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Charlie Casserly: Redskins should think about Sam Bradford-1/9

Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

Rams QB Sam Bradford will have will have season-ending surgery for a torn ligament in his left knee, a major blow to a team seeking its first winning record in a decade.

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  1. Redskins cautiously concerned with facing Sam Bradford -9/29

    Atogwe will be especially motivated this week. Going up against his former teams and no one on the skins knows Rams QB Sam Bradford better. His line protection has been questionable. Sacked eleven times already. But he's still managed to move

  2. Lunchbox Live: O'Halloran on Redskins concerns after an ugly win--10/4

    what I wanted to ask you out now Sam Bradford was sacked seven times. No no ..... think It lets Rex Grossman for Sam Bradford who had the better performance ..... but yeah I almost felt sorry for Bradford He had blood all over his right

  3. Levitan's Week 5 fantasy football picks

    quarterback position right now Sam Bradford what Tony Roma. Yeah I know what ..... keep doing that to years so maybe Sam Bradford this week is fine. Plug in flip ..... that wanna it I'm not sure that Sam Bradford has been progressing at all actually

  4. Kay Adams examines Week 6 in fantasy

    trade away. Now I've been coming into this season Sam Bradford and your fourth year in the league and making it a break ..... he faded at him he doesn't look confident fattening Sam Bradford . On the bench this week tough match up against Houston

  1. Rams QB Sam Bradford out for year with torn ACL


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    Rams QB Sam Bradford will have will have season-ending surgery for a torn ligament in his left knee, a major blow to a team seeking its first winning record in a decade.

  2. NFL Notes: Bradford , Wayne out for year


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    Sunday was painful for numerous NFL teams -- Sam Bradford , Reggie Wayne and many other stars suffered potentially serious, long-term injuries.

  3. Fantasy Football Week 3: Start'em and Sit'em


    Thu, 19 Sep 2013

    Fantasy Football is in high gear now and as the season ratchets up, check out the third installment of our weekly Start/Sit, featuring Sam Bradford , Knowshon Moreno and a slew of waiver-wire pickups.

  4. Every year we see outstanding rookies who fall flat in their second seasons like Tim Couch Mike Williams or maybe Sam Bradford what do you think of this year. You know I'm not really interest in trading lots of guys after week one is more upside

  5. Report: Bard expects to be back with Sox in 2013


    Thu, 8 Aug 2013

    Daniel Bard tells Rob Bradford of WEEI.com that Daniel Bard expects to be back with the Red Sox before the 2013 season is out.

  6. PickEmNatsTigers


    Fri, 10 May 2013

    Strasburg can become Verlander like you said right now he's not there yet Verlander disease and things like that isn't my first Bradford quite there yet. If I have one game and my life right now. We got another couple years instructor came. I think that's

  7. CSN Mock Draft, Pick 16: The Rams select ...


    Mon, 8 Apr 2013

    With the Rams making a conscious effort to protect quarterback Sam Bradford , offensive guard Jonathan Cooper makes sense with the 16th pick.

  8. Shaka staying at VCU


    Thu, 28 Mar 2013

    for a long time he's got start back. This up he's had some great recruiting classes but started with Anthony Grant. And Bradford Burgess. And Larry Sanders and those guys he's now correlated into the guys they are now Webber and BS in Redick and all

  9. Friends or not Smart wants to win


    Tue, 19 Mar 2013

    they lost in the second round Indiana on a last second shot that remains very fresh in the mind now senior Darius he has. Bradford Burgess couldn't pick Davies teachers don't want to. And it kind of heard from me. That I wanted to do everything from

  10. Goldson pays dearly for unnecessary roughness


    Tue, 18 Dec 2012

    Safety Dashon Goldson paid twice for his unnecessary roughness penalty on St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford , and the money forfeited might not have been the worst.

  11. RG3: "It's getting better every day"


    Wed, 12 Dec 2012

    enough. And the you know I did enough to to give myself the confidence to. You know push it you know tomorrow and then on Bradford . Did you feel like yourself. Yeah I thought myself every day so. he. Yeah is a bargain confidence mechanism you know I

  12. them. faced a pretty good battery of quarterbacks not you know not not hall of fame quality certainly. Drew Brees Sam Bradford coming into his own Matt one of the best out there. Southern there's there's a number reasons that you know I think

  13. did his big project there is getting the most out of Sam Bradford got a stretch guy. What have you seen from him maturation ..... pick of the draft I guess I got a lot of respect for Bradford I think he's going to be a great ones. The next couple

  14. CSN Washington dot com. We talked about RG three Morris had. And amazing game and so did Pierre Garcon but there are few guys who were kind of quiet who needs to step but maybe make their presence known come Sunday. Yeah it goes longer I was surprised by how little we've played he didn't play I get

  15. CSN Washington dot com. No pressure no diamonds great I'm alongside our Redskins insider mark outlets here and our Redskins blogger. guys the pressure's on RG three he says he's not feeling it. What kind of games should we is reasonable to expect at RG three as the Redskins had to Saint Louis to

  16. know the answer a lot of those questions going But we'll see we'll see from week two weeks yeah they do against Sam Bradford this week. And the final question is for me you know we saw a lot of solid performances from Garcon Maurice and of

  17. shoot. Duke yeah John Wall John got a breakthrough but now they get people open shots this guy cannot shoot dump and I'm Bradford 300. Bradley bill can shoot he plays defense they need some highlight that they needed. Act like Louis leave it like I Reggie

  18. Caps-Rangers Game 7 highlights


    Sat, 12 May 2012

    Rangers get that important for by taking a walk Barry do you ever get to the front of that and perfectly executed shot Barbara Bradford replied that open but this is all cadaver dog for a walk got him going a little tough areas. And extending it from to get

  19. takes a Fullerton and I mean it looked even came out it's tough pill to swallow and down the field mostly. That's for Bradford Burgess one the best players ever to play VCU hands down. And he will never be forgotten he's won more games than anyone

  20. Cinderella run for the VCU Rams is over as they lose a heartbreaker to the Indiana Hoosiers 63 to 61. The Rams were led by Bradford Burgess fifteen points but it wasn't enough. They shot Smart and company failed to reach the sweet sixteen. And that you