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Fantasy Island with Gene Wang: RG3 and Ray Rice stock



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Fri, 20 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com -- right to pick in this Sunday's games and the Monday night game. Houston and Baltimore the return every -- like. I probably go with sign Houston. I think agrees gonna give them a boost but I think Ray Rice being questionable -- hit but I don't like that much so. Have you been to Houston to those kids that are pretty easy to pick -- -- -- -- but -- -- Green -- and Cincinnati -- Green -- I mean -- -- they didn't look too -- they look pretty -- good. Can they do get on the road. I think so I think the Bengals are going to be a playoff team I like what they're doing there but I mean after watching -- Rodgers you know -- He's a role he's got his confidence going I think he's gonna go on and when. I'm gonna -- Cincinnati in that game. Just to -- contrary. I got the Giants win Dallas and Carolina win Lewis yeah who comes along with their first WB -- go to the home field. -- -- Dallas -- miss a pretty much Cowboys that hole. Yeah you know I think Dez Bryant's back is is making -- nervous but I'm still gonna stick with -- -- got to know your not gonna pick Dallas. Taken Saint Louis it's good that -- -- in the same atmosphere. Cleveland Minnesota Cleveland seems to have already tested and -- -- sit and talk about -- early jumping ship I'll take it Minnesota. All I gotta go with the bikes to having Brian I'm Brian Hoyer really I mean they trade their best player that their third stringer starting quarterback I mean the white flag is two weeks. -- it's totally up in Cleveland. Tampa -- little one of the -- -- the week. Some attempt but talk about it sinking ship the Buccaneers this spring and league's criminal wants a trade ya know what you know what that might be a kneel down play by the evident there at. After such a thing maybe you might be on you know New England hasn't impressed me but I mean like you said lock of the week -- can't -- there's a battle coming up that he got Arizona. All the while the home. I'm an Eagles durable as well FitzGerald being questionable makes worried said he could tell us if you miss a tough with a back. I like what Phil Rivers has been doing their seven touchdowns one interception and it seems like it got him turned her only son to go with bonds San Diego. Think in Tennessee home with a friend did it on team I can't I went back and forth and my surprise that I think early in the Seattle looked pretty good they're gonna be posted Atlanta. And -- put pulled them to get the upset. I'm glad I don't defends what my little zoo pass rush quite powerful Buffalo the Jets two rookie quarterbacks aren't in that went. I think Buffalo EJ Manuel spoke down to go to the Jets but I'm just glad I'm not we watch -- game will be the park on our FedEx Field working that's right in San Francisco. It is. Running back death I like separates us going home I like Indy I think I think you win when you're. On a -- goes out makes a move like that gives a locker room boost. I think they're gonna get a dollar Jacksonville at Seattle half. It is your clock a week. The line it's ridiculous I have ever seen that before yeah I mean it's going to be awful. So it Chicago or Pittsburgh people with Steel City are up in arms about their football team for you between the quarterback and -- but Pittsburgh gets well all the good Chicago Sunday night and I think Steelers guide it's yours too big -- months ago and three start. Oakland Redskins next opponent at Denver Monday night that despite the loss of Ryan Clady I think Denver Wednesday. I agree I think this might be as lopsided as the Seattle Jacksonville game. Oakland they showed some signs of life Alec with a donors in the -- sort of moving in the right direction with Terrelle Pryor but. Not not against him so this this slate of games we have picked six different games so something's got to give -- -- -- time. Big time good luck to my friend. On -- do skins -- about that yeah I was out of it a little bit later but you can pick whoever you are right on -- Washington. The back which you take expense I mean. You know -- I'm not a big historical -- but. Oh and 21 man there's there's they got some ghosts than here I don't know what it is who touchdown went aren't that's going to be predict a little later that sort of -- That's coming up that's -- with a bit more moderates. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    to the San Francisco 1, forcing Baltimore to settle for Justin Tucker's 19-yard field goal. Justin Smith stuffed Ray Rice for no gain, and Joe Flacco threw an incompletion on third down. Baltimore still leads 31-23. - Nancy Armour - http



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    Ray Rice wants diamonds in his Super Bowl ring. Lots and lots of them. ``I want to light up like a chandelier when I turn off the light