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Mon, 8 Jul 2013|


Csnwashington.com. John Reagan's legendary running back for the Redskins so happy you're back in DC and especially to have you on tonight's match -- -- -- -- -- yeah. You know what they are to about winning and the challenges of doing that this franchise has gone two straight seasons and 32 straight matches without a lot he's just a little bit about how -- -- and how difficult it is to be able to continue that streak yet. Did you know everything's different and I'll let the sports -- U -- they tell us exactly how this stacks up with. Other memorable runs I guess the Lakers back in the early seventies they had them tonight they would tie the -- tomorrow night they would break their record. But yeah I think it's it's pretty neat I mean regardless of what it is to win 33 in a row 32 in -- 31 so far. I'm -- for a. And to win the championship they've now won as you -- three times -- last four seasons here -- just pretty exciting event some really great players out here as well. -- we're black have you -- this could -- a little bit about your show coming up brick on the range what we expect. It on the range presented by Geico before I launch into that I like to thank -- go for being our presenting sponsor of course Comcast her put this on there and we're very happy and Rory recorded entertains approach has fallen out with the show's all about. It's all about entertainment. Yeah how we go on to the woods it's kind of like I tell you do the quickest way to describe it would be that essentially a cooking show that we go into -- financial force to shop. -- okay say just bring it exactly from the range into the kitchen. Yeah pretty close circle off a long way and a lot of those aren't that this and also coming up the seasons are some really great things like fourteen and be reunited with Hobbs. He got in fact in less than a week I'll be heading down to the outer banks Russ Grimm had a place down there for years -- Geoff boss the Donnie Warren and Joseph Jacoby were gonna go out there have been some deep sea fishing -- -- -- -- -- maybe some Mahi -- bring it back and I'm gonna feed -- hello -- I do understand how I get an invite to that that just sounds absolutely like a great first of all when you would make a -- stow away on the record I. I'll just take on never don't know we are -- -- have you got here tonight -- need a new season is beginning I had pushed Murphy Jensen getting an opportunity to meet him to some of the. Have I ever and Murphy used a lot of guy and really I -- talk -- -- god -- part of the reason why they've won 31 a row. Is energy and they give it all for Murphy that guys look the energy. He knows exactly what to do you appreciate the talent that he has -- team I don't think you approaches them and let's go out regularly has been to what do you do that -- -- you know hit them early on and have fun can you read. Real -- thereof went and coach since I was able to actually meet you earlier today and that's going to be a highlight for him and -- to be just another night. Good thing. As we continue was able to kind of continue the streak tonight I hope Tony said the last three years he's been even two tickets form against what. -- legally you're gonna start him. Bullies and you leave some for you every single match they are bound to come up for one of bombs out tonight as the night of course you kinda picked a better night. Beautiful night here at the castle stadium right at the -- they gave us so much for joining us John got murdered nearly appreciate. CSN Washington dot com.

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