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Levitan's Week 5 fantasy football picks



  1. Michael Finley3:00
  2. Tony Roma0:21
  3. Brian Schottenheimer0:43
  4. Jordy Nelson2:15, 2:50, 2:56
  5. Sam Bradford0:20, 0:31, 0:38
  6. Daniel Thomas1:28, 1:40
  7. Torrey Smith2:14, 2:22
  8. BenJarvus Green-Ellis1:57
  9. quarterback position0:19
Fri, 4 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Sorry finale ring and run a world football writer Adam let the temper our weekly game of would you rather at a a quarter of this season is in the books players really started to show you what kind of season they're going to have so with that in mind. Who would you rather have the quarterback position right now Sam Bradford what Tony Roma. Yeah I know what people are thinking here that we're just gonna start anybody that's playing against the Jaguars were to have a ton of success and I think that. That's a fine strategy we can keep doing that to -- years so maybe Sam Bradford this week is fine. Plug in flip on the play people that might have proper for the third person like that wanna -- it I'm not sure that Sam Bradford has been progressing at all actually spin. Regressing a little bit and we Brian Schottenheimer in there we stopped scoring and he's the same ones but with the Mark Sanchez miss up to New York I'm not sure that he's -- -- to get. Turned around. Tony -- has been -- really underrated but consistent fantasy performer throughout his career. Over 4000 yards over 25 touchdowns in his last three. Full seasons and hit unlike most years this year and Anderson he's actually one that we can attack from the fantasy perspective. -- when was the last five games left against the Redskins and Eagles and Giants he's going to be a really top five. Tough six match up in each of those plays. Sorry in the back field now there have been some young guys really stepping it up so would you rather have Lamar Miller orgy of -- Bernard. Yeah it has to be. GO because I think that. The Dolphins have this strange obsession with Daniel Thomas wasn't -- -- Thomas on third downs and in the goal line in the red zone at all for many journalists resulted -- 6040 split in a marvelous favorite that's just not enough considering how much more talented. Lamar -- Daniel Thomas is just not enough snaps. Junior do you find Bernard on the other hand -- that counts actually rising. We wind played twenty snaps and she's 2930. Weeks three and fifty. Fourth and I think that the Bengals coaches are seeing that Giovanni Bernard. He's actually running circles around BenJarvus Green-Ellis one Dolphins coaches aren't identifying the best talent in their back and I'm not sure they ever will. I have finally last week was a big one through the air for Baltimore including five picks by Joseph Flacco. But to have a monster game at wide receivers so rather have between Torrey Smith or saying Jordy Nelson. Yet they called me was to my favorite guys too much here receivers. In the hole the great here I really like the book -- -- -- -- Torrey Smith has gone this year in terms of diversifying his retreat he's no longer just a situation -- deep threat to go home folks still flat and hit and now he's going. All over the fewest glance -- how it's the whole works and you know with everything going all -- Baltimore they don't have too much depth at wide receiver they don't have too much depth at tight end towards -- is on pace for a 168 targets. Guys produced her house 110. So you know he's got tons easier towards that I think he'll be top fifteen at San I think -- -- get more consistency at Jordy Nelson is because. They can -- -- differences can every story Nelson missed too many guys there they can't double -- Jordy Nelson otherwise and the Cubs can beat them up. But James Jones-Drew Michael Finley so I think we -- we can get more consistency and -- Jordy Nelson definite top ten wide receiver for me. CSN Washington dot com.

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