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Thu, 8 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Get a sense that these guys wanted somebody who's not the Bergen angle the media -- did you it's like. Yeah I mean they're they're there isn't that Albert -- she's just so I'm just tired I really are watching this guy does on the line of scrimmage. They want each other and think about the rookies are -- in the first ever pro game and you know I asked what Scott also moves that I feel is. We don't wanna I wanna Gaza -- -- -- he's already waffling as far as how never shall be and they have to be because not only is your first pro game went for anyone job. Right thing about a guy like Scott Dawson no way if you're a lineman is getting great I'll -- -- -- you work your way maybe the third string. For Scott Dawson or mcwilliams a kick return for a touchdown. I mean that is a dynamic player that could get you on the roster ultimately. All my NFL guys today. When it comes -- this coming years gets an ankle and you get your name called. Also in those meetings and of course we -- pace and -- -- that was a great move that was you know and -- and I hear on the map and that's what they have to do. You're gonna go in depth on tonight's pregame show on this ball game tonight but as we tape this piece before we all shot out of Richmond. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 4748. Positions in our mind we can justify it of course coach might have a different idea but where are the battles tonight. Bob I wanna see and we know Brandon Meriweather hasn't played a whole lot there and practice the guy -- -- -- and I and I really believe that the coaching staff. Trying to get ready for game one of the regular season so this is spot solidify the -- Rambo. Emerson those young guys in the backfield Phillip Thomas I wanna see what they can provide the defense. Hasn't has got a lot to work -- now how does he fit them together and again back to Brandon I mean. This is the guy if they have him if he's available and playing like template that's. Huge boost this defense we saw what he did before he got hurt last year. Is little time played has been very powerful for the Redskins I'd like to see him come up that day. CSN Washington dot com.

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    pick out of your seat most likely not go play and I appreciate about won't go walking boot on the ankle. I'm Brandon Meriweather supplement for many the safety unlikely to see action. In Tennessee. CSN Washington dot com.

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  3. speak highly enough of David Emerson to get him out there and the card Rambo right now he's playing opposite Brandon Meriweather Meriweather has been the starting strong safety. And the car a Rambo has been the starting free safety. And I mean that

  4. shape so. It's been is done it's the downside of the business and no one knows that better than his teammate Brandon Meriweather missed most of last year with a Iraq post went twelve lasted just two games before torn pectoral and Fred Davis

  5. working Rambo who does it. You know he's trying to learn doesn't play as well he can fill in for that guy but Brandon Meriweather coming off a knee injury should be back veteran that he was. Before he got hurt and I look forward to a great year

  6. CSN Washington dot com let's head back to Richmond now are Redskins insider torque Al jaundice and tart. During this morning's walk through defensive backs coach called for the starting secondary. And it just think thing happened we saw some today Sherri did you know you never want to read too much

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    Brandon Meriweather didn't enjoy much luck when it came to his health last season. But the veteran safety says he's put 2012 in the past, describing the lost season as a "get-healthy-year."

  13. CSN Washington dot com. What about injuries and are they the university of Meriweather took all of fourteen Big Ten schedule tomorrow the day. You wanna be healthy. And I think you wanna get bigger. You're that

  14. his thoughts and this is for Matt. He says between Brandon Meriweather Alou Adam Carriker and Chris Neil. Which one of ..... have the biggest impact in your opinion. I think Brandon Meriweather I think there were you know while I think he has

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    With Brandon Meriweather on the mend after knee surgery and Madieu Williams no longer a Redskin, the team's most pressing need is safety. And thanks to a deep pool of prospects in this week's draft, Mike Shanahan should be able to find a good one.

  16. who were you know are maybe not gonna make the team is don't know you set a cap casualty possibly be taken off Brandon Meriweather one healthy last year showed what he could put one half was awesome yeah. I thought he brought energy of that ballgame

  17. Meriweather latest Redskin to take pay cut


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    Safety Brandon Meriweather joins wide receiver Santana Moss and defensive end Adam Carriker as veterans whom the cap-strapped Redskins have asked to accept a pay cut.

  18. Congratulations to have a things but what changed in this football team. Last week you saw a defense come out Brandon Meriweather was where reckless and everybody else follow suit and today you all start this game of kidnapped and Tony Romo

  19. throw given the chance especially him with a down and distance that it was was. replayed. Very needed time. Micah Brandon Meriweather had a tremendous impact on early on and on the injury can you talk about a his impact and then what his status as

  20. to pick to be president. There are certain players named and one of your teammates. Who shall remain they must Brandon Meriweather said. He likes argue that he's a great debater. Then I see you in the Carolina game debating whether we're