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Capitals and Wizards practice updates



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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy -- sports net central update. Well -- inside the Comcast sports net studios on Michael Jenkins with your Geico sports net central update. NHL veteran rubber hammer like has announced his retirement after twenty seasons. Three. All star teams the gold medal and he was put on for the chance to read last year. When we played sixteen games the. As for his former. Which team they were hard work on Monday and fresh off an impressive outing against Columbus with a built upon that momentum is based on a tough Canadian road trip. Luckily for the caps the captain is up to channel. You know to missed an off road games. And nine it's always has to say homeless and this. Much it's going on here you are you just hold schools -- the rules and Phantoms zone. In truth. When you -- early inning game at home you feel the fans are ready to get on you where on the road. Mistakes can happen and it's it's -- what I'm going. And there's not much. Through to get away from each other so we definitely. We definitely kind of you know former on the road and you know these groups are so important it's not every year. You know every other -- we go west so yeah -- guys are excited. Support we get our wins. Doing to get to. Keep this thing. Wizards are also grinding out of practice on Monday as they get ready for their pre season match up with Detroit later today -- -- Porter junior still has not been on the court for pre season game head coach Randy Wittman. Does have faith he'll be able to produce once he gets -- -- I gotta have him on the floor and now we think he can do certain it's okay. And I'm being honest with you I mean I've got to be able to soon now interact in this this whole thing you know we didn't -- we saw a little bit. This summer. But some early in the NBA players two different things and so I mean. You know I think he's going to be a solid you know these -- he understands the game. You know I got to be able to see what the strengths and you know overseas conditioning is gonna be way off. He's. This has going to be spent on like he's got vertigo. Just because he hasn't been out there yet. And antidote for this Geico sports at central update on Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com it. And yeah I'm are you guys. They are not being when he got actually need to say something about another athlete that maybe you haven't heard of her name is Maria K she has come under fire for the simple photo. Which she posted on FaceBook promoting her fitness website

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    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central update. Over what Michael Jenkins with your Geico sports up today. Capital hosting the Oilers last night appeared that capped the extra man. was back individual

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    Shayanna Jenkins , the girlfriend of former Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez, is arraigned ion a perjury charge connected to the murder case against him.

  3. CSN Washington dot com team announced average to go four downs and our very own chick Hernandez who joins us from a very wet Redskins park. thanks for being with us. But Bartlett first on Redskins had a great deal of success with the read option last season against Dallas. In fact ran for total

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    in the wall sock out of my body to see nothing. We'll have one Dallas and Washington tonight. Thank you so much Michael Jenkins for clearing that up by how under the exact definition of a cowboy apparently does not the Marlboro man it notice

  5. CSN Washington dot com. I mean I guess that remains is come and was the morning seeping up plan hopefully you know I'll get a lot of reps I'll play a lot. You know from surinam plan on playing north coast of these other than that. You know I don't know anything else how much are you looking forward

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    October 13 in Dallas they're gonna get back from suspension to key players on defense. Linebacker rob Jackson and end Jarvis Jenkins they're not gonna turn around the Redskins 31 ranked deacons by themselves but they're gonna help. And Jackson figures

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    Even before the Eagles released him, Cullen Jenkins , now with the Giants, had a pretty good idea he wasn't in the team's plans under its new regime.

  8. of capitals central 72 ready for the opener on NBC sports network. from here in the Comcast sports net studios and Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot. CSN Washington dot com.

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  10. Csnwashington.com. If we've been seeing a lot of bench clearing lately we saw that massive hockey brawl in an NBA it does happen a lot but. Isn't it. The call I'm sorry to interrupt. I gotta suck you right there in with every I don't know I have a public service announcement. For all of our viewers

  11. CSN Washington dot com Redskins David. Needs all the help they can get in after the Raiders game Jarvis Jenkins and rob Jackson will come back from their suspensions first. How much of an impact of those two guys on this team. They have

  12. they lose to Atlanta eighty to 72 and a deciding game theory. That'll to have Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  13. locker room that he thinks he'll be which you know he was limping pretty severely so despair is watching. Linebacker Brandon Jenkins . Turned an ankle also didn't play much the second half he told me he thinks he's going to be OK okay for practice next

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    With the 49ers' offense struggling, Baldwin and James have not been able to provide any assistance. Baldwin, acquired in a trade from the Kansas City Chiefs on Aug. 19 for A.J. Jenkins , has been inactive for the first three games.

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    was funny when Woke up on Saturday it was ruled that school tried to go away this morning. Could not go. Update on Brandon Jenkins I think an ankle ankle issue yeah as the ankle sore. He could come back in the game I don't think it's like I can take

  16. CSN Washington dot com. Guys over here I'm sorry erupt Nicole and I were talking this are you a rough. Well because I'm a very selfish person in I see I was thinking about that trade between Cleveland and Indianapolis for Trent Richardson I really liked the idea of the Browns rebuilding. So I was

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    Csnwashington.com. Now to bring in Michael. You feel about all that you know what I'm glad to see someone finally have the the speed is my little world whoever call all the needs and reassuring pat on behind just for suiting up and play. That's not the way sports work. You I'm talking about you

  18. CSN Washington dot com. Thought Michael Jenkins with your Geico sports of central update Sunday's loss ..... know if in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Mike Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  19. Amid tragedy, baseball can wait


    Mon, 16 Sep 2013

    those whose lives were impacted by today's horrific tragedy you were in our hearts and and our prayers. Michael Michael Jenkins with you often times sports to provide a needed respite from days like today. At others they provide no relief at

  20. CSN Washington dot com guys. I appreciate the fact you talk about mark performing the Super Bowl. But why can't we bring back Janet Jackson. What rights. It's about time we see the left in my little. seventeen days image as it was a single twinkies. Sweep these commentators. And now I've got even