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Wed, 17 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Last season offered -- delivered one of the all time best. Seasons for a rookie running back ever he crossed the 16100 yard mark and rushed for thirteen touchdowns. It was a lot of fun for the Redskins and for their fans but the big question for this year is if -- can keep it going. Rich Taylor real Redskins what do you make of Morse -- chance to improve in 2013. Mean you always got to keep getting better don't just -- you don't hit. -- if you if you that you takes all the running you can do -- stay in the same place in this league. But I tell you what I think Alfred Morris could be a better football player this year than once last year he's talking about. You know learning to it to find his cunning -- a little better and refine his technique some. He can give our football player and still not gain as many yards I think. You know I don't think he's gonna carry 335. Times again. I'm that's that's a heavy workload for for any back. He tried to do that year after year after year I think you're gonna find a break in them. So the -- -- thinking maybe average little more than enough four point eight named four point nine maybe five yards to carry. But I think fewer carries. Might -- drop off some and then maybe make up -- yards scrimmage by catching a few passes Billy -- seven passes last year. Maybe 20/20 five catches on top of that round out his game a little bit I think I'd be very good your -- remorse even if he doesn't get the 16100 yard drive again. Sure sure -- plenty of room to improve in the -- passing game for -- but -- Let's turn to some of the other guys that could be taking carries for Morse who do you think could emerge as maybe a third down back or just just getting more -- More more tests you know I think with our Robert in the -- injury you know he carried the ball 120 times last year I think it's pretty safe to say he's not gonna carry the ball that many times in 2013 is probably going to be. Let's just say for -- -- around half of that. Which is gonna open up more opportunities for other players. Now the Redskins also -- struggled mightily on third downs they need a third down threat out of the backfield. You know -- for Morse got some of those carries and played some of those snaps threat I think they're looking for a guy like -- Alou. Maybe one of the two rookies -- -- Jamison -- Chris Thompson to emerge and and -- win that job and thought I wouldn't say take carries away from offered committee compliment now for a little more sore today it's one thing that could take -- away from from Alfred everybody else's passing a little bit more yes I mean Tony Romo. That completed more passes than then RG three attempted last year. Very low thirtieth in the -- in the -- -- Rams. I don't think they're gonna get up get up there in -- territory charge when the ball around. But I think more now they -- yeah well balanced might might throw a little more. Fewer carries for referred for everybody but more effective offensive attack got -- You know a step that I found really interesting was. Morse went over the hundred yard mark seven times last season and the skins won five of those games so whatever happens there's a lot of successful -- does well on the ground. For Richard Park on JP -- they -- CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.

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