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Shawn Springs dishes on 'bounty hunting' in the NFL-3/4



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Wed, 21 Mar 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Let's get more in depth on this bounty -- joining me now defense of player -- a little bit about trying to hit someone over the middle of Brad Jackson. We and I don't know about trying to avoid being a boy B yeah I didn't Rick Scott Walker let's start have you. This surprise you the severity of the suspensions now and does any reason why when you look at the emphasis that the National Football League it's placed on. Protection and hit injuries that would all the potential lawsuit fiddle lump looming around now. Roger Goodell and I -- realize they got to -- pretty active stance on it and it goes back to 2009. When they went to New Orleans and stop it. And they -- OK we will. They just got busted is a part of football and will be Jackson say that and I agree with him as a former safety well I hello Roger Goodell did say we relied too and I think that -- -- -- this suspension but. Don't they sell this game on the big hits. I mean you talk about other networks have the biggest hits you know NFL's greatest hits is one the number was so and dvd that the National Football League sells. There's always his or Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum and and so many other great players -- deep bunkers and all we have into the current players have Ray Lewis. Cat you know crash -- people cross the middle as they try to come. That's the game that's what we have defenders do and make no mistake about -- and these guys and offer is in the same thing there's a guy by the name of oh -- Hines Ward. That try to take out it read every game so if you don't think I'll read it over all the that I had I have boundaries and try to cut defense lineman and current linebackers. Then take that out of the game if they don't. About it is this worse in your opinion and spy game the Patriots know because when you cheat. You did damage the integrity of the game and we say -- coach involved in -- happened on the wrist. You've humiliated yourself and I think that's one other additional reasons why they came down so horror on this. Well and I'd -- I agree -- to me -- did is we were waiting did. A competitive -- it's. The rules state you can -- on the opposing sides of for the people say you don't know the plays you don't need to know plays a fumble quarterback and I know it is owner Maine and now me as a quarterback AK Tom Brady came in those guys militias to -- pages to they were the -- Now I can tell my receivers what route to run because quarterbacks -- receivers look at the defensive guys coverages in order well offer the player around to run around so if I know that. It gives me huge competitor man is there's a reason why they went to force who both have five years -- 13 of those and it only went to choose -- most. Both losses the last five years real. Written one word answer desist -- the Saints Super Bowl yes does that tarnish the Saints super absolutely that -- offensive guys defensive guy. Write the script for doc walker in the tragic accident friendly now we've got with these guys later talk about RG three is pro day. She -- in Washington dot com.

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  1. Doc Walker and Brad Jackson on severity of NFL bounty punishment

    defenders do and make no mistake about and these guys and offer is in the same thing there's a guy by the name of oh Hines Ward . That try to take out it read every game so if you don't think I'll read it over all the that I had I have boundaries

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    chop blocks from the offensive line and and though it offers instant. You know that are in the trenches and the DBs Hines Ward is one the best one receives a one out and picking off our own Avery but a number of by the wide receivers in and yeah

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    didn't say that it's off the table he said. That he didn't want it to how. Half that now it's funny because Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers told had been shot of the Pittsburgh public event that he would favor an eighteen game schedule

  1. season. no real solid. that brought him back from injury and there's a beautiful feed by Jason show America that starts all three guys and ward should narrow. They're just enough to get past their goaltenders left. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. multiple fights breaking out between. It's division rivals. The free season I. Second there got the one Jason Jameer and Joel Ward fought but they'll rebound caps out to a two nothing lead. For the color samples down one empty net time winding down Reinsdorf

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  4. word I have not been due to batting coach. Yes there were Jason Ward he's been our is where he's been I don't know ropes yet ..... program. That he got to get a goal that you somebody god give ward credit where I was swinging the lumber. They've got to get

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  6. point that he couldn't keep going and tapping certain Balco while. When that's Stephen Strasburg for Friday's game. How ward would say that he might change his pitching motion to compensate for his oblique and then maybe end up hurting his arm. I think

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    changing deal. There's only so many years you can make a run at the cup at the same guys wanna keep bringing in a Mike Knuble and ward he's big guys in his role players and put them and hope and pray. I guess it depends of what the franchise want to don't

  8. Csnwashington.com. I still can't figure out how a team that particularly was as dominant as the capitals were in the third period. Have zero power plays in this afternoon Allen making you put your finger on it I mean I don't want to overdo what the referees haven't done. But it's embarrassing but

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    CSN Washington dot com. There we knew we're in for a fight and I. You know where. Home building they all upset we lost two there is little disappointed for sure in the terrific gentlemen or into got tickets are. You know we're just gonna have to weather a storm will victory in their zone and and

  12. in the slot. Capitals the best chance of the period by Joel Ward couldn't capitalize on what thrown to the front that crash ..... went out there was warm this time that power play closely. Joel Ward with the go no standing around back from down Johansson right

  13. CSN Washington dot com. What I'm confident now. I got the days off for them range. And they you. CSN Washington dot com it.

  14. CSN Washington dot com. We're the Rangers Devils won nothing you Playing game four. Eastern Conference quarterfinals if you in the NHL on Comcast sports net back to the playing surface earlier on literally at the end of what have the for coming in. Game on TV that involved the the midwest

  15. they're not only can handle it you know what put it in the goaltenders head got big rivalry there. Get proud of the front ward to the front Ovechkin to the front and the stuff goes in because the the birdie ticket back to hurt before he can't be pretty

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    situation because this is lousy you know you don't wanna throw the puck away and you. We put in those guys' hands enough ward also fed back to back door we had a chance and you know what did they did a good job they want to. That'll do in the Comcast

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    because the ice is lousy. You know you don't wanna throw the puck away and you. We put in those guys' hands enough. Don't ward also fed back to back door we had a chance and you know what they they did the job they want to. Does that I had some time before

  18. here in the third period. Violence the ranger fans. He has brought back great care. Nice little faceoff win a nice play by ward getting it back in their Cubs have a shot want to skip. It counts pap way on the way to get that next. CSN Washington dot com

  19. CSN Washington dot com. The cats enter the second period of this game trailing one nothing but Alex Ovechkin is power play goal got Verizon Center a rocking. Also green going to quantum I just took a couple steps in Think his from schools so maybe rebound and did something happen in the of lucky

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    With Joel Ward returning to the Capitals lineup tonight for Game 1 against the New York Rangers, Aaron Volpatti will again be among Washington's healthy scratches.