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The final touches are being made to Congressional for U.S. Open-6/7



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Mon, 15 Jul 2013|


CSN Washington dot com Q with bestselling author John find -- let's talk. The open championship coming up at Muirfield I give me -- got a better chance tiger with the elbow and Lindsey -- on his other elbow up at the elbow or just -- -- or Rory McIlroy he's got plethora of things -- -- Corey has no chance no chance none I wish he did you know I love him but. I think he's a mess right now I think that that the clubs and messed him up I think having a fire. His new way agents earlier in the year of the debacle at the Hyundai did not play well on the Irish open we know he wants to play well as the cut there. I just think he's an -- will get ever get out of it yet. I hope by the end of the year but I don't think this week about mr. Obama well mr. elbow always has a chance because he can played any golf course well he should be arrested. That's for sure. And I I I think he's got as good chances anybody in the field and -- -- Lindsay on their looks very relaxed possibly may be tired from that and but don't Bob thank you up Phil Mickelson wins the Scottish open. Didn't his chances. I you could play -- back next Monday okay after -- make a fool myself I think he's got a great chance for us I really do I think playing for a week. On the links golf course and playing well when you won or not playing well that helps this conference -- last two starts he could've would've should've won the US open does when the Scottish open. He's learned how to deal with the you know over there. He didn't like being over there early in his career he didn't like -- showers and then the roads in that the food or anything like that now he's OK got this whole family over there. I would be stunned -- a couple. Weeks go Jordan's please join me your -- on the eighteenth in national -- said. I feel like I'm close to the you know we work volume while he knew Gary was -- not so much but I -- -- -- the golf Tampa I know who he is right now I mean. Nineteen years old -- now over two million earned. Six top ten finishes this is a bright it's a bright shining spot for the PGA tour is in nineteen going. 930 that your life it's like he's been out there for years he wins for the first time yesterday gets in the British Open gets in the masters. Becomes a member of the war could remember he -- membership status that we once and his reaction when. That's good what's next. And I think he's going to be extra meaning he was making cuts on the tour when he was sixteen. Won a national championship Texas. He's going to be is it that did not bring enough clothes for the British Open by the way he gets them over there I was -- and whenever a roster -- to be front Watson couples and Faldo as a pairing. -- those guys be in the mix on Sunday. Probably not but the one who's got the best chance is couples because he can still hit it far enough now Watson of course almost one four years ago I still have gotten over that one. But I I think of the three. Couples has the best chances to have a chance at least on the leader boards and ultimately win. We'll play back on Monday with the Mets and got the author of a problem for me Estes. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Changes to the Congressional golf course since the last U.S . Open -6/15

    were making short courses ready for the US open what immediately. Comes to your mind ..... you try to. Well the first time here congressional was about twenty years ago and we had ..... that changed got the open back here congressional . CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Congressional gets back to normal after U.S . Open -6/20

    to had to come after a thrilling week at the US open clean up is under way congressional country club so now. You know just have to settle ..... the other temporary buildings that are part of US open week. Slowly but surely however things will

  3. U.S . Open at Congressional not an easy course-6/11

    check. For over a high one million dollars now next week at congressional will be different the United States Golf Association run ..... course is long and difficult not be a birdie barrage that congressional in fact. Even par would've won four of the last six but

  4. U.S . Open golfers talk the challenges of 10 and 11 at Congressional -6/15

    ways a look at maybe incentive and drivers allowed shots in the practice range and you're 45 iron to get ready. But. The US open got to man up and it's golf shots around here. It's not that it's weird to start on a par three it's more that it

  1. well when you won or not playing well that helps this conference last two starts he could've would've should've won the US open does when the Scottish open. He's learned how to deal with the you know over there. He didn't like being over there early

  2. back onto the roster almost up hopefully we stay in. Lot love to play congressional but I I think the members of congressional probably consider themselves to be a US open type of of golf course and so they probably. Would rather just play big

  3. few of the players it's amazing. How they feel about congressional . Not just. It's great golf course it just to feel the ..... something like this with tiger's name attached to it and congressional part of this part of our partnership. Membership board

  4. clock the last putt going in so. But I mean I think it's a Smart move in case you do get afternoon thundershower than ever have to feel out here on Monday you know. Congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington CSN Washington dot com.

  5. felt like an eagle mean. You say your memory here at congressional I don't know I could play a hole every day I don ..... teams cannot hope to see that you would defend here at congressional country. CSN Washington dot com.

  6. for around to shooting a 629. For his first nine here at congressional . And better than that he's not the only read enjoying ..... on the bag. She said she's not too sure about that at congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  7. were right back here for US open . Absolutely coming out of the senior open 97. US open champion. Ernie Els ..... if he could just win at congressional maybe you gonna win the ..... Woods on finishing. At 97 us open . The suffering is over

  8. if you would have tiger over for dinner one night part of the US open . Garcia replied quote. Who have a round night. serve fried ..... whopping twenty strokes behind the winner Matt Once came to the US open cognizant of the fact it has been a full five years it's his

  9. Adam Scott the the young man from Australia. Beautiful spring to watch but that's commissioners today and that's what congressional due to you at plus two for Adam Scott the surprised by the I am surprised I think he's a guy who strikes the ball very

  10. com. Party were Georges street who shot a two under 69 here congressional country club we've we've we've got a chance to meet ..... course will play all year. It's playing. The length of the US open obviously the greens are a little receptive it's been raining

  11. their first round here at congressional that even though the weather ..... it played a lot like the US open . You just have to drive ..... And back out here alive I congressional as mentioned before your ..... forward to that article live at congressional country club. CSN Washington

  12. by his 45 finish at the US open . Focusing news has been ..... I feel like. Now the US open is behind and on the gone ..... said especially out the US open not you know a result ..... the confidence high. At congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington

  13. meant the world to my son and. To the rest of his crew and following this tournament's lead every stop on the PGA tour now honors military in some way. At congressional country club Darren CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  14. a par four away from the main entrance. At the eighteenth tee so you get merchandise says you come in and he got one last shot to get it. As you leave at congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. It's CSN Washington dot com.

  15. CSN Washington dot com. Hybrid and welcome back to congressional country club when last we left last year. In the ..... courses we have had success. Is there something about congressional that. You like in particular. You know where where

  16. D.C. United looks to continue U.S . Open success


    Tue, 25 Jun 2013

    The silent confidence in his team that D.C. United head coach Ben Olsen talked about grew louder over the weekend.

  17. Now it's just the road is the US open champion has withdrawn from this week's AT&T national held congressional country club. Citing exhaustion ..... will be a little weaker with the US open champion now as is the defending