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Tiger's journey back to Congressional Country Club



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Mon, 15 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com Q with bestselling author John find -- let's talk. The open championship coming up at Muirfield I give me -- got a better chance tiger with the elbow and Lindsey -- on his other elbow up at the elbow or just -- -- or Rory McIlroy he's got plethora of things -- -- Corey has no chance no chance none I wish he did you know I love him but. I think he's a mess right now I think that that the clubs and messed him up I think having a fire. His new way agents earlier in the year of the debacle at the Hyundai did not play well on the Irish open we know he wants to play well as the cut there. I just think he's an -- will get ever get out of it yet. I hope by the end of the year but I don't think this week about mr. Obama well mr. elbow always has a chance because he can played any golf course well he should be arrested. That's for sure. And I I I think he's got as good chances anybody in the field and -- -- Lindsay on their looks very relaxed possibly may be tired from that and but don't Bob thank you up Phil Mickelson wins the Scottish open. Didn't his chances. I you could play -- back next Monday okay after -- make a fool myself I think he's got a great chance for us I really do I think playing for a week. On the links golf course and playing well when you won or not playing well that helps this conference -- last two starts he could've would've should've won the US open does when the Scottish open. He's learned how to deal with the you know over there. He didn't like being over there early in his career he didn't like -- showers and then the roads in that the food or anything like that now he's OK got this whole family over there. I would be stunned -- a couple. Weeks go Jordan's please join me your -- on the eighteenth in national -- said. I feel like I'm close to the you know we work volume while he knew Gary was -- not so much but I -- -- -- the golf Tampa I know who he is right now I mean. Nineteen years old -- now over two million earned. Six top ten finishes this is a bright it's a bright shining spot for the PGA tour is in nineteen going. 930 that your life it's like he's been out there for years he wins for the first time yesterday gets in the British Open gets in the masters. Becomes a member of the war could remember he -- membership status that we once and his reaction when. That's good what's next. And I think he's going to be extra meaning he was making cuts on the tour when he was sixteen. Won a national championship Texas. He's going to be is it that did not bring enough clothes for the British Open by the way he gets them over there I was -- and whenever a roster -- to be front Watson couples and Faldo as a pairing. -- those guys be in the mix on Sunday. Probably not but the one who's got the best chance is couples because he can still hit it far enough now Watson of course almost one four years ago I still have gotten over that one. But I I think of the three. Couples has the best chances to have a chance at least on the leader boards and ultimately win. We'll play back on Monday with the Mets and got the author of a problem for me Estes. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Tiger Woods on the conditions at Congressional Country Club

    CSN Washington dot com. I think that. The open was fine the setup was unfortunate right and veteran line which changes things that's something we can't control we can't control mother nature. We can control set up as best we possibly can in the on the nature decides to it it changes things. What do

  2. Chick Hernandez and friends get a chance to play at Congressional Country Club

    CSN Washington dot com. Recently select members of the media had an opportunity to play a round of golf at congressional country club . The see firsthand what the pros we've facing. At this week's AT&T national course. Chick Hernandez seize

  3. Chick Hernandez 1-on-1 with Tiger Woods at Congressional Country Club

    She is in Washington dot com. I well welcome back to it to this area after a couple years in Philadelphia before get to the course and the tournament let's talk about you yourself mentally the thought about. Just getting home. Think we'll come off the US open. You came away from that thinking what.

  4. Justin Rose pulls out of AT&T National

    has withdrawn from this week's AT&T national held congressional country club . Citing exhaustion. Rhodes won the AT&T in 2010 ..... playing this week they hit the range this afternoon at congressional country club and ultimately as familiar humidity of our region

  1. CSN Washington dot com Q with bestselling author John find let's talk. The open championship coming up at Muirfield I give me got a better chance tiger with the elbow and Lindsey on his other elbow up at the elbow or just

  2. CSN Washington dot com. Has been great and other than memberships and been fantastic. We've been doing our our time here and trust you would like to come on. I would have that states that it's great to play these really really good tracks and everything to play too many of them that. Slowly.

  3. CSN Washington dot com. Party were Georges street who shot a two under 69 here congressional country club we've we've we've got a chance to meet till last year hum. How is it how was it today is in round one of the AT&T national

  4. in the show I'll show you beat. Seaside of Rickie Fowler and Ben training and introduce you to the golf don't wanna mess that. We will definitely look forward to that article live at congressional country club . CSN Washington dot com.

  5. you know meant the world to my son and. To the rest of his crew and following this tournament's lead every stop on the PGA tour now honors military in some way. At congressional country club Darren CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  6. CSN Washington dot com. The biggest change hole number one for the added a bunker on the left of the fairway and they moved him back in the players landing sound. I thought I remembered being able to carry that better or not that's on and on and it was definitely. It was surprising to be in that.

  7. CSN Washington dot com. Hybrid and welcome back to congressional country club when last we left last year. In the third round lead. And quite a quiet round that direction that what are your memories of that

  8. CSN Washington dot com. defending champion Tiger Woods put the AT&T national golf tournament at historic congressional country club in Bethesda Maryland this summer. Why this fairway with Tiger Woods' masters champion Adam Scott Rickie Fowler

  9. CSN Washington dot com. Let's continue talking golf now with bestselling author John Feinstein John good to see it could you see Michael tiger wins for the second time at the AT&T national. I personally get tired of hearing is tiger back is tiger back he's always going to be a very good golfer

  10. and here. It was nice vehicle that look we gotta give a little golf claps to the big grounds crew there at congressional country club because last night was horrific weather wise. And you we almost thought there was not going to be a tournament

  11. Tiger Woods' AT&T National Pro-Am


    Wed, 27 Jun 2012

    s very focused on posting a low score. And taking. His title that's about the tiger's tournament at congressional country club and Kelly Johnson was out all the course with tiger today for the pro am and hello Kelly and tell lists if

  12. Tiger Woods' AT&T National Pro-Am


    Wed, 27 Jun 2012

    s very focused on posting a low score. And taking. His title that's about the tiger's tournament at congressional country club and Kelly Johnson was Al all of course with tiger today for the pro am and hello Kelly and tell us if you

  13. CSN Washington dot com the youngest player congressional this week is also getting. A lot of attention hos slur is playing in the event after being invited by tiger. On a sponsor's exemption seventeen year old actually held the lead for a couple holes during the US open at Olympic. Now he's at

  14. CSN Washington dot com. Congressional country club is the place to be this week. Tigers toward it ..... The last time professional golf was played at congressional country club . That was last year at the US open Rory McIlroy

  15. update. Everybody Brent Harris for CSN Washington dot com last time professional golf is played at congressional country club . Was just last year at the US open Rory McIlroy destroying the field as he set or broke twelve US

  16. Everybody crystal here for CSN Washington dot com the AT&T national is set to make his trial for return. To congressional country club in just a few short weeks. And the man behind at all Tiger Woods was in town earlier to meet the media

  17. championship in the sport the 140 open championship for the fourteenth time being played ..... courses in the south of Scotland for an open championship . And of since that period of time ..... very special week here. the 140 open championship how's the back side are Comcast

  18. CSN Washington dot com. Not what happened at the us open. You know the expectations are going to be high very high expectations of myself but. the public seemed to have. Equally high expectations so. You know it's fine and not back fills a flat out a way to on the you know they'll be able to do

  19. great results there good. You know all. give my best shot next year. So we'll see nick in next year congressional country club perhaps we'll see the guy who normally hopes determined Tiger Woods about that for some competition. On

  20. group. There will be some nerves JJ short winner of the inaugural by the way AT&T national in 2000 set a course that was a congressional country club . At the AT&T here ironic chick Hernandez Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.