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The last interview with Tomas Fleischmann as a Washington Capital-11/30

Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

Colorado beat the Anaheim Ducks, 6-1, on Wednesday night in Patrick Roy's coaching debut with the Avalanche.

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  1. Caps OT- Episode 23- 12/3

    In dot Everybody on the south police and welcome to cat he. Can't stand got their first look at the new defenseman Scott Hannan on Thursday night at the caps have got the Dallas Stars. Average ever in nineteen minutes of ice time chance to meet Scott today in the locker here's what he had to say.

  2. Caps Lunchbox P. 2: Does the system fit the players?-12/14

    the scoring chances against now as a hockey fan I wanna see that. Now I mean it ..... Mike Green would join the capitals in Colorado in Denver this weekend as they're playing the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night. And with skate with

  3. Caps OT: Time to make a trade?-12/7

    draft picks what about that one that it comes from the Colorado Avalanche it's looked very good at times sometimes the ever ..... gonna get one of those picks this year because I think Colorado still gonna fall Parker is a lot of problems there

  4. Table Manners: Why do chicks dig hockey players?

    Junkies like you've never seen them before table why is it. Hockey guys always seen that the women particularly track. Time ..... Brad yeah. Bryant's fifty what's. Brett is he's a hockey players because golfer he says he's at twelve handicap ..... guys fitness center iceberg. 15161000. People like the Avalanche . Yeah with a lot of players eventually was acting as one

  1. Getting to know new Flyers coach Craig Berube


    Tue, 8 Oct 2013

    Peter Laviolette is out and Craig Berube is in. Here's a look at Berube's hockey background.

  2. Capitals beat out the Flames


    Sat, 5 Oct 2013

    help the caps to their first victory of the season worried the whole thing is back in net tonight. But the worst feeling in hockey but home. It's. As up when McCain and you know the coaches it's an obligation they can make changes to. To. keep the

  3. Grabovski impresses Oates in opener


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    impressive yet. I think getting a hat trick his first time ever and probably a little bit over what we expected. But he always good hockey player and we expect him to fit into the system and we're gonna give a lot of opportunities to succeed and to the players

  4. Final: Bruins 3, Lightning 1


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    Hockey is back and the Bruins take a 1-0 lead after the first period in the opener against Tampa Bay at TD Garden thanks to a Chris Kelly penalty shot. Follow the action here.

  5. Bruins - Bolts preview: Hockey is back


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    The Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning are set to kick their hockey seasons off at the TD Garden tonight. Joe Haggerty has the preview.

  6. NHL Wrap: Avs win in Roy's coaching debut


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    Colorado beat the Anaheim Ducks, 6-1, on Wednesday night in Patrick Roy's coaching debut with the Avalanche .

  7. the lead that we let it get away. But you know there's the chance for a reason they kept coming here they're very good hockey team and believe me it's big says Harmon. What's you need a little bit about the ultimate. The most important thing like

  8. Toews joins debut of Mayers' new radio show


    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    Former Blackhawks forward Jamal Mayers is co-hosting a new hockey radio show in St. Louis, and Jonathan Toews joined his ex-teammate for the show's debut Wednesday.

  9. Table Manners: David Falk


    Tue, 1 Oct 2013

    Comcast sports net. Bronson by yellow if it doesn't have this he'll attack you don't want it. Thursday regular season hockey returns to Comcast sports net as Washington takes up Calgary at the Verizon Center. We bring you all the action before the

  10. be ready for it it's one game in maybe the electricity of the crowd is it tough building anyways so hopefully it's good hockey game. Comcast sports and has a special one hour edition of capitals central 72 ready for the opener on NBC sports network

  11. USA Hockey roster to be announced during Winter Classic


    Tue, 1 Oct 2013

    On Jan. 1, USA hockey will reveal the roster for its Olympic team during the NHL's Winter Classic, USA Hockey announced Tuesday.

  12. Wakeup Call: Torts turns to firehouse hockey


    Fri, 27 Sep 2013

    Here's your wakeup call -- a combination of newsworthy and/or interesting tidbits -- for Friday, September 27.

  13. Csnwashington.com. If we've been seeing a lot of bench clearing lately we saw that massive hockey brawl in an NBA it does happen a lot but. Isn't it. The call I'm sorry to interrupt. I gotta suck you right there in with

  14. streets of charm city to walk to the Baltimore arena but not without a pit stop first. They have been giving caffeine I an in the hockey business and I still think we have you know it's. To sweep those trees. Figure anything. Definitely don't think or can

  15. Jenks: Jan Vesely could use some work


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    very important to say about young vastly improving okay. The only thing that may be unapproved blonde is playing top floor hockey wood is ladies I. Any he was added a couple of years ago I mean the that's what kids do at summer camp right. In all seriousness

  16. your best sport high school and was a hockey is you put it up late. You know things ..... pitcher and catcher looked. They knew like hockey in full bloom and the university here ..... sports you're pretty didn't take up hockey team thirteenth. How do you like. Hockey

  17. Holtby has high hopes for the season


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    wonders if we keep working at it and there's they'll be constant improvement I think. What was your. A focus as far as hockey goes this offseason and and what you wanted to accomplish this year. Well I was one of the deal faster some working hard and

  18. Rockies hit three homers off Lackey, win 8-3


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    The Rockies hit three home runs off John Lackey as the Red Sox lose the first of two in Colorado , 8-3.

  19. Rosehill defends Clarkson, says code's 'changing'


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    Jay Rosehill defended David Clarkson for leaving the bench in Sunday's brawl and believes hockey 's unwritten code is changing.

  20. wonders if we keep working out of and there's. Sylvia constant improvement I think. What was your need to focus as far as hockey goes this off season and and what you wanted to accomplish this year. Well I was one of the field faster some working hard