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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Where were not at all trying to arrive for an offer saying that he's can be done for us in the air I mean. I really expect there's gonna come a time where Fred needs to helpless but it is a week to week decision. Going into the game we always aside besides personnel coverages are gone against package or is packages are gonna use. What tight ends and one insurgency -- situations. We felt better with -- mentor and a lot of so feared dead on analysis of the really big special teams player for us who can also help us on offense and I would love if it was my choice -- -- for tight ends every single week but it's not just about the -- -- got special teams -- and defense and it's a whole team against tough sometimes -- four Titans out so. -- -- we can only get three is gonna. Really depend on or trying to do and who we feel better -- Yeah I knew what I talked to some like -- we talk about why somebody is -- scenery is addressing. They talk about accountability. So why we think somebody's account more concerned. I'm going to start over another person try like to do is if somebody is has been starting they have been for your football team also -- inactive. If you want to know why. And what it takes to get back to being inactive player and do things that. He's capable of doing. The thing I thought tread has done -- -- an actual week of practice. Take time people compete. Do you feel good about who they are what they do. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com one on one with coach Shanahan is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. Our coach Robert said in his press conference yesterday. He kind of

  2. Shanahan on head to head hits: "It's tough in the heat of battle."

    CSN Washington dot com. Lists of their case was a couple of Kennedy back in 2002. play in Miami on Sunday night game and he had already been fine twice. He had hit on chambers. What I thought at that time look at the film there's a lot of differences of opinion. And right before can only hit

  3. Shanahan on RG3: 'We feel like we can give him more'

    CSN Washington dot com excellent progress being made in what we're doing and feeling comfortable with. The supporting cast and with Robert. You know he's been through in a few games now and we feel like can give the more we can maybe run a little bit more there. And just feel that you get a look at

  4. Shanahan on Reed: "You don't see rookies like that"

    CSN Washington dot com. Until he's nice to finally win the union have long drive it in the game and reprisal but now when they score and our guys kept our poise on the sideline him. And you could see that there a sense of urgency there early focus and great finally moving on the field scorecards

  1. 2MinDrillSkinsBroncs


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    come out and play close to the line of scrimmage it just makes such a big difference opened the entire playbook. For Kyle Shanahan and it just changes everything about the game and threes running the ball. Absolutely absolutely most expect to shoot out

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    Sabres ultimate goon John Scott is going to have a little chat with the NHL Department of Player Safety, where he will most likely be suspended for at least five games.

  3. seven months ago Sunday's game at Denver jumped off the page and Peyton vs RG three Wes Welker vs DeAngelo Hall. Mike Shanahan making return to the mile high city where he won two Super Bowls in the 1990s. Those the major story lines but you

  4. CSN Washington dot com they're all the other big issue again that was special teams third straight game now the Redskins special team. Has given up a touchdown. New special teams coordinator Keith burns met with the media today to talk about differences from last year to this year. I didn't have

  5. CSN Washington dot com really and Jordan. Well we felt we had a a guy that I was very special coaching football. And very special. In and out of breaks. More like a wide receiver than tight end. But you cannot see on film consistently polyglot. So we weren't really sure if you're getting me. Polish

  6. CSN Washington dot com. I think he knows exactly what he has to do. And you know sometimes you know the intent there's no intent there sometimes it got a little bit higher than anticipated. I mean the last when he came to the sidelines one guy told me it was. It was a good hit in the the other

  7. CSN Washington dot com. I think any time here at a place for 21 years you know that's that's quite along time. I think I can. You know if football years it doesn't happen very often so yeah we've got to get him. And spend more we raise their kids it's. Head coach her for fourteen years assistant

  8. CSN Washington dot com. Watched my first five years compare that we have played the last 34 games. Everybody in the lead with two you are have changed where he. You know I mean. I'm not I'm not necessarily lines and myself and tell people I'm I'm actually swim a mile. You know I'm from China. You

  9. really took to to go to Bristol and a good job. A guy like that his truth be magically he's got a question now. Hey Chris Shanahan was after same question when account come it came into the game how big a difference is that you prepare all week for Jay Cutler

  10. Shanahan on Defense and Denver


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com like a lot of teams they got. Better almost more productive when their backup came in. McCown did some things with his feet. On how difficult is it for a defense to kind of switch gears and have a different kind of player come in and how do you figure guys. When did against

  11. CSN Washington dot com. Story pretty much all week with a special teams coverage in special teams. Gave up another touchdown and and the onside kick with it and your problem. that's an overall bad areas for. Like you take a look at the implant punt return for touchdown. Humor tall because it them a

  12. CSN Washington dot com. Thought under four minutes what it. Obviously the win is important but what does it mean to have Robert and everybody execute the way you did clock management just do it almost to a perfectly there. Royals had to you know we had to make some plays everybody kept their

  13. CSN Washington dot com. Clearly Kyle other than special teams a red zone issues were an issue last week getting three instead of seven this wasn't a problem last year. What's been the biggest difference this quality Sam was different down there for some personal business is pointing and we have

  14. CSN Washington dot com. America here we sit at one and four we were down this road last year at a time. What's the sense of urgency I know each game is the biggest game looking at a tough road here Chicago in Denver what's the sense of urgency did not play better. But get resolved. Well your back

  15. If they do that again on Sunday in Chicago. It'll be the first time they've done it three straight games since Mike Shanahan took over. With the Redskins CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  16. Shanahan on Cutler and Marshall


    Thu, 17 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Well you can see they're not even though they do feel they have a short passing game as well that looks a little different than what what I remember from the past. But yeah everybody's a little different learn how to deal with the quarterback. CJ right now is very

  17. CSN Washington dot com. Could you explain your decision to make coach burns available. This week. Take it could you explain your decision not to make coach burns available this week. Available any week. that all our assistant coaches analysts or something it. Again to the sidelines or something

  18. CSN Washington dot com. Yet something that happens in it's not something that you just don't worry about it is a big deal you know you definitely want to waste a play especially in that situation. You know signaled a route and you know looking inside just the speed and he missed it and comic

  19. CSN Washington dot com. On if Fred's we got four tight ends in Ozzie said earlier that we believe and we think dale can help us. each week to compete in practice playing time. Fred got out there a little bit into tight end sets and got in there and our. To tide and fullback one receiver you

  20. much had earlier in the air. I think yeah I think he's the guy that that would help the Redskins a lot. Jordan coach Shanahan admitted last week that out RG three sailed a few passes in Dallas having control that'll certainly be a big help