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Tue, 27 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Week four of the pre season is normally about the young guys still try to make this squad but it's also about a veteran and Brandon Meriweather. Received his first action since week eleven last year when he tore his AC up. -- based on the 45 plays he plays last year he hit six tackles and interceptions forced fumble. Let's say the -- was good I'm good I'm excited. And just get back on the field. You know we needed we need him to go out there and get a few things to do some few reps just see where it you know get back to. More around. Pulls this football basketball concert in the -- your race for the season how much has Brandon. Been chirping. Thank you to get. Playing time. Don't listen to you don't listen to -- and what's. Terps all the time Clinton's business does a good guy man he's he's finally no -- -- around the -- is. In nine -- -- right directions from. But you know I'm just happy to guard and and get a chance to play normal gang you know for this coaching staff and I and and give tomorrow with the guys -- and while Meriweather gets his first action rob Jackson and drivers -- we'll see their last when they place Thursday. Then begin serving their four game suspension for violating the league's policy. Gets banned substances. You know more reps -- other guys you know playing a whole have more simply done his whole presume so you know -- closes you know I'm I'm here I'm ready and I'm gonna be ready. And none you know when you read more books like the thought of you know come on do my best that you know stood up Lamar gave Ramon you know something for police also. The -- goes to them in play -- sort of -- less and less puts a fourteen games as far west from the sideline never mind watching from you know so morals nodding in the same period. So home -- is also must be done and now come on beings we get back. You're heard rob Jackson say it would be hard hitting drivers after Thursday can't hear on the squad that means the practices or games. No contact with the coaching staff until after week four. Is complete. At Redskins park chick Hernandez. CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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