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Where should you draft RG3 in fantasy football?

Mon, 9 Sep 2013|

An injury to Jaguars starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert means the Raiders will adjust to face his replacement -- veteran Chad Henne.

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  1. Redskins GM Charley Casserly believes the Skins should have drafted a QB-10/18

    Csnwashington.com. Everybody I'm Jennifer Williams first CSN Washington dot com alongside former Redskins TM Charley casserly. That's Charlie we talked about some of the parallels between the Eagles and Redskins last week. The Eagles picked up non on the pre season where the rest can kind of

  1. New Jaguars QB won't change Raiders game plan


    Mon, 9 Sep 2013

    Jacksonville Jaguars ruled quarterback Blaine Gabbert out of Sunday's game against the Raiders with a hand laceration. Gabbert injured himself on a defender ..... that Chad Henne would start in Gabbert 's place. The sixth-year veteran

  2. Top 5 Caps - Rangers moments


    Wed, 1 May 2013

    scored in the second period and then neither scored again. Until the third overtime. After more than 114 minutes of hockey. Gabbert finally put home the game winner and being the third longest game in capitals history. We're building a lot louder too so

  3. Caps-Rangers Game 7 highlights


    Sat, 12 May 2012

    The event you try to get the zone knocked down my mouth Michael goes out of puck turned over we're going the other way Gabbert the shot clock but Delgado trailing the play flyers at Cassell played and its two nothing Rangers. Yeah a whole lot of tough

  4. Capitals-Rangers Game 5 highlights


    Mon, 7 May 2012

    Young net 25 saves through the third first two periods. This whole week was tested from all different angles in the area Gabbert on the doorstep. After the third we go watch him on the power play kept didn't fired shot after shot Lundqvist. But it

  5. bounced back in a big way even in the series today it would five back in New York. On Monday. We go game three hero wearing Gabbert looking at magic going to get great hoping that caffeine wore. In the first rangers' turn over well in the land right on

  6. The Caps sound off on game 4


    Sat, 5 May 2012

    overtime loss but hey this is a dale hunter team they are all about the grind but yeah. To the phone with game three hero Marion Gabbert looking to keep the magic going it's great hole in the caps in game four. In the first rangers' turn over land on the stick

  7. Caps-Rangers game 4 highlights


    Sat, 5 May 2012

    A hole in one place. Later on and he's a hustling back. Thought it was going to be a nice but instead it ends up. As a Gabbert goal and all types of miscommunication here for the ball and that show that his man stopped like an little over commitment

  8. right now on the Eastern Conference and to New York Rangers are the fastest team in the world that he had wanted bass player Gabbert but the rest of them. Our players that are very position they play a big game and they do a lot of methodical things in the