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Top 10 Moments: No. 3 Joe Gibbs returns to Redskins


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Mon, 7 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com this past Saturday the annual youth for tomorrow unprepared Joseph Gibbs out of -- ball. So many years ago that the great work was some kids in need -- the coach was their looking good. Despite -- out on Saturday that his driver Kyle Busch a crashed in practice. The coach persevered and not a lot of friendly fans lot of Redskins fans at this year is country fair and tip of the hat to coach kids for all he's done. For that you home put it on the map and help in so many kids. CSN Washington dot com.

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    four years earlier this week we caught up with coach to get his take. Charles in charge. He started off as a man term of the Redskins worked his way out I got strike years. Charlie and Bobby bastard did a great job of getting players the one year that we had

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    valid. If Europe put a game plan together for the Washington Redskins to turn things around again. Would you start at quarterback ..... There's no in that group recorder back ethnic. You took the Redskins in your second stint to the playoffs twice in four seasons

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    extremely well fell like the defense played extremely well. In the second half we get off their great start on the biggest Redskins fan or also. I column damn this week and congratulating course. Mike and all the guys there washer we get off to a great

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    CSN Washington dot com. Why everybody. It just seems like you've never seen them before table matter. If you have a passion for football or did you just because you're and really can do love to visit. A lot that you don't sit out freer it's well exactly I mean there's remembers. Football's kind of

  1. CSN Washington dot com. Until he's nice to finally win the union have long drive it in the game and reprisal but now when they score and our guys kept our poise on the sideline him. And you could see that there a sense of urgency there early focus and great finally moving on the field scorecards

  2. CSN Washington dot com really and Jordan. Well we felt we had a a guy that I was very special coaching football. And very special. In and out of breaks. More like a wide receiver than tight end. But you cannot see on film consistently polyglot. So we weren't really sure if you're getting me. Polish

  3. CSN Washington dot com. I think any time here at a place for 21 years you know that's that's quite along time. I think I can. You know if football years it doesn't happen very often so yeah we've got to get him. And spend more we raise their kids it's. Head coach her for fourteen years assistant

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  8. CSN Washington dot com. Watched my first five years compare that we have played the last 34 games. Everybody in the lead with two you are have changed where he. You know I mean. I'm not I'm not necessarily lines and myself and tell people I'm I'm actually swim a mile. You know I'm from China. You

  9. First time in franchise history down the Redskins put together back to back games with ..... weapon developing now as a tight for the Redskins and go back to special teams. That ..... to figure this out before he cost the Redskins potential went. CSN Washington dot com

  10. CSN Washington dot com Seattle just burst out with that racket ball lands in your hand you look I'm sure all you see is. Green Grassley that and so was going to here at citizens don't probable. And and a golden tackle from I don't mind being able to minors first career and serves and football

  11. CSN Washington dot com Robert is that that is an emotional. Comeback victory you've had in the NFL it's not your career. Definitely in the NFL. Thomas is the high slow them to play this game so definitely most emotional. Some good great team win. We underwent a we didn't and as we talked about

  12. CSN Washington dot com. Yeah I think America's Got Talent they did a good drink don't. Take it what what was the thought process behind that dance and their name towards. This material a slew and an assist as soon as wound. So kid goes do plus hear more neutral milk as a pitcher has certainly. So

  13. CSN Washington dot com. Analysts had back now to. FedEx Ryan Kerrigan who in charge trying to trying to catch the backup quarterback I saw you get so so close a couple of times difficult for the rob That's that's the worst feeling there is mean I've. Can legitimately product and had four or five

  14. Shanahan on Defense and Denver


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com like a lot of teams they got. Better almost more productive when their backup came in. McCown did some things with his feet. On how difficult is it for a defense to kind of switch gears and have a different kind of player come in and how do you figure guys. When did against

  15. CSN Washington dot com. Story pretty much all week with a special teams coverage in special teams. Gave up another touchdown and and the onside kick with it and your problem. that's an overall bad areas for. Like you take a look at the implant punt return for touchdown. Humor tall because it them a

  16. CSN Washington dot com. Thought under four minutes what it. Obviously the win is important but what does it mean to have Robert and everybody execute the way you did clock management just do it almost to a perfectly there. Royals had to you know we had to make some plays everybody kept their

  17. CSN Washington dot com. Miles off Micah nice defensive. Battle right to the end it was a wild one what's the feeling like in the locker room aggression and we got a victory today and in this it was much needed good routine win. So everybody is very excited about this. Special teams though an issue

  18. CSN Washington dot com. I feel great now I got through this dude in a long time as far as his body good yet to lose. Number of defense the coaches look worn if you got sloppy. disciplined to be one of four where you're at the same time throughout both yarder for the exactly. The football game. You

  19. CSN Washington dot com at October honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month mrs. is not the rest internal foundation in partnership. With the American Cancer Society hosted the sixth annual all star survivor celebration twenty area women. Currently battling breast cancer were pampered it's reported.

  20. Proposal at FedEx Field


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com well we have found some success at FedEx Field. Very proposal. It just felt that Chris Cooley for a believer in your New Jersey underneath that jacket. We don't know this guy is it was a spot. You go well the garbage that's in Yes indeed he did it's not for the I felt