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Where should you draft RG3 in fantasy football?

Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

Tom Brady and the Patriots pulled off an impressive performance last week, but in Week 7, the perennial Pro Bowler finds himself on the bench, along with Doug Martin, Matt Ryan and Trent Richardson.

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  1. NFC East draft grades: Giants

    kind of things and. Well one other was a running back they got a kid that that I harder when I ..... he thought they thought he was second best running back in the drafts behind them. Trent Richardson and and I would agree ended the 32 pick of

  1. that terrible offense we picked up to speed and kinda like Kendall Actually trying to the defense when you do that in that running back its start because he's terrible lie so. Oh he had a long drive goal you'll make sure your actually you know fresh and

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  3. Well we felt we had a a guy that I was very special coaching football . And very special. In and out of breaks. More like a wide ..... competitive. Player and is on a good job in both Usually excellent football player hopefully and stay healthy and but he got he's got

  4. com. I think any time here at a place for 21 years you know that's that's quite along time. I think I can. You know if football years it doesn't happen very often so yeah we've got to get him. And spend more we raise their kids it's. Head coach

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    Titans owner Bud Adams, who helped found the American Football League and whose battles for players helped lead to the merger with the NFL, has died at the age of 90.

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    New Mexico plans to retire Brian Urlacher's No. 44 jersey on Nov. 8 against Air Force. Urlacher was an All-American in his final season with the football team.

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  9. possible injury or the possible fine things that go with that. We eliminate those fifteen yard penalties I don't and work on Argentinian football player wants to contribute. He's just got a little bit lower. CSN Washington dot com.

  10. don't mind being able to minors first career and serves and football career and it's so green on some reluctance to you don ..... you know it's much season but it definitely got a lot more football left them in you know I just wanted to reassure everybody that

  11. the play I thought I along with mine stinks. And I gave a chance to make a platform and I he made in on I'm a heck of a football player and on Charles Tillman we got me earlier in the game. So wasn't payback or anything like that I just saw something

  12. feeling there is mean I've. Can legitimately product and had four or five sacks and make him only with probably a half and football guns and here's the slippery quarterback put it was it was good to get the win and good. Finish the Tennessee game on a

  13. Shanahan on Defense and Denver


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    ve handled himself both on and off the football field. Brandon Meriweather was two more ..... those fifteen yard penalties I don't football player and want to contribute. He ..... the records and I wanna play your best football on. Play the way our defense did in

  14. felt would give us of this canceling. It's always tough to deactivate somebody especially when you know there you know good football players but. Cintron doesn't help the salon and special teams we felt we go into another special team player all and a guy

  15. gotta work as a unit to get it done like we did that fourth quarter. when you take a look at everything are surrounding this football game and the way you guys came back how big is this win. Well I think every every day these big platoon we sure needed after

  16. the same time throughout both yarder for the exactly. The football game. You know we have a lot more left new and keep yeah ..... at things he's just been only you know be Buchanan and football and try to get CSN Washington dot com.

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    Matt Forte found the end zone three different times in the Bears' loss to the Redskins on Sunday, but he said it doesn't matter because he didn't do enough to get his team the win.

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    For Taiwan Jones the transition from RB to CB isn't complete, and will take time. Fortunately, he's found a way to contribute in the interim.

  19. important game. Especially being and for our football team understands the sense of urgency ..... actually us and we have to their best football right now. There are some defense is ..... careful against any team in the National Football League turnovers and can turn the football

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    In the Bears upcoming matchup against the Washington Redskins, running back Matt Forte just might be the key in holding off a loss at Soldier Field Sunday afternoon. Insider John 'Moon' Mullin breaks it down.