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How do the Redskins contain Calvin Johnson?


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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com if somebody gets tire we tell our guys if you can't go a hundred miles and are all day. Take yourself filing for somebody in in do we get enough guys and we get. Good players that. We can go in and there's not a big drop off. Well it's it's it's not the situation is just -- we tell the players it's in the it's long you go a hundred miles an hour you can go all day. If not come on I give yourself from breathing room put whoever else's you know behind you. So we're not it's not really looking. 23 to spell and it's it's really his call we tennis London plays but off. Had twelve tackles. Slide around. That's I was outstanding that's does his best game he's played this year. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Can the Skins slow down Calvin Johnson?

    guys completely you got to do great job trend neutralize them You know not and then deep balls and all those areas. London Fletcher had an uncharacteristically. Quiet game last week I would say one solo tackle one combined tackle. Any reason for

  2. Haslett: "London played his butt off"

    CSN Washington dot com if somebody gets tire we tell our guys if you can't go a hundred miles and are all day. Take yourself filing for somebody in in do we get enough guys and we get. Good players that. We can go in and there's not a big drop off. Well it's it's it's not the situation is just we

  3. Eyes on Richmond: Can London Fletcher still produce?

    CSN Washington dot com. Since 2007. London Fletcher has been heart and redskins' defense the last year ..... from number 59 this year what. There's two things a London Fletcher brings to your team he brings leadership that's the

  4. London Fletcher on returning to Redskins and RG3

    Washington dot com. On the field London Fletcher is the face of intensity off the ..... For the past five seasons a London Fletcher has been the QB. Of the Redskins ..... went free agency rolls around. Fletcher remained unsigned. But Burgundy

  1. first two games they've missed thirty tackles and has thirty tackles the biggest offenders had Ben not Josh Wilson. London Fletcher in the Carter Rambo has missed four wheel since the spied him Rambo is also missed four that's just too Pretty surprised

  2. Eagles injury update: Bradley Fletcher returns


    Tue, 17 Sep 2013

    Cornerback Bradley Fletcher (concussion) returned to Eagles practice Monday, but Brandon Hughes was out with a hamstring injury.

  3. CB Bradley Fletcher ruled out vs. Chargers


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Chargers with a concussion he suffered in Week 1.

  4. Eagles injury update: Fletcher misses 3rd practice


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Cornerback Bradley Fletcher , who suffered a concussion Monday night against Washington, missed a third straight practice on Thursday.

  5. Cox: no comment on improper benefits allegation


    Thu, 12 Sep 2013

    Fletcher Cox declined to comment Thursday on a report alleging that he received improper benefits from a booster while playing at Mississippi State.

  6. Eagles injury update: Fletcher not seen at practice


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    Bradley Fletcher (concussion) was not seen at practice on Wednesday. However, defensive coordinator Bill Davis did not rule him out for Sunday.

  7. Eagles injury update: Bradley Fletcher concussed


    Tue, 10 Sep 2013

    Cornerback Bradley Fletcher suffered a concussion in Monday's win over Washington. When he will return has yet to be determined.

  8. CSN Washington dot com. This is it sports net central update. Firefighter Chris for CSN Washington dot com we are one day away from the skins season opener. And there's always something special and air when it comes to Monday Night Football. Every player says he gets a little more pumped up to play

  9. have that can certainly joke right now because he's got Brian back in the defense the defense led by the Iron Man London Fletcher . Will play in his two and 41. Consecutive game. They also might wanna add some oxygen tanks on the sidelines with

  10. dot com well Redskins linebacker London Fletcher spoke for the first time today ..... lingered into the regular season but Fletcher did not miss any games. The subject ..... of Sports Illustrated here's Fletcher explaining why he kept the injury

  11. Fletcher says he suffered a concussion last year


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    London Fletcher suffered a concussion last preseason and missed an exhibition game because of it, he confirmed Thursday.

  12. RG3 takes next step


    Wed, 21 Aug 2013

    Robert Griffin III's recovery hit a new milestone Wednesday when the Redskins quarterback lined up against London Fletcher , Brian Orakpo and the rest of the starters on defense.

  13. Haslett thinks Fletcher looks the same as always


    Thu, 15 Aug 2013

    As far as defensive coordinator Jim Haslett is concerned, London Fletcher hasn't lost a thing over the years.

  14. Curran Events: Blount, Fletcher , Talib


    Tue, 13 Aug 2013

    Tom E. Curran has his three "Curran Events" on LeGarrette Blount, Dane Fletcher , and Aqib Talib.

  15. Bill Davis: Eagles' secondary 'not there'


    Tue, 13 Aug 2013

    The Eagles hope Bradley Fletcher , Kenny Phillips and Cary Williams can improve the secondary, which D coordinator Bill Davis says still needs work.

  16. Eagles storylines: Boykin has something to prove


    Fri, 9 Aug 2013

    Brandon Boykin, who will start opposite Bradley Fletcher Friday, has an opportunity to prove he's more than just a slot nickelback vs. the Pats.

  17. s learning from one of the best undersized guys ever to play the position as far as the wow factor. Me yes it is London Fletcher I mean invention of our veterans he's been everywhere at seventeen years and I mean it is done incredibly back as

  18. great future hall of Famer in London Fletcher . And Perry Riley. That's ..... have to think about life after London Fletcher I mean this this is. Grace period ..... as you can come and win at and London Fletcher does it mean he does that offseason

  19. he's not ready to settle for being a backup we know he was signed to provide some inside linebacker depth behind London Fletcher he said you know what. And he was trying to tip around his you I'm gonna do my best. Just looks like you're

  20. CSN Washington dot com. Well the Redskins signed Nick Barnett to one year deal yesterday giving them some insurance at linebacker after losing Keenan Robinson for the year to a point at all muscle. Barnett played eight seasons with the Packers his most recent two years with the bills. With warm