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CSN Washington dot com every year -- and CSN Washington -- or rich Taylor had to pick the Jets and Redskins. 1 o'clock game on Sunday Jets 33 half point favorites that we've got a -- -- You know I I just had a feeling is going to be the Redskins I think did you. -- -- Didn't mean the Jets are or more high they're they're more -- than -- -- substance if you look at you actually look at the numbers. Take the Redskins defense at the Jets defense and you couldn't tell one from the other and their -- rule that once a little better here once a little better there. I just -- I don't see I think mark Sanchez's is. Highly highly overrated quarterback from is not more because he's done a lot of heat on -- ago twenty to thirteen Redskins. Pacino plays yeah. See him. -- my draft position because right now this is a bad you know those. Boards and -- be drafted in the -- hurt themselves. But this weekend then it doesn't manage them I don't go to Jets and and -- this game's going to be what wrestling thing because neither. It's pretty stout against the overall I would go Jets. Fifteen. To twelve it's all feel -- but I think this score. Mark. I expect somebody just to say that it takes to get I don't know strategic analysis and shutting down on us. If we're I think the Jets a better person on the key areas that. Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes tough matchup and thought Josh Wilson Mike Martz I just -- what this game. Rich Taylor Brian -- and CSN Washington dot. She -- in Washington dot com.

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    reports that they're going to Santonio Holmes very aggressively. Jets would ..... aggressive. I think so I think Santonio Holmes should be. Number one priority ..... see his. A reward for I think Santonio Holmes is a fairly safe that He came

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  3. Are the Jets legit? Our Redskins Insiders have bold predictions for Sunday-12/2

    and shutting down on us. If we're I think the Jets a better person on the key areas that. Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes tough matchup and thought Josh Wilson Mike Martz I just what this game. Rich Taylor Brian and CSN Washington dot

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    We saw him play and pressed a little bit on Sunday against some Seattle receivers that the caliber that person and Santonio Holmes are. So it's going to be a real challenge for him he's he was okay me any of the day and if he can man up against

  1. a knack for being around the ball. How much easier was it for you this year it was your first game compared to last year. Holmes allies around who I this bag was a little bit more foot strain a ball hasn't last year they were just taken its been awhile

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  4. the show and I think windy although he did tell me he just got 308 which is a rifle. That and you know down after the Earl Holmes . So you want to call from my do a little fishing And didn't Welcome as he ought not get all the Braves would be very starting

  5. ball great you attract goes on in my roots came and so to explode the wanna do it. They did a great job I'm really happy for Holmes who's stand there. I was watching last night and then don't you stay on the bottom of the zone to and then there's going

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    sealed it for the Bobcats they would this 1119114. And that in Washington when street athlete. Can't play the same way you do Holmes should do. I king give them right now realize And we did this was a glorified pickup games for us like give Charlie credit

  8. that came from. You know I I was watching the movies Sherlock Holmes . And I saw him he had won and I told my wife was like I want ..... s it's going to be fun to watch well this is the Sherlock Holmes against that makes you Watson's idiotic question here. I

  9. they resigned roach who they don't. Throw everything chaos but certainly you magazine okay is Angel got better and Michael Holmes . Harper can be either one position. So I think they would be comfortable with their linemen as it is that the case. As opposed

  10. do inserts British army made you want to put on all of this gear and 126 point two miles. We got a pretty good about it Bob Holmes forces. It's like life was his generation. I'm an invite stipulated that teams have point one we need going. Well we

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    year and I Garrard gains a learning experience for him and ex Tony Gregory got back in there and gave us some speed and Michael Holmes we think a lot of him and solo tough so we just got to keep Morgan this thing. Coach try to remind you this week in you're

  12. we we let them big plays. We didn't stop him you know like we were doing in the first half and they got away you know one on me you know on B Holmes well. You know what let me ask you have played a ball better. CSN Washington dot com.

  13. ve either covered or bit a part of the media around Priest Holmes was a very very interesting guy never really know your regular ..... perform. I talked to Ricky Williams wants who had been Priest Holmes teammate at Texas and I said Chris goes resource a different

  14. get to How big was it to do with men down so many times in this game but coming up so beat each time. No doubt I got Curtis Holmes was key in the wing player was that that was huge Ross in terms of you know make sure they didn't get runs and then you know

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    s just see what he looked like in person I watch a lot of film on him you know you Seymour on TV and all those things and Holmes and you get to see everybody in person. And you're getting you know guy like Kirk cousins who's. I think got a chance

  16. flashier. playoff contender that we'll take a little bit I still. Nobody wins is the goal I set out there not feel like Holmes who was like a lot of not the safest equipment. What a little concerned that if you don't get a few runs in the back I

  17. three games over just more excited to finally lace up the skates and help this team again. Yeah I'm very excited and again Holmes says last night and it's okay alive and hi this is gonna love this position youth. You know missed a game and that slow processor

  18. against the glove side. There are. It's a little crazy you know that have had personal Elton goes on food in every Cuba. Holmes is just they focus and keep ground and on top you know so we're going to take me can he gets the job done that if thing goes

  19. runner has some problems hanging on the ball on the season opener last year in DC when he. He fumbled that ball that De'Angelo Holmes returned Padilla. For the winning wanted in the worst political history of football by yes yes that's starting his demise

  20. you can ask I think you need to do more improved so today it's one day we are got to keep progressing and he's at Preston Holmes also. At tight end Fred Davis was a huge target for Grossman recording his first career 100 yard receiving game. While PG