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Richard Crawford on dropped INT: I 'definitely caught that ball'



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Thu, 8 Aug 2013|


Csnwashington.com. Richard Crawford joining our rob -- Crawford I'm sure. For the next few hours ago I think I caught that ball I caught that ball. Definitely confident. We talked about it inside the locker room. I mean what the rest anywhere you pleading your case he just that dome. -- I think he's anywhere this twisted my how many come off I think Miami came awfully comfortable with the ball was out Lisa -- you can kind of its regulations. -- -- kind of process -- when I cant be mad at me. There's a bay -- Cardinals -- -- -- Remorse to talk -- laughing and smiling as he saw you get -- -- and he dropped the ball what are you doing an interview room floor but he had to like. The way you position yourself in the play you went up and its highest point and got it for the coaches saying I know they can give you interception boards feedback from the coaches. Home they really say -- I don't fantastic mean Mickelson plays on when I make plays and always being in these kinds of and they stick for me now also. Just just go with the -- on next week see what I do better. Those guys were just given the car Rambo a hard time about that play I mean the SEC there's been and then there's speed in the NFL. And you -- look at them at the moment. I Chris Johnson broke become my record throw forty Tom homage. I was going to be surprised -- exactly yeah you know you -- -- look at this very moment you know home and you learn something you know. My -- of the -- we will have -- like Alter his play well to look -- -- he did his job so we -- song I'm real -- three of those guys you know you know. We're -- with them. You know what that's like to go in there and try and make a play -- all eyes -- on -- as a rookie. What was going through their mind to think you're right -- I think it was kind of let them lose you know because it's totally powerless in -- Masters -- their man loose and make plays and maybe being either gonna make a play you MS and if you miss so you can do it better -- played my wife Lorrie missed that you know suddenly went out. I think they did that you know there's rumors out there and you know they'll use their physical attributes around a program of those three guys. Overall how do you think your defense played. Those two goes to tell us now runs that I thought I was only being that we did wrong you know home. He is trying to be aggressive trying to make plays zone in the front seven in the secondary you know so -- until we fix that we would have. So in my you know so I think we diggers out. -- over it. Hi guys -- -- -- warrior -- Crawford for the golfers Brian Mitchell and I'll watch the last two opponents by and watch your game today you're just always have a knack for being around the ball. How much easier was it for you this year it was your first game compared to last year. Holmes allies around who I -- -- this bag was a little bit more foot strain -- -- -- -- a ball hasn't last year they were just taken its been awhile without his number thirty guys out there that you are kind of knew I was sky -- that -- every time it was a lot easier this year. Crawford thanks -- -- retirement and we'll -- that we -- preferred field. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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