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Terrence Austin and Anderson Russell hopeful that the lockout will end-7/10


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Sun, 10 Jul 2011|

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She is in Washington dot com rates and a lot out news. It continues and federal judge magistrate Arthur -- and he's on vacation. But before you -- ordered the two sides to another mediation session in Minneapolis on Tuesday July 19. -- courage for them to carry on their own sessions in his absence. The players other still believing a deal look at them. Right now I'm just I'm just hopeful now I mean not really hope that is always you know I mean I think that you know the owners any names and everybody pretty much had everything they need to do. And my name coming from what I hear we've -- a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. And nom I'm probably can do is pray that it's over with pretty song. So that we're gonna get to give back next week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they've been you know back and -- the same going to be back for awhile now so. I'm not get my hopes to have it on this sound like you're onto something though assume that afforded him -- CSN Washington dot com.

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