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Bears not taking the Redskins lightly


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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Where were not at all trying to arrive for an offer saying that he's can be done for us in the air I mean. I really expect there's gonna come a time where Fred needs to helpless but it is a week to week decision. Going into the game we always aside besides personnel coverages are gone against package or is packages are gonna use. What tight ends and one insurgency -- situations. We felt better with -- mentor and a lot of so feared dead on analysis of the really big special teams player for us who can also help us on offense and I would love if it was my choice -- -- for tight ends every single week but it's not just about the -- -- got special teams -- and defense and it's a whole team against tough sometimes -- four Titans out so. -- -- we can only get three is gonna. Really depend on or trying to do and who we feel better -- Yeah I knew what I talked to some like -- we talk about why somebody is -- scenery is addressing. They talk about accountability. So why we think somebody's account more concerned. I'm going to start over another person try like to do is if somebody is has been starting they have been for your football team also -- inactive. If you want to know why. And what it takes to get back to being inactive player and do things that. He's capable of doing. The thing I thought tread has done -- -- an actual week of practice. Take time people compete. Do you feel good about who they are what they do. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Broncos present huge challenge to Redskins' defense

    CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins defense is that death comes for defensive end Stephen Bowen ..... try to do. Great situations. Perhaps the best defense of the Redskins . Is that Redskins Dolphins if they can the time of possession

  2. Rich Tandler on keys to success for Redskins against Broncos

    CSN Washington dot com. From rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com just a great job covering the Redskins every day of the week is that all the press conferences. In fact he lives close by redskin park. So he can be here at a moment

  3. Keith Burns on Redskins special teams: 'Sticking to my plan'

    CSN Washington dot com they're all the other big issue again that was special teams third straight game now the Redskins special team. Has given up a touchdown. New special teams coordinator Keith burns met with the media today to talk about

  4. Hall comes to Meriweather's defense

    This is a guy sports net central update. Everybody in the water here with your Geico sports net central update Washington Redskins Brandon Meriweather receiving some good news on Wednesday. As this two game suspension was reduced to one. Most

  1. Kyle and Mike Shanahan on Fred Davis


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Where were not at all trying to arrive for an offer saying that he's can be done for us in the air I mean. I really expect there's gonna come a time where Fred needs to helpless but it is a week to week decision. Going into the game we always aside besides personnel

  2. 2MinDrillSkinsBroncs


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    Bears. Tar this year. You tell us how the Redskins keep it going this week against Denver ..... hits the hole he's gone so basically the Redskins have one opportunity whether it's ..... if I catch the corner. we know that the Redskins are gonna have to run the ball and really

  3. CSN Washington dot com they'll pay sees everything you he would discuss something on him. He he recognizes every coverage and understands what you're doing he sees things he's been in the league for so it's a long time he sees everything so. You're not gonna go out there and then you think you're

  4. CSN Washington dot com I think the league does a great job with player safety you know to be an ex player. You guys I think what you would have done the league offices and has been. It's exceptional my concern. Was more with the penalties. And down. You lose three penalties that we had led

  5. CSN Washington dot com. Michael joined Bob won always at the Angelo hall of Hokies hear. I watched about four. Good good good letting it awhile I'm a few months I didn't want to kick off of the picture we showed yesterday on the show. Assault on his program a shot of you given your daughter and

  6. CSN Washington dot com. Or you lose junior. after the game only thank you for the simple interview that wasn't. A simple post it for you your mobbed by the media had a great game and now that it's sunk in a little bit. He got to get something done the plan by ocean out on those. Roy how to yet in

  7. because of the concussion that would leave the Redskins without both of their safeties at the ..... agility has also returned. And still has the Redskins zone read offense. The result was 45 ..... fans in the thin air of mile high. The Redskins might have to score 45 again. After

  8. CSN Washington dot com. Lists of their case was a couple of Kennedy back in 2002. play in Miami on Sunday night game and he had already been fine twice. He had hit on chambers. What I thought at that time look at the film there's a lot of differences of opinion. And right before can only hit

  9. CSN Washington dot com. I mean I'm used it to be an underdog myself you know come from Baylor University. You know they're doing really good right now so I thought but I'm used to that and the other dog doesn't seem to use that as well. You know confidence is a choice. He got to choose to be

  10. RGIII: "I'm not forcing the run."


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. I think I think it's presented itself from the past two games and sides work to our benefit as far as you know taken an aggressive mindset into the game I'm not not your you know. We said the ball we were still good on third downs on this past game so that was big as well.

  11. CSN Washington dot com. There. Unfortunate. You know with it's tough being a defender in this league especially. Safety you know you gotta go back there Indiana. Tried to keep guys of other score and in. The target zone has gotten so close so it's this is the tough way to go. Feel like feel

  12. CSN Washington dot com. Talk about DN last two weeks obviously had some issues there it would DC some better days coming for the unity to think yesterday was a step in the right direction. Acting so mean anytime you know you're dealing with special teams and you had to dealing with the whole team

  13. Bears' Martellus Bennett: [Meriweather] is a scumbag


    Tue, 22 Oct 2013

    Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett had some strong comments for Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather in his weekly radio show appearance.

  14. CSN Washington dot com one on one with coach Shanahan is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. Our coach Robert said in his press conference yesterday. He kind of went over mental two weeks ago. And obviously. Italy and he looks better. Running. His form was better off on Sunday

  15. CSN Washington dot com. Until he's nice to finally win the union have long drive it in the game and reprisal but now when they score and our guys kept our poise on the sideline him. And you could see that there a sense of urgency there early focus and great finally moving on the field scorecards

  16. CSN Washington dot com really and Jordan. Well we felt we had a a guy that I was very special coaching football. And very special. In and out of breaks. More like a wide receiver than tight end. But you cannot see on film consistently polyglot. So we weren't really sure if you're getting me. Polish

  17. CSN Washington dot com. I think any time here at a place for 21 years you know that's that's quite along time. I think I can. You know if football years it doesn't happen very often so yeah we've got to get him. And spend more we raise their kids it's. Head coach her for fourteen years assistant

  18. Inside the Huddle with Michael Bush: Bears fall to Redskins


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    Michael Bush came to the Comcast SportsNet studios to join Inside the Huddle, breaking down what went right and wrong in the Bears' 45-41 loss to the Redskins .

  19. Bears' Marshall speaks, NFL listens on Meriweather


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    According to a report, Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather will be suspended for his two hits on defense Bears wide receivers in Week 7.

  20. Sports Fix: Monday morning's top headlines


    Mon, 21 Oct 2013

    Here's what's going on in the Chicago sports world today, including the Bears wondering about Jay Cutler's status following their loss to Robert Griffin III and the Redskins .