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Fri, 7 Dec 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. RG three Alfred Morris and the redskins' improbable. Run to the playoffs. We're talking that three hottest topics of the week this is three now I'm Jennifer Williams alongside Redskins insider are outlet here. And I Redskins blogger rich -- guys let's talk about RG three you know the kid can Ryan. He can throw and he's worked on his accuracy. If he unstoppable what -- he did it it's what. I'm not gonna say he's unstoppable because we've seen him lose games. Not all by himself obviously but I mean there -- three games in my mind a standout work. If he probably was not as sharp he looked more like a rookie he has another game to Cincinnati game the Pittsburgh game in the Carolina game. That said. When you're when you're evaluating a quarterback especially for major player the one -- you wanna see is it was -- level rise throughout the season was it and get better not make the same mistakes repeatedly. And I wanna say the last three games have been the best I've seen from an NFL quarterback rookie or not in a long time nine touchdowns one interception. We have the Giants play facing him for the second time that was supposed to be maybe the Kryptonite for a bird for what -- you know hurt for RG three. Everett having already played him haven't seen the second time coming in that game that's what eleven games of film and him in the NFL. He knows scheme wise what's the catch onto this kid they'll they'll start on him. Obviously we did that we not see that happen. One hopeful quarterback rating just very sharp passes to -- it. Not only is joke only use for that one interception and -- but good for I'm trying to think the last 567 games. Yes and even had an interception. This like gone through defensive -- hands yet -- saved by that he's just throwing the ball to one interception in five games and it was the one against the Cowboys had on -- -- picked off because the ball to simply -- -- Huston make a play and he's -- -- -- -- -- sailed on him but yeah he had happens he hasn't gotten a break from a defensive back where they dropped the ball so there anyway you know. They know this game -- this it's this being. It's his arm it's not the the college stuff is. Is our Rob Ryan of Dallas on -- is that good he's talented. And that's going to be hard to stop again unstoppable as a little bit of of of hyperbole but. He can you know he can get that you get the job done on the ground rich and we know it was unreal what he's only ground I mean are 62 yards average. On the ground the last three games yet. I mean it's it's pretty it's pretty insane what he's doing what -- And Jason Pierre Paul came out this week saying. That you -- Drew Brees -- beat in that. Giants -- there in their last four contents that he's porno vs the Giants. Isn't -- it's going to be an easy on an easier game for them if they don't have to worry about the option. Well let's talk about the other rookie -- Morris he just hit that I was down. Yeah exactly I think. You know and I think I -- Twitter -- stranding six in the United States. After he hit that milestone do you think people are finally starting to take notice how good is this kid would you put him top five. Best players on the Redskins team that -- let's. -- with -- yeah well the no question about it please. You know he's he's just the perfect back for this offense I think we talked about this on -- Sunday night. We you know he's -- he gets out there. I got -- where it says and the defense. One foot going down boom. And then when he get he does he got a first contact second contact slow them down third start -- -- got but he still pick it up to three or more yards. After he gets hit and that's what. -- that's what this offense has needed obviously besides the triggerman quarterback. They haven't had that real good you know there's been a game here in the air right Clinton game here in there Tim Hightower looked good sometimes. But they just haven't had that back to week in and week out to get that consistent yardage that did it this did this he has yet. They saw you start ill or fame just on NFL network this part right on ITV news. Question -- Turkey thinks he's more valuable to this team purses. You know it. A threat like Pierre Garcon. You know -- I would say yes actually I mean I've been and Pierre is done wonders for what we opens up the playbook for Palestinian. Was he when he's healthy and he's on and he's producing when he has the past couple games. But I mean I for more in my mind is probably tied with Trent Williams as the number two most important player of the steam behind RG three. It with -- in -- gets better with the more carries gets his team was five and one when he carries the ball on twenty times or more. I mean that's is that you can't overlook. And -- You know the thing all all I need to know about -- for worse is character and drive in what he's gonna do for the rest of his career. We saw in the fourth quarter against the Giants he fumbled the ball and he said to himself you know what I owe it to my teammates to finish this game out to win 20 win this game. And I mean that that last drive when they around the clock. How money was I mean you couldn't take them down on that one not third down and converted at that last -- the last who was unbelievable I mean that was all effort that was he would he got it to me that was enough that was not second ever -- terrible fact that's the one that's another thing that -- bear yes but the it's important that. And let me and that everybody talks about the rookie wall and I don't know if he knows the rookie wall needs to see as a -- -- -- just ran right through okay. Slow down about it. CSN Washington dot com.

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