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Brandon Banks makes his case for a roster spot



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Fri, 17 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. We're back Redskins nation presented by -- like -- It is my pleasure. The king is back title this year and then we -- the crown recently on the show -- -- email recently with what are you. If you would be picking in the games against -- again this year has that ability is a big check and he better do absolutely I mean I I have to come defend my crown. Tomorrow night I laid claim to it exactly we have a lot of fun exactly. So caught up next week it's the OTAs but more importantly look at the head to training camp down in Richmond Virginia were all going to be there on Comcast sports net. Were the toughest battles going to be going to be here. There's never a ton a jobs well and kinda can figure who's on the team barring an injury or something unforeseen. So what do you think toughest battles and. You know I think the final couple spots were wide receiver nearly kept seven last year were Brandon Banks I'm looking at Desmond Briscoe. He's a big body guy who just didn't produce Lester didn't get on the field a whole lot had a couple of dropped which you know what. In Tampa Bay he was -- get a nose for the end zone so he's got potentially still only 23 years old so. He's a guy I'm looking at an -- Robinson you know the guy you know back to back games -- those long touchdown receptions and then disappeared wasn't targeted for the final six games. He's a guy that needs to figure a way to get open and a wee small crease quickly -- -- and Blake's the quickest is able stresses defense a little bit. And after that I would probably go with cornerback. I'm looking at Richard Crawford. And whether he's going to be he'll hold off -- minute field in some of those other guys at the bottom but you know I think is his we're punt return ability is in that versatility and they they like him to. It is an -- -- helped him. Keep jobs obviously returners but Niles Paul and Richard Crawford or the encompassing got a so let's open there but the safety position obviously another one where you sit here right now I would have to say that you really don't Lowe's going to be on this roster. Except that rapids probably gonna make to. You know I would say they are gonna make the team. I think -- dowdy of that toe was come along. The way our coach Mike Shanahan told the city's pretty close to 100% he's not gonna easily give up a job you know. Are you looking at Brandon meriwether and houses ACL coming along I think he makes team I think that got a read and on and on Brandon start out as the starters. And then they're gonna see would have thought Tom. Well as they come along quickly don't forget we safety is a complicated position even at the collegiate level but the NFL level it's really complicated there needs some time to. To figure things out I think eventually they're gonna step into a starting role. Two guys worth mentioning that the -- goals in Jordan Pugh. All the roster last year so they're gonna give up their spots it -- in -- Jordan Bernstein I mean you know he had that devastating knee injury in week one last year that's up to come back from that but you know I I talked to only last month and he said he's hoping to be ready for training camp. I I think that I think Gomes might might my stick around to -- they like him on special teams. CSN Washington dot com.

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