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Redskins Nation: Kirk Cousins discusses being a Redskin



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Tue, 17 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com kid being cut. RD period struggle in the first two games of the season failing to score in the first half of both games in fact. 75% of the total passing yards in all five touchdown passes have come after half time when the pins were playing from behind. It has some wondering if Mike Shanahan could go out with him back up -- cup. -- accountants and Robert and as I mentioned many times several of -- are a little bit slow when you. And we're down as many points and we've been down we get to a two -- attack a little bit. Earlier that we like to. Probably put people in the toughest situation. And -- you heard Mike Shanahan had to say there but if RG three does continue to struggle in -- -- do you think. Basically in America. Why are you troubled yet. You know I think usual in his game as much time do embrace new draft propelled -- -- sit there and not use him I don't know Robert on this as a starting quarterback I doubted it would happen. -- it why not just the Detroit Lions in this society that you -- down McNabb for Rex Grossman. With Albert what the theater I thought -- at this point people want to see somebody. Can blog and effectively run the offense from the beginning of the game ready and not the -- up front office that we didn't see last year and I came here to do very well. -- did not giving us the wrong. Why loving me call all horrible 11 player that gold -- about him in the game plan. So what is it wouldn't you wouldn't use here what are you afraid -- if your -- can't run off as the only. That he should be up. Now what do you think Kirk cousins are capable of doing after -- is undefeated. After dark. Are they really profound offers a better runner right now it's probably more suitable for him he's not or whatever the result. He would drop back and throw balls run a lot of he has do because the end mobility also. Now that's the Tony Dungy -- many people. What we look at -- didn't like EF Hutton when it comes in the football world calling Doug Doug -- route would rather go out there. And go against one another coach's door and would totally sit with him not -- what purpose anybody can run this offense did their running right now better. You violence. CSN Washington dot com.

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