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Mike Florio talks about the top NFC East storylines



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Wed, 7 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. -- Robert Griffin's health as the main factor heading in the redskins' season assuming he's good to go and the player he was last year what's the outlook for the skins this season. I think that if Robert Griffin the third can stay healthy. And if the offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to take advantage of whatever defense is what we try to do to stop him. This is a team that can build on what it did last year and unlikely playoff. Participant in 2012 but a lot of continuity a lot of starters back coaching staff still in place. I think the Redskins. If Griffin can stay healthy the Redskins can try to take it a level or may be -- farther than they did in 2012. About the Eagles bored out of your Chip Kelly you walk into adversity right in your first training camp began Mac and injury got Riley Cooper in that fiasco is it reasonable to think that Kelly can. Turn the Eagles around significantly this year. I don't know that it's reasonable to think that a lot of people presuming that just because Kelly does things so differently he's gonna show up he's gonna be a great. NFL head coach for the NFL head coaches who have done the more traditional way I'd say you know. How about how -- given us some credit for figured out how to do this so. Different may not necessarily be better the defense was bad last year they're not tackling to the ground in training camp which. I guess is something they have in common with last regular season there wasn't much tackling going on today also so much focus on offense I'm worried about the defense. And then whoever gets that starting quarterback job the loser could be gone you could have more locker room issues that it could be a long year for the Eagles. Tied to New York Tom cop whose group they followed up there Super Bowl by missing the playoffs the next season most of the same team remains now. So in your estimation what makes the difference between reaching those and results. Well I do for the Giants. If you get to the playoffs -- -- have a pretty good chance of running the table and winning the Super Bowl challenge has been. Getting to the playoffs and they GM Jerry Reese said at the outset of training camp everyone's on -- because they've only been in the playoffs once in the last four years when they get their works out well but they're having a hard time getting -- they have to figure out how to continue. What they do in September and October every year. The Tom Coughlin has been the head coach that team since 2004 they started five and two or better. They hit a rough spot in November and December sometimes they recover sometimes their cover very well sometimes they don't. Their expectations. Well still -- -- always high in Dallas despite missed the playoffs the last three years so hot as Tony Romo and company get over the hump and Jason Garrett. How hot is that -- for him this year. I -- he is very hot when you look around the coaching staff took all the assistants who have connections. The former Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden from bill Callahan to rich besides you the special teams coordinator Monte Kiffin A-Rod -- -- There was a thought after the 2012 season that may be Jerry Jones the are the Cowboys would swap out Jason Garrett for Jon Gruden didn't happen there's a thought that if Garrett doesn't get it done this year it will happen with the Cowboys I think they look at the Giants and say. Look -- you have to do is get in if you can get into the playoffs you can win the Super Bowl also let's just get into the playoffs and maybe then we can win the. Super ball Mike Florio as they right there come right back to it just mere moment. CSN Washington dot com.

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