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Report on former Naval officer Billy Hurley competing at the Melwood Open-5/31



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Mon, 25 Jun 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Congressional country club is the place to be this week. Tigers toward it it is back after two -- run in Philadelphia while congressional hosted the US open. Tiger Woods hits the grounds tomorrow. Some of the players filtering in today and among them a familiar face. To some local golf fans let's take you back two years ago. Tommy two globe's Bob -- winning his first pro tournament when the nationwide tour at the Melo would open in College Park. Now he's here try to get his first PGA win he's already heard the rough is up to congressional. And then he shared some of the keys to what it'll take to win with a chick Hernandez. Hit a lot of fairways hit a lot of greens -- auto parts. I think I think that's when me and I think that's going to be the key to win this golf tournament home because I think tiger and everybody else here at congressional. Not to hit with a sixteen that -- coast atmosphere for the US open. Pundits and they've taken it apart and they're gonna make it as tough as possible good memories come back to Syria on no doubt about it. I mean winning and then a slight turn in College Park and which is not too far from me so I feel home so just trying to offense. And its you playing with four amateurs. How do you keep your concentration when you see some shots that. Let's just say. Won't be that good but you know it is my first time playing at congressional so I'm just trying to get a gift from me with a golf course to get ready for wins him thirsty. Some and we as a crime as well so I'm talking -- at least -- the best time and hopefully we can play well -- thing. We in this pro am here and maybe they can get some goodies. The last time professional golf was played at congressional country club. That was last year at the US open Rory McIlroy just destroyed the field as he set or broke twelve US open records he posted a sixteen under par for the -- -- this year with a tighter fairways in the tall rough. Might just be a tougher challenge. The rest -- healthy it's it's quite tough for -- healthy he's a good word for here in other words as well when guys come off here army. In the depth I mean if it appears that did tiger and and company has said look what Rory did here last year has never gonna happen again. Yeah I was I was -- these guys like unbelievably this sixteen under whatever it was I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- magic -- rough is thick the greens are rolling great early you can pretty quick but the rough is the main thing and I had a which I don't want -- can -- get out of Iraq so you know record contracts. CSN Washington dot com.

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