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Kelli Johnson gets priority over Deion Sanders to interview Chad Ochocinco- 1/31



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Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Wants -- -- this week's game we'll -- don't this year from CSN Washington dot com last week we both what line itself. Not great not very proud of that but this week of the week for us let's see how we do. In fact our illustrious producer did contact you yesterday -- it did pick New England I did I didn't think it was going to be that close out -- I was on on pins and needles there towards the end. I was about as far Jets want an ugly game they got ugly game but I picked New England to assume we both one in the win column sounds good we've at least 11 where's my crowned by the way. It's it's in the freezer -- Americana -- Saint Louis Atlanta and I mean -- those got a pretty good team Atlanta's double off for rock star uptick in Atlanta in that game I'm going with Saint Louis aren't Sam -- -- gonna lead. The Rams to a to an oh record okay we'll say called upset. OK at least you already have. Have disagreed Cleveland Baltimore and Ravens got the awful loss I got the Ravens win at home. Yeah I am going Baltimore as well. Gap do it at home they're angry too -- but here's one that's very tough to call Carolina at Buffalo hit -- to look at the history. Very low scoring games between these two whatever they've played great I had made my decision yet. But what you're telling me who your pick. I'll let it take Buffalo. On the street there at home and you know what I actually I love can do you know I don't have a word yet but you know I think this is the week then I'll repeat EJ Manuel. It's on track I thought he played pretty well I watched a bit today and you know whatever does not look like a rookie so I'm going to bond with the bills as well. This Chicago did it give us a little of these games to go Chicago all of that again a whole lot. I don't know why I think maybe Christian Ponder. Might be the week like from Minnesota buoyancy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah that's -- Hurry up go with the Bears as well -- Tennessee at Houston. Houston's still feeling that comeback win over San Diego feel that viable excuse to the bowl got a -- the Texans and into Tennessee got lucky enough. Miami -- it. You know at Miami's a better team and an and the better I spent a lot of time on this one -- -- I'm going to Deion Sanders like resume so we disagree one time. Dallas. At Kansas City. It'd be Reed gets a shot and it NFC east teams in the -- well -- And all tickets are -- the Cowboys along with Dallas. You know they they were not impressive in their win over the Giants but. Suddenly I just just gut feeling I got fields said visit Philadelphia making that 3000 mile trip. After playing a quality that Philadelphia played on Monday night but they had balls right over that -- levels pretty easy trip for them yes but I can't see how Siddig what's that game. You know I'm going with Philly as well I I I think that don't fear of the unknown it's it's probably good for about three or four games here. And I think San Diego is going to be -- jet lagged and tired. An excellent. -- Redskins host in the Detroit Lions at FedEx Field wanna clock ticked off Lions travel to Arizona this week and I'm gonna take Arizona now. You know I'm going to Arizona as well as -- close game is a good game and obviously because of next week's game and a lot of us won't be watching that very closely with. Think on the Cardinals flat out knew what -- -- -- who do you like that when -- got a little buzz coming off their their web but there on the road. I don't know who you pick him in top form but I'm going with the Saints. And on the Saints and -- you know there's -- for a long have you been reading about diver teams going on in temperate now yes. You know are suddenly Greg -- elected captain media who counted the votes the quarterbacks and a lot of cap no longer the captain and he's not happy about it. I don't know Libya. The B Darryl waltrip race team is involved there there's no doubt it but follow that too I have that NASCAR didn't do it if I had an -- day. Just the back of the many and Jeff and Peyton has never lost to Eli it's -- taking them or on the road. Little Brothers. Be all right that's the third game we disagreed on Jacksonville Oakland. Well off I -- -- -- -- home to a completely up and Jacksonville is arguably one of the worst franchise in professional sports right now. I mean there there are -- bit. Two weeks yeah terrible yeah. Separate just like couple couple big games Saturday Sunday night and Monday night divisional games separate -- at Seattle. I'll let it go the separate sisco on the road I'm sorry I think they're too good of a football I I you know I completely agree I wrestled as soon as well on Russell Wilson is money at home but happening to you watch him last week he's pretty good three touchdowns -- -- -- -- -- down Sharjah. Molly Pittsburgh it's Cincinnati. On Monday night and you know Pittsburgh head -- got taken out there on got the offensive line it -- and got a running back situation going other deep -- -- a lot of signs of age they haven't really reloaded. I'm also so that. With Pittsburgh a look at him pull the upset so we -- four games. Might be -- a little bit later the show you'll. Hear me tell you how the rest is -- defeat Green Bay as we check out the Redskins and Packers a pick in the skins no shocker what about you. I had a change of heart Larry. Look -- here this morning when I don't know my reserves as a circle Green Bay ligament all the reasons that which you know what I went back I thought about last weeks games and how unpredictable. The NFL is. And I just gives up one at Lambeau Field since 1988 or -- but you know what. There's no way in Hackett Robert Griffin the third is gonna have the kind of game he had last -- over the last twenty minutes. He was the RG three of last year we clicked -- remorse is not fumbled twice. You know -- that. Jim has a bigger stuff out on the fly we've seen that before you know. You know what Green Bay is gonna go down I think the Redskins -- while asking me good game though. CSN Washington dot com.

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