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Bad start dooms Redskins yet again



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Sun, 15 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com the craziest thing if you told me. Robert -- the third broke 320 yards Alfred Marshall go over a hundred yards rushing and Pierre are so would have a 143. Yards receiving. I'd say that to game the Redskins would have wanted but a bad start once again the Redskins have now started the season. Oh in two for the first time since 2006. Since 1990. Less than 12% of the teams that have started oh until. Have recovered to make the playoffs but that's exactly the whole the Redskins have now dug for them themselves. That's in second straight disappointing performance Robert Griffin the third spoke to his teammates on the sidelines trying to be the leader this team desperately needs right now. The most important thing and ended -- We're not starting fast and it's Marshall. If were come on the second half and we're playing well. You know that's that in the team did a great job so I'm I'm not afraid to say sit here and say put that on my shoulders I'll take that. Reasons are fast because me. We don't know what it is just something you know we just they have figured out now. Over is what is next game we we figure -- thousand reluctant. How does it start fast and strong and I knew going in the second half he's going in the first half and an open draft -- know. Nearly going on and get points and -- -- I mean we. We're explosive offense we can be there right now we're not all things that we -- supposed to be or that we know that we are. The defense isn't what they thought they'd be either giving up 580. Yards to Green -- that's now 1023. Yards allowed in two games only one team in NFL history. Has allowed more. This is still believe there's plenty of time to get this. No defending. You know -- and three sixes. -- positive. Come back from the north too when that defense where. You because you've been in this situation got a little confidence we know is nothing. You know we go in you know -- -- now that you know these two games are going to be you know. You know I'm glad we got these other way. Yeah -- -- the first two games have been good we know it's it's week two and we have fourteen opportunities left -- -- heck we can go out there and before tune into within this is now let's say it as bad as it. It seems now I know it's the NFL's really long season and you know we got a lot of games left hook. Here's the thing -- In this game today Aaron Rodgers threw for more than 400 yards James Starks ran for more than a hundred yards on the ground. The Packers have been around since 1921. They've played more than thirteen. Game franchise's history they've never had a gamer quarterback went over 400 and a running back went over a hundred. That happened today against this Redskins defense and they need to get this figured out quickly because next week. Matthew Stafford and mega Tron the Detroit Lions on the FedEx Field so it's not gonna get any easier. CSN Washington dot com.

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