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Eyes on Richmond: How many sacks for Orakpo and Kerrigan?



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Mon, 22 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Okay we all know Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan or two of Redskins fans favorite players but. Sometimes. The on field results don't quite match the fans' expectations. So we're gonna break down what we really think those two guys can produce a season. I'm JP Finley -- was rich stammer and tar heel this year. So torque coming off that pec injury what can we expect out of Iraq the season. You know I I think the first thing the Redskins are gonna wanna see is that he can stay healthy for an entire season because remember last year he told everyone yeah I'm a 100% going into the season when he knew he probably wasn't. And then in week two. Had the same injury all over again was out for the season that was a big year for Brian Orakpo. For his his wallet as well -- this is you know the end of his contract if he wants to be paid like an elite pass rusher. You know eight or nine sacks is not gonna get -- he's gonna need to be in the 1213 fourteen -- range if he wants to get that big extension. So but this year it's racks and he's 300% solution guys that. There definitely could turn it right exactly. Or rich we know that there's going to be a lot of odds on -- well but what are we think's gonna happen for Ryan Kerrigan season. But they are doing some research for a for a an article I was riding. And I found out that the guys playing opposite big time -- treasures. Aren't necessarily big time pass -- themselves automatically. Look at I like Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers nick Perry plays the opposite sideline back from him three sacks last year. In Denver Von Miller. Wesley wood yard played opposite him five and a half -- so. I don't think -- necessarily just rely on the presence of Iraq though. Suited to make him a better pass -- to bring -- that number's up I tell you who can bring. Both players sack numbers up is Kyle Shanahan and Robert Griffin the third. At that offense takes the next step and there's point thirty plus points a game that lasts and let them pin their ears back and that kind of hurts them all I wanna do that and but -- after the -- you get after the quarterback and and do that you know I think that way I think then you could see both of them doubled into sacks. I'm a -- the secondary the secondary has a good job locking on receivers that's gonna give Ryan and Brian more time to get after the quarterback you know they couldn't they struggled mightily last year now it's kind of organic thing you know -- what what comes first the pass rusher or the good result play in the secondary but. Chicken and egg situation that defense but -- I certainly think both Ryan and Brian would love to have some coverage sacks I don't think -- -- that at all. I think anything over twenty combined sacks for the two of them will be viewed -- success I would agree yeah yeah. I I think you got a little more like fifteen for -- if he wants that big contract and maybe maybe -- provides a more like 25 while my over under for a I highly successful season acceptable one. A -- 25 though and they're gonna -- and that was our Pirates yeah I guess we'll see what 300% gives you at that time. Well thank you very much guys rich far I'm JP Finley stay with CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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