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Trent Williams: 'The game can't come fast enough'



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Mon, 9 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- guy -- sports net central update. Everybody little holder with your Geico sports net central update the NFL as a marketing machine people and there's a reason. They pick the skins and birds for their first prime time. Monday Night Football game RG three. Vs MB seven rookie chip Kelly's offense. First of veteran Jim has with defense with much more on this much anticipated home opener for the defending NFC east champs. Brian Mitchell is with Mike Shanahan. Sure inside access. Last year you were a team coming in. Would fairly new style offense and you go about people off of -- the most is that I just still had success Chip Kelly this year his brain his -- -- -- What are some accounts of the defense will have to face there. We are going to take a look at their personnel can take a look at Michael Vick. Anytime that he's in the open field he's got the opportunity -- distances that type of athlete McCoy in the same way. They can make anybody and especially when -- spread a defense sound like the Eagles do. If you're not everybody getting after the -- back urban have played physical football. He's gonna make a bunch of big plays so you have plays defense and you have played fast and you have played physical there's no question about it. NFC east champion last year hadn't happened all. But the goal is to get there again you know maybe you always tell me about actually about -- was there will get to the playoffs and have a opportunity. How order oppressors of defending a title but the first thing you want to do this. Tell you young players home court and is excellent fantasies because if you win your division you're guaranteed home playoff game. And that's like you said that your first golf has won your division. This team now you seem to have everybody plays you have a lot of deadly -- and off this -- what's next for the stretch us. But I just think you just you know like you said you get a football team that is one -- from the NFC east. You know I think what you gotta do is to go do week -- week expectations are high here you look forward to those expectations because that's what you want. Here you wanna be out there people should imagine they get a very difficult schedule. That I told players you know you've earned the right had a difficult schedule and -- -- look forward to it because were playing some good football people were good football team we got to show people. Exactly how good we are. All right Mike Shanahan is a remarkable fifteen and four all time and season openers including three and -- As the head man for the Washington Redskins and he leads all active coaches with hopes that. And that's gonna do from here in the Comcast sports net studios on the holder for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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  9. interesting Nuggets here from the Redskins on Monday Night Football first Monday Night Football win. Their last eleven games dating ..... Cowboys. First on the beat the Giants on Monday Night Football since the famous Joe's ties game

  10. Monday night showdown with the Giants. The Burgundy and gold come out victorious winning seventeen to sixteen on Monday Night Football . Alfred Morris rushed for a 124. Yards and closed the show like picking up a valuable first down late in the

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  13. reading a cold in your your Geico sports net central update the Redskins and the Giants square off tonight. A Monday Night Football on Robert Griffin the third is comparing it to the last game you played on the big stage. It's on everyone

  14. CSN Washington dot com. Monday Night Football it's against the Giants are trying to make up for the last time they play there's a lot of line plots. The NFL really helped

  15. that Monday night certainly did not help things nationally but how close was the process coming. Leading up to Monday Night Football well we had had extensions sessions in certainly had men on Monday and they were planning additional sessions

  16. that Monday night certainly did not help things nationally. But how close was the process coming leading up to Monday Night Football well we had had extensions sessions in certainly had. Met on Monday and they were planning additional sessions

  17. the public truly cared about these. really be into it wouldn't all the hardest hit. NFL's greatest watch Monday Night Football until we normally I go back in the public don't really care not like anybody else in the huddle to Begin I

  18. team that is. With that could win Sunday the Ravens remain in first place in the AFC north Jacksonville on Monday Night Football this week. The Bengals are four into after beating the Colts favored by Pittsburgh to win there in Arizona

  19. here last year all remember what happened after the the skins got absolutely embarrassed by Philly at home on Monday Night Football . Backing of the players who weren't here remember that game. I was turn a game on. This mean it again predict

  20. CSN Washington dot com. Anytime you got opportunity to play on Monday Night Football as a big deal is a big deal and you know about who have written us off but. Nowhere to didn't go play you know a real good Dallas