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Sat, 5 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. That. Thank -- sports net central update. What's good everybody personally for CSN Washington dot com assaults and caps. After trailing by three in the second period Thursday Washington were able to rally fourth shutout against the Calgary Flames. McHale we'll bounce T and how is the best of but the -- -- by scoring on the -- force food stamps. Wow -- what could -- between the -- in relief duty to help the caps to their first victory of the season worried the whole thing is back in net tonight. -- -- But the worst feeling in hockey but home. It's. As up when McCain and you know the coaches it's an obligation they can make changes to. To. -- keep the game within reach and and -- Stewart spin sort of learning curve Lucent's camp tour not just trying to change few things and and those schools with his control. You don't make those changes easier to it to see what you can do best better what you -- -- heard -- -- and -- Don't make -- it doesn't -- -- on a consistent -- And out of thrusters to -- guess forces studios of Chris Miller for CSN Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Caps rally to beat Flames 5-4 in home opener

    central update. Everybody holder with your Geico sports that central update let's start on the ice caps hope opener against Calgary . And while Washington found themselves down three in the second but got a spark from rookie punter Scoring his first career

  2. Dale Hunter talks about the win over the Flames -1/3

    CSN Washington dot com. know it you know some heat is great playmaker he sees the ice in the you know you can't teach that that's. You know god given ability and his ability to pass pucks and see what was opening guy when you can't really see any kind of sense is that he's he's going to be around

  3. Al Koken talks with Marcus Johansson about the win over Calgary -1/3

    he's is very important for us and he's. So it's a good hockey player meaning and you know he's it's very important for ..... tonight the capitals make it four straight as they knocked off the Calgary Flames . Csnwashington.com.

  4. Backstrom ties the game late in the third period

    CSN Washington dot com. shot. He's surprised apparently. Why don't we take big. How the group's. Back take it day. She's here in the third for the Calgary Flames . The fact of his first two years tied it up. CSN Washington dot com.

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  6. CSN Washington dot com. thanks very much. Alex when did you feel this team in the moment and start to change for you guys are tough to second different spirit we just regroup ourselves in the locker room. Of course what was kind of welcome them moon bouncing but you know wouldn't give up we fight

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    CSN Washington dot com. Good speed here. Get out there Sort of changed directions since he. Second on the season. There you see the puck. CSN Washington dot com.

  8. CSN Washington dot com. Six. Yeah Jack Hewitt needed attention wow this last year in the first game. now fight breaks out at the. Wilson is athletic trainer. Craig Smith to have fallen Jack you know I just don't like to look at this remember last year he was hurt. It the first game that he played

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    little bit over what we expected. But he always good hockey player and we expect him to fit into the system and we ..... opener for the Washington Capitals as they welcome the Calgary Flames to the Verizon Center coverage begins at 630. We caps

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  12. the lead that we let it get away. But you know there's the chance for a reason they kept coming here they're very good hockey team and believe me it's big says Harmon. What's you need a little bit about the ultimate. The most important thing like

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    don't want it. Thursday regular season hockey returns to Comcast sports net as Washington takes up Calgary at the Verizon Center. We bring you all ..... capitals post in my. Complete coverage of the Flames capitals clash only Comcast sports net

  15. be ready for it it's one game in maybe the electricity of the crowd is it tough building anyways so hopefully it's good hockey game. Comcast sports and has a special one hour edition of capitals central 72 ready for the opener on NBC sports network

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  19. Csnwashington.com. If we've been seeing a lot of bench clearing lately we saw that massive hockey brawl in an NBA it does happen a lot but. Isn't it. The call I'm sorry to interrupt. I gotta suck you right there in with

  20. streets of charm city to walk to the Baltimore arena but not without a pit stop first. They have been giving caffeine I an in the hockey business and I still think we have you know it's. To sweep those trees. Figure anything. Definitely don't think or can