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Roundtable: Would you rather have Orakpo or Suggs?



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Fri, 2 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com -- let's see here you got one guy to come off the edge now. You want Brian Orakpo. 41 -- slopes toward the start you. You know as much potential as Brian Orakpo has I've got to go Terrell Suggs here defensive. Player of the year in 2011. He's been more consistent. You know it right now. But -- -- guy who didn't someday yes fired get fourteen sacks Terrell Suggs already done match. Die you know he he's he's a proven commodity. And in this league it's so important to put pressure on the opposing quarterback I got to go to guys proven some -- Suggs. -- -- At the risk of being caught -- -- laps to go was drugs as well. Suggs of the former defensive player of the year homer at his guys are talking about a guy. -- -- To me they want the best offensive player of the year they'll be in the league and this year Suggs looks great come and again he's a tremendous shape. He's having a great training camp. And this year I think he's wanted all more of a leadership role when ray Lewis and then B being gone I think Suggs as they -- the hard bit. A lot of people think the Ravens defense is -- -- that damn. He wants the media got to make sure that it doesn't and I think some -- -- having used -- -- Iraq was a lot of doubt I'll be fully recovered at the Goodyear. But I takes us. Aren't good luck getting an interview with Brian around by now are. CSN Washington dot com.

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  20. TarikVID_10-19 copy


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    gonna take the Ravens are a couple of games too I just without. They're emotional leader Ray Lewis around. And who knows if Suggs can give back I mean he's trying to back an Achilles injury I don't think he plays this week and Cleveland and Indianapolis