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Beltway Baseball: How to fix Nats for 2014



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  2. Scott Hairston2:45
  3. GM2:20
  4. Ryan Mathews1:59
  5. Mike Rizzo1:37, 2:13
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Tue, 8 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. We'll welcome back to beltway baseball here on CSN Washington dot com and Jason is this is mark Zuckerman. We're going through basically art diagnostic diagnosis of the nationals 2013 season now. We're looking ahead to 2014. And what areas the nationals might improve and entire lineup basically is under contract so we don't expect them to make any. Big overhauling changes as far as our lineup goes but if they were to make a change. What do you think that would be him. Well that's the thing is everybody's under contract most of these young guys most of them have multiple years. To go on the context that one spot if you were gonna do something. It's me at first base because -- coming off. Really career worst year he's worked here when he's healthy. He had that your shoulder injury here he put up numbers no he has never in his career two thirds of an average and defense regressed also. -- signed for one more year twelve million dollars that's not going to be easy contract to move if they wanted to do it. You have to eat some of that money you're selling low which she never wanted to. With the -- you -- Solomon out high. So I don't think they would do it but if there was one spot that would probably be it because it was feel like they can get more production need to get more production. At first base. Not saying there's a first baseman out there. It screening he signed they desperately need and I don't think we're gonna -- right time for me to put that one regretfully he finished the season strong but. If Mike Rizzo. Desperately thinks he needs to improve the lineup somehow I think that's the only spot even attempt. -- areas we do expect them to perk and group or the starting rotation because they're gonna have to fill out the back end of it the bench and bullpen. In the bullpen in particular. Obviously -- I -- I think more balanced -- gonna bring in some lefties price more experience we'll see what through storms roll some of these guys Ryan Mathews going into next season. One thing I think is interesting. With what happened last year. Is on paper. The nationals seem like a complete team to those the one area we all kind of point to -- -- like OK what's going on. And it it just it's kind of uncharacteristic of Mike Rizzo because the bullpen was such a strength in 2012 and also when he took over as him I think he did. What every good GM doesn't rebuilding team he really built the staff from the back in -- he got -- Veterans and basically solidified the backbone of that bullpen and all of -- on this years it just didn't it just didn't work out like that he has basically had. The years before and mark the other area would be the bench and how do you think they will address the bench because obviously I don't know how many of those guys in the back at all. Yeah I mean Chad -- not that I don't think that Scott Hairston they traded for is signed for another year. So he'll be back I think -- -- goes it's probably backe turned out to do their best in here and and bench player by the end its season. He still had a quick as. That you know utility infielder. They're gonna need another left handed bat I think without question. That probably need a backup catcher. Because. -- Solano. You know basically in play. And Oscar Wilson -- there and I know and love Ramos he's not catching 162 drag -- and plus there's always that. Our concern he did hurt you it's somebody who could step in and be number one if something went wrong so I think that's one area that they have to look at. I think they're gonna go for more better it's you know. Tyler Moore is a tough spot to get going into. Davey talk about them like -- -- -- in that role he did well the year before but that's a tough thing asking guys. If you're not gonna get consistent at bats than he didn't mean to come in and say. I can find a way to get it right at 300 bats well here maybe than to live with -- first -- and it gets harper came off. And that's hard left fielder points while and it's a tough spot to be and so. What they do with the bench this -- I expect they'll get better guys have done that before and maybe guys a little more -- And Chad Tracy was that your pinch hitter really even playing field hardly at all. Ideally you'd like guys you can count them all positions and two doubles which. -- and -- that's what you find at bats from these guys. You can't be pigeonholed into the temptation is never going -- start. Because they work on the bench and then we'll -- and -- conventional approaches you can have more. Is our first base and -- spot so. I think whatever they do there it's got -- and play a lot of positions -- burst out enough for it to stay fresh and a guy who's had experience it's. I think because they got so little on their bench next year it's really gonna put. Guys like Jeff Colbert -- and -- -- really -- its just bad timing for them I think. Normally they would probably would have shown enough to get a shot next yeah I think the nationals are really -- shore up that part of their team. And take really no risks as far as letting a young guy tried to for. Yeah you don't wanna go on -- next season that same boat and maybe they would have done the job well. But thank you said that that's a big risk -- especially the way things went this. CSN Washington dot com.

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