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John Beck: 'I felt like we were balanced'-8/19



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Fri, 2 Sep 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. Your final -- game opportunity in the pre season when the starting job Mike Shanahan -- and there are a lot of pieces missing a lot of moving parts that can get ugly. How did it feel to you how do you feel about tonight this last effort. You know when the game started with a really good I felt zone being I felt like the offense was gonna roll. We had some place in beginning game that did go well no no we had some third downs that we missed on had a couple throws that I missed on the usually don't so. You know overall I'm not walking away you know -- that great about because I know that you know it wasn't my best they can do better but I you know sometimes in football you have to go through some battles. This game might say it would it would have been nice to get the second half because and you kind of battled back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You had to deal lot of pressure to tell you that popped a couple of times and how is it your starting offensive line. We knew some of the you know the blitzes that Tampa brings they're trying to do that that's their game plans and that's just part of you know just. Known him -- -- stand and I'm gonna get whacked but I -- you know complete the pass. -- that's just part of it. Now I know I Rex Grossman He didn't play in this game did you expect that did you know -- what that -- surprise you as well that He wouldn't play. Philly came to me just say hey you know He missed the first pre season game. Anita gets played the next couple -- we would like it had He gets more arrests and so. -- the plan was just give me more -- and Morris in this offense more reps with the first the line. Come on obviously guys like ten and -- you know those are -- and those guys to go to night but it was all the at least in more reps in this offense. Frustrating in any way in the -- since -- even in the Indy game. You didn't always have all the starting weapons He can't play with a mixture. I know Rex got the entire first after the Steelers with that first team offense. Well you that's part of it because it's gonna be injuries during the football season guys -- gonna step in and as a quarterback you feel confident your skills that we Garces who goes in the year agreement with the pass on. You know I did have some guys like TA deny you guys -- excellent -- while Logan Paulsen. -- -- -- -- the -- -- within a couple of throws and missed were with those guys yeah. You know is -- a little bit tricky at times with guys you haven't -- attempt to of course but you know we're professionals and our job is to regardless of who they put in there. The ball on them move the team move the chains and opinions on when he'll have an answer from -- Well I mean you know he'd love to get an answer right away anyway I know that's not gonna happen because you know coach is gonna wanna. Have a competitive advantage for the Giants and then you know when He discloses. You know who is starter is it takes away that competitive advantage so He might hold onto until the day you know we don't know but you know He could say something to us and not saved him from everyone else until the day of. Finally I -- easily nerve wracking for you to 127 players that are going to be cut and you're going to be thinking as well. Guys have questions now for in the studio guys. Hello Brian mature and I noticed tonight I know you didn't seem as poised as you didn't have a game was that tough situation where you put a little bit more pressing yourself tonight won't. You know I don't think so I really came to this game feeling great town pregame I felt like we are gonna roll and He won the game started I really felt like we're gonna roll down. So you know tonight was one of those ones -- I still felt good just missed on a couple. John chick Hernandez here you've got to of regular season game next week. Viewers don't know what you mean you guys are really a you don't really gain planning for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are arguing that you you kind of have to run the stuff that. And hides and stop as well. -- you know this was a quick a quick week a quick turnaround. You know coach is number one thing was you give a lot of you know give the guys alluded to rest because now the season's gonna start we've put a couple days of practice. On the game planning was switched up a little bit. But you hold on some things because now it's the real thing now. Starting this this week you know it's scheme it's the divisional game which means a lot and we want to save the things we know we're gonna work -- -- shown yet. My job but we appreciate time here risk his post him -- see -- next week I guess CSN Washington dot com.

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