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Clinton Portis says he's ready to return to the NFL-2/20



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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com and then -- today. And and Daunte Culpepper. They lead did -- -- names on a list of 83 guys or hustle in the NF though because of concussion already have -- before the 500 people sewing them. What will be the difference in this situation are with the current board who say this when he they want to practice. We got a football field all game night he gave everything you wanted to gave everything I did. His his -- he had overtaken -- and who played from all the time and this and -- the way -- NFL was back early with it and started before Clinton. Where they'd get a huge real well all you think it's just -- back on the football field and play. But now and I think a lot of people go well big new Ritz but it wasn't that bad it was the NFL that was Flynn. He had the long term impact right who coaches than not or coffee thing in the brain -- -- on his life. When they obviously knew what the problem nothing that is why. I think every player -- all these lawsuits have. A case against the NFL whether or not they would get food court is going to be dragged on and on. You know story it may not but the reason why the NFL more recently has started get tougher on concussions is because of these lawsuits it's because these players have joined forces and said listen. We're point 24 she took knowledge the fact that there are long term injuries from football and it's ridiculous to think about the NFL. Would have its own doctors who excelled at Miller's long term damage and proof -- -- video while and this -- been going on since the beginning. A football team and we're not just talking about head injuries were talking about injuries in general and I'm really worried about or is he says look I'm very lucky I'm only 31 I'm retired. I got off. Pretty well considering a lot of other players he's only 31 -- -- having some effects and knows -- generally get worse as you get older if you're Smart you wanna be part of this lawsuit because who knows what's gonna happen long term and I think -- it's good for these guys because the NFL did not do its job years ago. Get the fact that the Cowboys are worth 2.2. Yet pages were one point eight billion -- one point seven -- These all of us are getting filthy rich and him moving up and up enough. And we'll talk a little bit about the new face -- that got Charlie use which is supposed to be safer. But the NFL's against the because of dollars -- -- think -- they're gonna get filthy rich the people that helped them get that way I don't think anybody shows up to see any -- To see Roger video they show up with the players and I think these players deserve something. And did not just because well it quality nation and all the -- work. You go to work of their plant some happened you can sue Lockett NFL players. CSN Washington dot com.

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  3. form when it comes to with the media a couple of years ago when he was in Denver hit the 51. They used on a guy named Clinton Portis proof that this year strict could be a very valuable one. With the Redskins chick Hernandez CSN Washington. CSN Washington

  4. s a lot of situations thing that can come up. Sometimes when 51 comes up. You have your guy one of those guys is Clinton Portis . We're hoping he would be there. And Franklin actually got mad at us because we picked him at 51 he wanted to go

  5. way he plays says it but A playoff spot you know any day. And while Alfred Morey said that he was humbled to past Clinton Portis franchise record. He said that he doesn't seem self as a start and nothing can change. At FedEx Field I'm Jennifer

  6. course there I don't think that contract league I'm pretty sure the only course that don't like a ten year agreement as Portis BBA's concern out McDonald I'm sure that every single player in the game. You want a long term deal. All right Allan thanks

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  8. That might cost more than a couple of ways by the way the last Redskins running back to go over a thousand yards Clinton Portis way back in 2008. With the Redskins rob CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  9. game you know we're just not looking. Always forward but you know next we go folks on the Giants and we we don't know how Portis . Even if she got a question here first yes I'm just really got oh do to man up that you often a victory today. Congratulations

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  14. you mentioned Robert Griffin the third is your. NFC offensive player of the week. That's in the win awards and Clinton Portis back L weight in the first Redskins can win it. It's rod Gardner eleven years ago. Negative. You know you don

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  16. Yards 75 touchdowns and nine seasons in the NF Bill Clinton Portis career. Can only measured by those numbers but it ..... hands not for his stats glory but for that team and Clinton Portis on game day was unparalleled at that. LT was done throughout

  17. CSN Washington dot com. While Clinton Portis hasn't worn Redskins uniform since 2010. But hill ..... eighty greatest Redskins of all time. A big honor which Portis tearfully accepts our Sorenson catches up with him after

  18. CSN Washington dot com. In the guys around me. Gave her all day a day that saw us who checks those guys scored you can actually do it anymore. Then they could do it I never lived there when it might aces he was taken a play off as if he wasn't prepared. As if he wasn't trying to spring me. Was

  19. It he no not Michael V you know he's so many so much like Michael V. How's that little Clint Portis in early in the late push Clinton Portis and you know. Days shortly after another guy walk it. He sort of conversation with how you lay down

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    CSN Washington. You know it was swings so. Our idea was out for Wednesday so. I talked to some Rios in the area bugs right you know Percy Jackson. That's room and I get it. He's he's certainly doing it. This one will be you know that goes ago this you know it was and so it's a room because. He's