news on Adam Carriker and it's not really good news for him is it. It's not good news I was told by a source earlier today that Adam Carriker we'll have yet another surgery on his right leg

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  15. kneeled. Once that any future with this team he's got the win a job in training camp most likely. Speculation about Adam Carriker who had a real tough injury not at that toward the squad. I know he's been working out like crazy here at Redskins

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  18. penalty helps them how it's huge because if you factor in. And cutting DeAngelo Hall yesterday and restructuring Adam Carriker yesterday. With Bob Moss restructured now there about three million dollar on the cap they're still we still a lot

  19. agency begins tomorrow at 4 PM. Is it only about a million dollars next releasing. 24 hours to clear some more space. Adam Carriker will stay with the Burgundy and gold but what about Santana Moss forty hearing about him. Well we'll Shanahan about

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    After talk that he may be released, Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker has restructured his contract and will stay with the team.