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  2. Tiger Woods2:27
  3. Mike Douglas0:09
  4. British Open0:39
  5. National Golf Club2:18
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Thu, 18 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com yeah. For the world was introduced at tiger and his golf prowess in October of 1978. When he appeared on the Mike Douglas show as it truly -- He was literally born to play his game and that's usually the case. It certainly is for Woodstock in -- Jake let it. Who like Tigers 35 years ago is growing up dreaming of winning on the world's largest stages. Perfect. The game of golf can be grueling and unforgiving. It'll invoke a range of emotions -- highs and lows which can change as quickly as the weather at the British Open. But seventeen year old Jake Leavitt wouldn't have it any other way. I guess it's a challenge that you can never be perfect and you can only thing you learn how you get out and did you get utilized a lot better and you can. Align yourself -- -- -- -- in the players' results and I'm. You play. Other people play it's always me. It's that challenge that made Jake fall in love with the sport and start pursuing it competitively at age ten. The last two years Jake is teamed up with PGA instructor Steve Bob dobbs was widely considered to be one of the best teaching professionals in the country. Bought -- believes Jake has the tools in place to be successful. That's the thing that's often not discuss -- really good juniors good players in general you know they're really good support system. And you know the family background is very important to work ethic is very important and you have them because it's and I think that he's probably. And all of those components. Now the rest of the stuff you know. See how much players got inside. -- showed that last week when he collected his first eight GA GA victory in Annapolis junior tournament for the -- calls the highlight of his golf career. But the victory was not easy Jake had to battle through some bad breaks and tough lies in the last two holes to hold on for the win. By the time I -- around it's easy when -- had to go through that went home. -- gaining a lot of good experience. And it should mean I can perform under pressure is gonna help me. You know and trust -- you. That confidence will be put to the test at the end of the month. When Jake participates in the junior PGA championship at trump National Golf Club Potomac falls Virginia but qualifying for the junior PGA championship. -- is already in good company. Past participants include names like Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson and Jordan's beat him being on. There's things. Hi my name on -- Has Jake enters his senior year mount saint -- at the Baltimore he'll be juggling homework and pep rallies were practicing college golf recruiting trips. But it's sacrifices he's happy to me to work toward his ultimate goal. I'm playing on the PGA tour yeah. Goal that won't be without more tough shots and bad lies but it's that -- that attracted Jake to the game in the first place. Golf is funny game. Never know what's been going home so you just keep hitting it. Hopefully goes in the hole. CSN Washington dot com.

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  12. CSN Washington dot com. Yeah. I played golf for myself. I wanna be the best I can be. The wanna do more than that. I am the first person in my family to go to college. Primary role model for my little brother's. I wanna be the best I can And I am hoping other news do the same. My name is deny any

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  19. putt and put their hand up it was pretty funny and there's no without them. You passed Jack Nicklaus and second most PGA tour wins was I mean you again. Plus it's I had a pretty good career not to do it and at 36 and of the telecasts I have

  20. get ready to play is just incredible. There's on the PGA tour they've never had this situation they have had a on the champions storm back in 2000. But not on the PGA tour where you have no spectators and no ball in nobody clapped