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Kay Adams examines Week 6 in fantasy



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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com for more on this weekend's fantasy matchups for bring in -- Adams from what the world dot com. -- start the Redskins Cowboys game on Sunday night Tony Romo was a fantasy owner's dream last week against the Broncos. So with the Redskins secondary struggling this season do you see another big game at a wrong. I seem big game out of -- see 500 yards in five cooler than maybe nap classes redskins' secondary as you said has struggled they've allowed and touchdowns to opposing. Quarterbacks they've allowed close to 300 yard passing and gains so well. I didn't agree that's different I think he's -- haven't you know a lot of options Terrence Williams looks great Miles Austin making back in the mix Dez Bryant there of course so. And liking -- -- -- tell you -- -- playing himself and that's that's the answer back. That's the point. The Ravens host the Packers on Sunday and Clay Matthews has been ruled out with a knee injury to his -- We saw Ray Rice get the ball a lot last week do you think he's ready to break out against a -- Green Bay defense. -- we finally had a breakout game just last week I think we need to look at that game against the bills back in week three and just ignore it. We don't know what happened let's look forward Ray Rice is a dominant and consistent ops in and you need to play in week in week out now that's -- Yeah I think you're gonna commit to hitting the ball Joseph Flacco has been struggling a little bit in the good. Had a -- to -- -- as well as it's been a middle of the pack defense in anywhere with or without the masses feel great right -- fitting that the fantastic in this week. All right time now for your. -- and get them and let's focus on the signal callers which QB is riding the bench for you this week Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson is -- 100% and missed a couple of practices and it seems on this offense completely changes Reggie Bush couldn't get anything going. That the Packers are all over and zeroing in on and -- -- definitely have in the afternoon as you'd like without mega -- some just for this week I Benton. Which quarterback do you have to trade away. Now I've been coming into this season Sam Bradford and your fourth year in the league and making it a break it semi like -- -- needing a good start to this season. But he faded at him he doesn't look confident fattening -- Sam Bradford. On the bench this week tough match up against Houston and you can hit anything that. And finally K which QB do you really need to have. And you haven't picked up Chad Henne here. Pad and a pen and going round in Jacksonville quarterback -- filling in for Blaine Gabbert I think he keeps the role as a report. He makes good wide receivers who makes Justin Blackmon looked great -- last here. People -- had 400 plus yard games with Chad Henne under center last season as well. He's going to be issued after going up against the Broncos they're gonna have to throw the ball it's fun. And allowing the third most points to opposing wide receivers so bad -- great play. Thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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