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Ryan Kerrigan: A tale of two halves for Redskins



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  2. Chris Baker's5:20
  3. Jay Cutler2:23, 2:33
  4. Brandon Marshall1:37
  5. Peyton Manning4:47
  6. Brandon Meriweather3:09
  7. Ryan Kerrigan1:09
  8. Denver4:46, 5:04
  9. nice job2:28
  10. beautiful music2:20
Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com Seattle just burst out with that racket ball lands in your hand you look -- I'm sure all you see is. Green Grassley -- that and so was going to here at citizens don't probable. And and a golden tackle from I don't mind being able to minors first career and serves and -- football career and it's so green on some reluctance to you don't do moments picks you know so. Do you can you grade his reform. And so it SAU does save them we give him grief all week about being the back of the worst pains and it got to handle and so you know he's made a great player bright as well -- -- he probably got to be -- his Frerotte is doing that got in the section did either so. You know after today though when he's probably two. Rank in your right now benefits -- -- let's just come right tone so we can't give that's a great hands kids yet but you know that was those at the plate you know that was the exact kind of play we needed a you know disguise rented -- -- as we preach -- -- and humorous the ball good things happening. And embedded in a pick six. No certainly not said -- -- Ryan Kerrigan a minute ago you get your name in the paper but the play by Reed Doughty to separate effort involves tremendous. Who lose and how do you read all -- numerous pats I mean Amanda friend can take you because they don't match. Know she's play by him coming in the many months and councilman season -- like to deal also loses -- Fronts of the balls for disarmament something happened when a room and in the -- and remembered the way you know him being a person's whose. Once again you were not just quote another player out there did a good job on on Brandon Marshall. It's just you just seem to love these moments from the best guy you get to match that you're still against the best guys. There was somebody always told me that you know you enemies bring out the best thing you know all the time and you know and SN we're enemies but it. You know a guy like that weren't as good as my name -- as -- trying to beat me I'm trying to beat him in -- Com we could definitely try to try to elevate my game to you go to some of those guys but. -- for me manages about me consistent you know -- it's -- much -- season but it definitely got a lot more football left them in you know I just wanted to reassure everybody that I can still -- that -- did do and and you know these -- impressive -- -- you know it makes it. A lot easier for us on -- back you know that we can working unison you know it looks it looks good you know makes beautiful music got. It the other shut down the Bears in the first half Jay Cutler gets hurt I think most people that thought. Game over here but McCown came in did -- really nice job how tough is it as a defense and you prepare for one guys there's a guy like Jay Cutler and now here comes -- -- Our starter so if you know. Well mostly as a fan watching the game much considered Colin -- -- quarterback goes down in the second spring comes and an almost certain ways blown mob what I mean. And all you know I've surrounding big. The guys come and then we had really no use to assume and we didn't know moments ago he was and then you know my town comes in makes a great please. Running the ball you know today's example time all sense and the chronicles on guard a little -- -- like assumes -- blocker down -- stance makes music plays and -- to go through what I went. I know we've had a little bit of fun here but on a serious note USA is up in the Brandon Meriweather is yet another high hit late in the game could cost you. Do you say something and that and look to got to be smarter than that big crucial moment. You know I think he knows he has to be smarter at certain times situations. You know someone Rose just kind of judgment calls you know at first when I don't think you know was actually targeting a you know to ref kind of even the second when you know that's kind of why I got kind of in the mix with some of the room -- trying to. You know talk to them discuss is he noticed that it was solely be more suited great acting job. And you know direct kind of sit back you know I kind of snuck in heard him say what I think I think this I think I'm like. Listen you notice is we look awful win here you can't you can't base that more and I think even you know you don't if you know. Hey I have no problem with that if you weren't around -- to -- other -- to go flag that you think this. You know I've never seen that happen to you that never seen the -- goal at another -- what I think is our what -- both -- -- -- think. Enough make either he -- -- really didn't in the guy was pleading with him that he didn't do -- and he said I think. You know this is it was tough is tough and you know I never try to tell the gotten that to do some that he does so you know. You will continue to work on things there pressure to figure out what works what we can do what we can't do. You know to -- this league -- so you know until into that mentality changes will be tough for defenders. From henceforth forever more so. You know well you know -- you -- -- you know we'll see what comes of this and you know we'll continue to keep trying to working give better. I don't think it gets harder I know it gets harder next week in Denver against the Broncos Peyton Manning and all those weapons how big was this win going into that. Did in this sort of desperation mode. And how tough it can be next week. It's news good news do you saw a confidence that is also you don't know hopefully do a little -- you know going into -- Carlson's. The Denver with a man and we all know he's a blow was this -- to -- -- -- and being. You know we're gonna have to do hundreds of book make employees to -- -- -- to -- imprisoned on stopping the run a 1000001 mills -- -- -- Two -- -- and last question for both you guys can you grade Chris Baker's sack dance I didn't see it so I think I'll have to great. -- -- That about sums it up but it for you win today -- the restaurants. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. CSN Washington dot com. Coming into the week most of the talk about the Cowboys and his run their offense and what they did that. To Denver 500 plus yards. Then again Tony romo's late game interception and while Redskins nation would love they put Romo and the interceptions. The Redskins team.

  2. as he released the ball didn't get all he wanted to on it and it turned into a bomb an interception. So clearly Ryan Kerrigan and Brian for Rory to have strong performances absolutely pressure pressure pressure. We've seen Romo turned the

  3. losing interception. Who to step for Washington if you have any hope of slowing down a cab was coming Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan at the two of them have played very well. Hi you've got five sacks Iraq but at three in the cowboys' three losses

  4. CSN Washington dot com. Romo. up fast is the quickest makes him so difficult get down. All he he does a good job of feeling the rush not not looking the feeling than knowing where you where you can escape to know it knowing usually pressures coming from and I keeps his eyes downfield that does a

  5. CSN Washington dot com. You go to my weaker won three in most of time he death knell but you your half game out there. Yeah I mean that's fortunately for us a NFC east has worked out this year but. no with that with their blessing that been a blessing that it is we can go take care of business this

  6. CSN Washington dot com. And you just execute improvement in the team to kind of there were folks over with the little details folks in practice. You know put an extra film study and making sure the word give ourselves an opportunity. To be successful before the season good team effort good team

  7. status for one. Let's think back to commitment to Ryan Kerrigan has been one of the major bright spots this season so ..... there from Matt Flynn that kind of turn this ball around Ryan Kerrigan were calling him Superman slash Clark what those glasses

  8. gentlemen off don't we do results and isn't it. A lot of time during pre season spent talking about what you and Ryan Kerrigan can do together now that you're starting to see what it is you start feeling this could be really special. This

  9. it together nobody it. You go to Iowa when you played the game you were unbelievable pass we have some guys here. And on Kerrigan and also Iraq though our guy that needs to get to the quarterback Wesley your oppression of those guys so for. What it is

  10. stop commenting when that happens you got to get better at the other stuff. Tom I think we do have some other stuff I think Kerrigan better at it we just some of the stuff last year too. Com but the thing about last year was a lot of people were ready for

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  12. CSN Washington dot com so far this season has been missed tackles after just two weeks. They the league leaders in that category and the team knows that has to be addressed movable. Are definitely a bother because you know we've had so many in the first two games what. Com it's no upfront we can

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    his press conference that they were really two with a bright spots on defense this past week they were getting the job done. Kerrigan had two sacks Iraq has won. If they can maybe get four maybe even five sacks and Matthew Stafford. That would go along way

  14. CSN Washington dot com. Yeah I think he's playing excellent football I him interact and play even as bad as the game was last week those two. They they as low as you can get from the past were simply in a run game. There's two guys have been outstanding you know week in. They didn't seriously can

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    CSN Washington dot com the craziest thing if you told me. Robert the third broke 320 yards Alfred Marshall go over a hundred yards rushing and Pierre are so would have a 143. Yards receiving. I'd say that to game the Redskins would have wanted but a bad start once again the Redskins have now

  16. going on with the. Defense you you've got a front seven has got a good mix of veterans and that can make plays like Ryan Kerrigan but the problem is they're backed up by a secondary that has not yet come together. That would put Carter Rambo

  17. Donaldson with your Packers forced us central update we start at the Burgundy and golds. Ryan Kerrigan will be back with team for Wednesday's practice Kerrigan passing all of his concussion test on Tuesday and was told by doctors that he did not

  18. Field Rocky early in the ball in the first touchdown of the game. Michael Vick. Lee is Lee throws a pass out again Ryan Kerrigan has a great knack for jumping up and knocking down a couple balls that he got a hand on it. But it was a lateral everybody

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    organization. It proves that yeah that was going to be better. The news doesn't get much better for the skins. Ryan Kerrigan left the game early being evaluated for concussion like symptoms in the skins now have a short week to prepare for

  20. pro bowler he's gonna make a big impact but one thing I think he's really help was his partner in crime Ryan Kerrigan you know Kerrigan had eight and a half sacks last year. But you know he faced a lot of double teams and a lot of chip blocks