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Ryan Kerrigan: A tale of two halves for Redskins



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  3. Chris Baker1:52
  4. Ryan Kerrigan0:07
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Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Analysts had back now to. FedEx -- Ryan Kerrigan who -- in charge -- trying to trying to catch the backup quarterback I saw you get so so close a couple of times difficult for the rob -- That's that's the worst feeling there is -- mean I've. Can legitimately product and had four or five sacks and make him only with probably a half and -- -- football guns and here's the slippery quarterback put it was it was good to get the win and good. Finish the Tennessee game on a good defensive play it was a wild game all the way to the end what what sort of take away for the defensive unit because you finish strong but. Some big plays in the middle now I'm in the first half I thought we played phenomenal -- thought we played really well in. The bracket the pick six you know we only give up and I think 47 yards in the first half of them. The big plays in the second half five. Long Matt Forte putts on announce my falling -- come little flatter -- close and then make the play their blood pump. That this too many big plays and allowed -- too many chunk plays too many 1520 yard play. He talked about the Iraq. Pick six he brought back but sort of lost there he gets name in the paper was played Reed Doughty. To get into also on jumpers kitchen and separate ball I'll certainly mean that they'll be forgotten in our locker room and who -- a great player great play by -- trying to clean up. Waited for him the fight and fight and get the ball out and good job for active and discipline wind. You guys to believe delay they come marching right back down the field Brandon meriwether. Another bad penalty in the end zone what was the thought crossed the defense there is again they were starting big play after big play. Thought you know I can't help but -- a little frustrated I mean we're no we weren't playing that well and you know -- our offense is playing so well we felt like relay and then down but they've had our backs and really came through in the end enough fortunately for -- wanted to get off the field in the end. Jim has been talked about being consistent you want to see that from everyone we -- we -- he. Singled out Chris Baker came through another sack today. Do you notice a difference in Chris -- He's he's good he's such a powerful dude and has has. And so much talent it's it's it's not surprising to me to see him doing so well now he's had a couple years in defense knows what he's doing and he's it's shown on the field. Brandon Marshall ends up with some pretty good numbers. But all in all. D'Angelo hall pretty much did we did last week that finally taken out of the game. What does it just seems that the hall of these moments. Loves the spotlight. He's -- he's the kind of guy that does he wants the he wants the other team's best receiver in. He does well those matchups mean to do it needed to hold Dez Bryant to the kind of numbers -- -- -- -- it's pretty awesome and -- know the guy like Brandon Marshall is gonna get his catches but. Fielded a great job it doesn't get any easier next week in Denver then Manning in the Broncos. How big was this considering. The wild nature of the game to. As you head out there it's huge I mean. Just for for. For -- per psyche you know get going in there to whoever she's one of five mean. -- it's it's going to be a tough place to play -- you know we're. We got a little momentum now we've just got to have a good week of practice and author of let it all hang on -- -- -- have fun and out of luck in Denver Hart thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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  13. totally different I mean it's inside it's pretty much stiffer anyone is the same coaching staff it. When you go from long Bryant and I mean it's nine day different in the front your plane in the coverages and the philosophy so. You know we don't really

  14. Cowboys fans look at the football team. I think cowboy fans honestly Bryant at the point where. They don't care who their players they just ..... is still there. I meant that there with our dealers. Thank you Bryant . CSN Washington dot com.

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