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Former Redskins RB Tim Hightower sits down with B-Mitch



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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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-- in Washington dot com there now local. Stall I -- -- Jim Hightower. Formerly of the skins and also the Arizona Cardinals. I admit beer drinkers are. You know you should try to get back into. I'm I'm I'm. Them in Atlanta right now but could go for -- you know work with -- -- and recover and and down and doing everything I can't even though I. Positive we got to say you know you'd be a big injury and as you get injured and you try to combat. And sometimes you get the real president frustrated. They're very very very. You know you take their competitive approach there have been doing. Anytime you have something that. You feel like and a neighbor's -- you know you -- to put everything into it and then something happens you know where you know you kind of -- checkered fell back. And it's frustrating mentally physically emotionally. But on this reward to see make progress him and there is delighted in the -- But just that time that you know that that left is no -- so you know. Rehabbing. Group well you've been through -- RG three. Is going to you know have an -- he's been through it twice now. But a lot of times you are people who think they can rest is what have you learned about the body says you've gone to sway them. I'm Tommy are gonna have provided some news is -- is and this this whole process with Communist. You have to appreciate. That the -- I gave you which is your body which is your body's ability to recover. And when you give it the ability to recover and you put the right nutrients and the right training do I think it will recover. But it anytime you wanna put this incessant you know I think it's just great and then. It'll remind you know let you know that hey I am a human and that you know. -- I did suffered trauma and you've got to give me the ability to get back and that's the big thing I'm I'm learning is. To take care -- your body and give -- -- time it's wrist is nutrient is training. And most importantly this time that they give backward to be. You heard there was this is you've been in my share his office and you watch team now. And I guess two part question what is his mindset -- his approach to the running game. And on top of what do you think about the -- us. And he's if indeed he doesn't. He doesn't stand in the middle and you know he's he's very very clear about the two of them and he wants to be a physical team. He wants to be a running team you want to be a dominant up front. I think you control the clock and Phil -- and you know he lets you know that from day one. He's in the you know and every -- practice. He's gonna set a practice he's -- emphasize that everything today and now with their -- -- -- from the receivers blocking to the tied into the running backs finishing the runs. He when he lets it be known you know where his stances. You know it's been a rough year for the thing you know I don't think -- some and they can't get turned around I think it starts up front in the starts from their leader. Him coming off a season ending injury. You've got to get from that time whether whether you like it in that you've got to give him that time in. Hopefully there hasn't you know having suffered you know to too many losses -- they can overcome and by that time. But you gotta give them this time and I think when he does come back around hole for the defense is playing well -- -- distill it quickly Knuble to come together right now. Trent Williams as the job of protecting his backside and Trent Williams to me is one of those young up and -- superstars in good position. You've been in his -- -- -- game awhile or how does he I guess add up to the other left tackles. Command his physical presence. And he just it is those guys when you're around a special guy special Islam they got something about them they have personally -- confidence -- they know they're good they know they know you know you have some people call a cock in his book. At the running back. -- mama -- B you know being a little immediately be a little a little -- in a little you know confident. Mean they know they had this -- -- But also I think the part where I think Trent and I I'm not being in this year I'm sure that he has taken that next step. Is his preparation and you know going from them going from. The transition of Oca got skills that I'm a first round draft but I got talent to. Cannot work in my -- and perfect my craft and then become a leader in lead that the ref -- -- the -- of the unit. And I think that's the part that you -- insurance. The progression to -- make. February to a smaller school and hurt by most of the -- to stand as I did the same thing so always have a special place you'd you know I look at guys like. Brian Westbrook got some little small school guy I like those guys I want to see how west Louisiana nobody knew it was from but -- so when I leave -- nowhere where is that. How was that experience for you going to that small school in Steele being able to get the attention -- the -- Man you know it you know -- my thing is and we we play on Saturday afternoon. You know and the first thing we do we go live on ESP and we want threatening -- you know it motivates us if it keeps us in that my friend that. I don't care of a restaurant -- I know what's not good enough because -- that I'm a small school. And so we keep Hewitt you know you don't have time to get on my high horse and you know the feel good about the so you gotta go back to work. Because you know that for every 150 yards and rushed for. If there's another guy out there who's doing that and more. And he's at a bigger school and thought -- does that mindset of just. That folk was the drive and determination and just that chip on your shoulder. I think they're greatly help me you know a lot in and just keep that no matter where I'm going with a -- injury Weathers and you know you just life in general. Does -- that were fighting for the next level fight for the next. Can you -- and I say yeah and apparently risk. Well all right -- obviously know because of you first came into this game they're tough mostly on TV interview that he looks like Johnny Allen. Coach -- that's -- that's -- Have you heard that before. And that's what we're looking usually not a -- until November than for our I think you know. In the shower nothing in the -- that that's about it okay you keep it that way -- I wouldn't they have a show called three and out. And now is when the -- something Bob -- though for me -- I -- -- ya know you were a much of a student of the game also. Student outside the game you look at read a lot of stuff. -- the top three running backs in your mind of all time. All time. I got to give him Smith discredit me you know the record Walter Payton Bears fan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't I. Semi dark at three who I thought he would give nothing goes with a three that's -- -- -- -- that you've done is going to look to. They get you healthy -- -- I know you get this I felt I've preached it. CSN Washington dot com.

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