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  1. BJ Upton7:03, 10:33
  2. Jayson Werth5:04, 5:51, 8:29
  3. Tom Gorzelanny10:59
  4. Jeff Keppinger12:57
  5. Michael Bourn10:32
  6. Jason Marquis3:23
  7. Rick Ankiel9:27
  8. Ryan Zimmerman5:07
  9. Matt Kemp10:37
  10. Hanley Ramirez2:06
Wed, 14 Dec 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Hello local about way baseball lives -- chase Hughes here host alongside mark Zuckerman. And our newest addition to the team a winner meetings acquisition if you will. Amanda come back of the Washington time on welcome on the -- acquisition want to -- -- yet nationals. They think we did get some. Or speaking in the winter meetings of the nationals went and we thought they were gonna make some significant is a lot of people tied them to pretty much every free agent out there. But the story was pretty much who who they didn't get the inning get mark early signing with the Miami Marlins what what do you make of that what do you make of them not doing anything. You know what they really did want early he was number one target all along and they would love again and I think they made what they felt was a fair and competitive offer for. He just came down the fact that Mike Rizzo wasn't go beyond three years. And he was hoping nobody else would Marlins went to four years and that was the difference in your earlier and take the extra year and a little bit more money per year but knowingly half the year. They want this guy he was a perfect fit for them but I don't think in their mind acting -- most of mine would agree it wasn't worth going to that next level yet. Now -- and you know of the nationals they that they would like a starting pitcher they've made that very clear but they don't need a starting pitcher as far as who the heck are we gonna plug into the number three spot in the rotation. They have the bodies they have talented. So I mean Whitney wouldn't have made them better yes but. You know is it something that they're crying over and they feel like they should have made that impulsive decision to go to the fourth year add more money I don't think south. Last speaking -- the Marlins. They signed Heath -- they signed Jose Reyes the sign mark currently at one point we thought they're gonna go for fools -- like okay. What are the Marlins doing now that they didn't get pools now that the dust has settled a much better -- -- while they're better. I mean you know but -- members of the 72 win team two years ago so. No matter what you do there's only so much improved you're gonna make and and race is good signing if it stays healthy if they can keep Hanley Ramirez happy at third base and that's a big if for -- at this point early some nice addition for them obviously. But I think there's still questions about their pitching staff -- Jeff -- Johnson can stay healthy and he's a real solid number one and you have Sanchez and Alaska home -- it. But. I think at this point given what they've done. Price naturally say okay there about getting 500 well and they're gonna need more good things happen and to get past that and 500 level where the Mets already are without having -- Race I definitely think that there they've improved it's it be impossible for them not to lose and that lineup even without pujols is gonna be very good but that you know the the question marks still follow on the pitching side you just Johnson's health. Anibal -- turning in you know the top level of what he can do and not the bottom level. You know -- gonna give you -- -- you but it the same time he doesn't it doesn't make that rotation just like a slam dunk. -- irritation speaking of pitching there's reasonably maybe the next aren't done in a guy recently just posted you -- Mercer is about those. Him and Royals well maybe some guys are looking at you think what do -- the chance to think the nationals actually make him lose I think those of the tuning to keep -- -- and my command was saying before they don't. Feel like me half to acquire pitcher this is -- little different than previous years where it was like we have to -- -- them reliable veteran in innings eater like Jason Marquis. They'd like to get somebody if that makes sense with what to -- financial -- -- as well fits the mark early. -- veteran who. Good influence. On the younger guys who has a track record the only question with him back and whether that's been the issue weather's getting -- -- to hold up and also again. How much -- he can work he wants multiple years maybe three years I'm I don't think Mike -- is going that far on him. So that it comes down to darkness and now. There's no question they like him and that he is probably the best pitching prospect -- command Japan that is gonna cost a whole lot of money to get them and then questions isn't worth it. To putting that bid on a guy who's never spent pitched one inning in the United States at least not in international -- I think yeah I think that's what you know if if the nationals are serious about making that for you garrison and -- as -- McCoy is saying it doesn't strategically benefit them to comment on whether they will or not. But if they are which I think you know indications -- that they do definitely like him enough to maybe put -- a -- if it's going to be high that we don't know. But the conversations are having right now the ownership are. You know is this amount of money going to be worth it to us to get this pitcher because. No matter what even if they sign him to a you know five year deal for two million -- which would never happen. They're already in for -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 cent million on the post on the bed so. You know what you're talking probably about a hundred million dollar commitment. In that neighborhood. You know says they need to it they need to really figure out if this is going to be worth it to them to make that. And not just. You have to look at it not just an effect on this year but down the road. You've already got Jayson Werth and 126 million albums you're gonna have to try to -- yeah Ryan Zimmerman in the next two majors -- -- context in more than that. You know down the road you keep Michael Morse do you. Try to keep Strasburg and harper. There's only so many gigantic contract like that you can have so are you gonna commit all of that right now so bad that you just don't know what he's going to be or not maybe they will. But it's an awfully big risk. And their rotation right now is relatively inexpensive so you can say you know you can allocate that money there but it's not going to be an expensive. In a couple of years when Strasburg is in arbitration and Zimmerman and -- -- you're still trying to add pieces you know so bad that there is -- there's the money for right now. But is it a long term move that makes cents as what they're gonna ask. Considering the risk considering how much money you're gonna pay potentially -- Jayson Werth what if this continues to be kind of a bad contract in the nationals take -- -- -- can they can they have say just looking at this negatively to that contracts. I'm no other very different as they can move would make those kind of mistake I. It's too early -- work that I do you think he's going to be better this year but more help around and pressure being off. But in his interest and think about it. That move. Had ramifications nothing to do with this winter meetings -- I think so if if they don't sign more this past where maybe the worst years. About pujols or fielder I think our final question that they are -- -- that you know if they don't sign Jason are. And you know they have Adam LaRoche three million dollars in all that this year but I think that if they're still searching for that big name and that splashed. There's no question that there heavy hitters more so on pujols and outfielder in my. Okay we'll go in and that's what it means when we were all focused on pitching but another. Obviously it was center field they've kind of expressed that you think they're still gonna go outside the organization you think maybe they're gonna look to trade or maybe suspend us. Well they've looked Adam and again they're just aren't a whole lot of matches that make sense right now they've -- trades. Everybody wants more than that's willing to give up especially when it comes to like BJ Upton we've been talked about for two years it was possible trade and the rays haven't changed their stance -- what they want. And my grizzled hasn't changed -- stance -- what is willing to give up there was a thought maybe he'd get non tendered he wasn't. I think they're right back at square one I don't see anything happening there and I'm not sure there are a lot of real other viable options at the moment. Sustain this. Is another suitcase like garbage is not gonna cost as much but he still sounds like has caused quite a lot yet forgot federal -- and and and in this case here's a guy that. I think everyone agrees he's not in the big league ready on day. You know it's it's still it's apparently asked but for the most part the general reaction is only -- he could be big league ready but you know all did -- the track record is that some of these international players need a little bit of time to adjust to. America and the culture and game. Which. You know period between the lines means and you a couple of months and weeks so you know and he's not he doesn't fit the same prototype of a leadoff type of hitter. Which is another drop back but not exactly you know deal breaker I think. -- other names keep in mind with the -- and and Satterfield is the other Cuban outfielder or -- there. Who they are very interested and he's only -- he would need two to three years in the minor league. And that puts in another situation where they have the the prospects in the farm system but they don't have it right here right now. Rated prospect. What about Bryce Harper you think this might be. An internal -- -- look at with either Jayson Werth or Bryce -- Well that's the -- and part of equation of votes Davey Johnson and Mike Rizzo said last week -- there opened the idea of Jayson Werth moved to center field this year. Number one because they felt like you played well enough there in September and he did he did I I don't think long term he's gonna hold up physically be able to. Yeah I think that the knees would become an issue for him towards and a long season running kind of feel you know so there's that but the other than the domino effect that would be either you go out and find another right fielder or. You've got this kid records come along the way little known. That may or may not be ready on opening day I still my doubts about that part but he eventually you're gonna have to clear a spot in the outfield so. It would open up the possibility that in I think it's something -- at least willing to do and may feel like it's a better option -- whatever is available. And. Am I not. Acquiring someone they don't create a problem. When harper is race as it may you know they they sign stopgap type of feeling if this was at eleven Rick Ankiel type. He and he can play the corner in place that are so if you have Werth in right field and -- feel better on opening day you know two months into the season -- Bryce Harper's ready. They call him up and he'll easily transition to being the fourth outfielder. And Bryce can move right into right field and Jason play center field and -- kill and spell worth. If necessary in center field -- you have a pretty good moving parts an area there he just and he comes back. I know I I know -- Yeah this is easy as an example that's a possibility the possibility but you know I think that then you you save yourself from having to deal with this we have you know. For example BJ captain field where we get to play Michael Morris and Jason Morris and we need to that Bryce Harper and I'm not gonna call him up. And not have him play yet. So you know there's a lot of balancing goes into finding this kind of feel looking. One other thing keep in mind like we talked before they have to look both short term and more importantly long term and they look at the center field market next winner. They're being a lot more attractive. Name's Michael Bourn is going to be free agent BJ Upton in the free agent Chicago held Larry it is Matt Matt Kemp would eventually signed with the Dodgers long term so. If they -- as a better option a year from now I think they're willing -- when he stopped get things like maybe importance and field an angle after that really want your. Okay let's -- about the non tender deadline it just past the nationals had to make some decisions on some guys. They didn't I apparently think much of Doug Slaton but they decided to keep Tom Gorzelanny in this kind of -- of the question what exactly is his role going to be this year. Yeah first -- Slaton I think we saw what he is no -- Bring back -- it he kind of his injury kind of -- hit it played out and need for him -- can -- filled that role in other ways he's very expensive for a one pitch sometimes a guy who. To be honest for the first month of the season that one pitched generally looked very effective. Who so you know I think he was gonna cost them upwards of 700000 dollars in arbitration process just it was a logical. You know cutting ties I think. Not a Gorzelanny one I think is interesting because he certainly. Found a role in the bullpen late in the season and looks like he could the contributor there but because of the arbitration process he's gonna make 2.5 maybe three million dollars next year. That's a lot of money to spend on potentially long reliever slash mop up now I'm not sure that's exactly how they use them so the question became do you risk. Non tendering him and maybe somebody else scooping them up and I don't could keep them or are you going to pay that much money for guys. -- -- -- starter money for -- and start. Right well I think that's probably conversation he had. And you know just looking at the landscape of of pitchers he's a left hander and he can start there would be a job for him somewhere if they non tendered him. And you know I mean we -- -- tell us every day how much. He needs a lot and the bullpen. Two preferably sometimes three you don't peak at fifteen -- up there he'd been pretty happy. So I think that this is a valuable spot for them has become so because of the we'd be manageable and then. Feels about -- he's a starter can't go out like has some -- So that obviously what they decided to do and you know I think that if if his role is defined as -- and -- he could really be valuable. And turning this around the non tender deadline brought some essentially just a new crop of free agent. You wrote an article this week. Marked that mentioned Ryan stereo Jeff Keppinger Brooks Conrad Ryan spoke -- And Joseph Saunders a guy you you kind of likened to John Lannan although he was that number three starter and on a playoff team. Yeah he was this guy has a pretty good track record doesn't get as much attention. But his numbers are all that different from early and probably a little better than layman's if you look at the whole package over his career. Not to mention that he's local food and I went to West Springfield high school went to Virginia Tech so maybe there's an interest in coming back here. The question here is going to be. Is this better than what you are hat if they do sign any pitcher. No matter whether to start visuals -- Saunders somebody's gonna get bumped and that cross somebody's probably going to be. Women or Ross that -- They we know what Lannan is he's reliable mean. -- go out on ad nauseam about him he's not an ace but he's certainly a valuable guy to have your patient. And depth -- still thought of as a potential long term solution so I think the dilemma when it comes to some of these guys is. Is this better and -- Absolutely any case like with Saunders. I think that. Elson need to figure out it is he going to be worth the financial commitment because there aren't going to be more than just the nationals that would be interested in disguise because as -- said he has a good track record and he was number three pitcher on the on -- playoff team so. His price could be pretty high bar for a guy that you know you don't necessarily need and does it. Gave you. You know the same type. Track record and veteran leadership and innings. You know on a consistent basis that Mark Bradley did. So he's he's kind of a poor man's Mark Bradley -- good thing and which case you know do you -- how lucky eight million dollars to a performance. Really don't think it five I think five and a half million. -- last year and the Diamondbacks -- he was going to be too expensive for what they needed so you know those things need to be taken into consideration to other guys I think it helped fill them. Fill out their backs a little bit more and our bench is -- -- -- -- That's a big thing in -- Johnson really wants more offensive minded players guys -- can pull off the bench and get it late in the game. It was a real problem area for them last year so. When it comes to some bench guys I would say they're gonna look offense first. What does a guy like Keppinger who complain multiple. Infield and it makes -- -- an attractive with that. Well the winter meetings might be over but the nationals definitely aren't done this offseason. -- get into a lot of that with reader questions will be right back stay tuned. Hello welcome back we're doing reader questions now we wanna thank you guys once again for some great participation on that insider dot com and through FaceBook. The first reader question is from -- and 308. Who wants to know. Mark have you heard where pudge Rodriguez and Levon Hernandez might went. Well first off -- It's probably not going to be in DC sports and I think they've cross that great it's not happen. Not that didn't -- these guys did for them but they just move on -- -- place. Whether it's not really necessary to talk about before. They're not gonna make moves that they feel like after me and happy catching depth at pitching and these guys so. The -- there -- some market for them not a whole lot at the moment and Scott forced at the winter meetings and talk about pudge as a solid back up somewhere. I would keep in mind for -- Myanmar and I -- world's top actually on both guys but especially on -- at the back up there had great success there -- -- World Series. He'd be in draw no. The greens aren't because the other moves me he'd be rather and leave -- has connections to obviously as a playoff hero in 97. I'm not sure they're gonna have a rotation spot for some and it becomes you know what's he won't accept. I still believe we've iron and it can be number five starter home team just as long to find the right fit you may have to settle for a minor league contract. -- not guaranteed money maybe. But this package the pick for almost any team and I think if the nationals real different positions they would happily happens and number five starter. The distant spot now they need seam -- that bedecked in -- better. Marlins might be a team that could use of a fifth starter likely -- I mean that they're well depth in the back in this and it's not great to have -- -- that -- -- -- and a but they've seen him for whatever that is so I don't know how much long ones go with that might consider -- And the second question is from marked its about Bryce Harper obviously -- talk a lot about this in the next few months in what's known specifically about spring training incidents in question. Will Davey give Bryce Harper playing time in innings one through three in spring training. Basically to see how he stacks up against him will be starters yeah it's a good question -- -- -- last spring when he played it was mostly coming off the bench Slaton gains and kind of competition. And I absolutely think he's gonna start games this spring. Every day. Have other guys need to get the work that he's gonna get some playing time against big league starting pitchers because. Ultimately that's what you need to find out if you have any vision at all and can make in the opening game and I still believe it's a long shot. For both baseball and financial reasons but if you're gonna. Friday present possibility. And we know the -- he likes possibly want to get my reason is no reason to keep Parker on the roster. He needs -- it was -- he can do it in those first three innings in a couple of bats against Chris Carpenter for him. You know these other Frontline pitchers that they face early in games four. I guess we can expect and start pretty slow regardless. Well yeah his track record setting that up a slow start so be careful not to read too much news first -- at spring. -- third question is from Sunderland while snow is there any chance the nationals would consider. A six man rotation they point out the fact that Strasburg could benefit from the yet it's one of those questions that comes up every once in awhile and look at and Hamels pitching depth. And -- know Strasburg on the innings limit they're gonna shut them down some point 16 man in the construction. Knock it throws too many other things that. Baseball setup now for five or if everybody does it and this extends down in the minor league. They prepare these guys to work on a five day schedule and you were suddenly to change that the big league level. So they have to call up Brad peacock come along that. And say okay now you're. Not going on that same routine starting pitchers are such creatures of habit and routine -- As far as Strasburg goes. Keep this in mind yes he's on the innings when it yes they're gonna monitor him and the plan is shot on September elected in -- But if the nets are in a pennant race of the playing meaningful games that they're gonna find a way round. Whether it's getting stronger and I'm off earlier in the year in the opening innings earlier. Or you know played -- -- and you know what he's healthy we think we can extend beyond this. This team is playing meaningful games we need him in there they're gonna find a way to end. I would be stunned if the nets were playing important games in late September and -- for what part of the ones injuries. Well lots of good stuff today wanna think command to come back for come by should be a regular guests from now on just you know. Thanks for watching beltway baseball alive.

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