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The Fight Fix - UFC 129 Picks



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  2. Luke Thomas0:54
  3. Henderson4:09
  4. Twitter4:47, 4:57
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  7. white horse3:13
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Sun, 24 Apr 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Diaz did watching -- dot com yeah. Yet he hasn't lost one round and -- his. -- -- -- -- -- On straight you control every. It's like he'd like to get into that and that aggressive you know in the pocket you know occur you'd like to be in control. And -- -- away -- That means that if the dog fight you can make an excellent beginning to describe he's gonna force -- to and. You -- -- -- -- -- into the -- -- -- means so much more you know cause -- it from a mile to win and obviously endorsing appears in the top guy the last you know at least through four years you know the most dominant if one looked obvious to people dominant you know fighter of all time so he's a guy he's a -- wanted to vote from. Welcome to the fight become dusting green -- support their for Jake shields -- endorsing -- gives you one point on this week. Bring in the man Luke Thomas senior editor at finished dot com talking about that little bit and that that's no the giveaway right here the first. Luke hit it bought thousand people it brought to center. Let's start in about work her way up my main card cut -- -- -- -- -- how you can work out all the battle for a while. Salute by the -- can't the hype -- the and a couple of. And a little heavy on the chalk that'll kill me here purist I diligently on I think because the others to. Is that he's the regular comedy gives me -- -- that -- that the matter what you will point out that I can believe. The elderly -- athletics occur even though -- -- it might have more in the back corner and it as early as they refine technician. At all who believe that the ways in which how many can walk two walk but the mission particularly guys -- Stick to him more athletic and can transition position for that to the although -- a with the way would you -- not rushing by Clinton could probably write a paper. When opportunities present themselves he takes them and I think eventually over the course of Brown's left I think he's a book or morally or next. Komen event radical tour for a -- -- them into the coming off two straight losses first time ever let him -- tour. Contemplate retirement now says that we probably gonna do this is over pretty interesting that apparently suppan out that this would like -- 2000 -- he -- to work that would actually give two or a hell of a chance and I think he could push. Well we will get the anti dueling glove or we could take him down and put one back and hold their for a long while but. To me is that he could be hard for him -- his work in his oblique of course someone in the cage to put into -- thankfully eventually. Ending we go to Q yeah. He's the winner -- and and moreover. Are you Olsen wouldn't it doesn't look at kicks and he's governments working on the range -- also got to believe that do you -- could thwart even at 48 at wouldn't give that he has the body can't take that amount of punishment anymore he saw that against in the -- that you would have to do of the guys I believe eventually. Of course you're running and he's really even the aural punch. That's gonna Doumit I do think though it could be a little more competitive at least early -- way to -- to ultimately though. Q they're going to shoot his way but you listen to coordinate the most unbelievable career. Or arguably in the UFC he's going to be shooting no one but. And movies this here don't -- to look forward to the movie -- -- -- -- -- white horse as far as they're concerned about the main event yes he and Jake shields. The show some pretty interesting things on Jake shields then I'll let us in training partners plus that Bill Davis. People. Article writing him off the super -- is on the horizon. But realistically. Trouble is gonna give gifts and well I don't give but the notion he's gonna give you could trouble I think it's a little misguided. What kind of things that would that people work or criminally underrated Jake shields. Stewart -- -- he's gonna win -- the -- I think ultimately I don't feel a lot of ways projects you'll -- that being said. The rustling of -- -- shield it that he's dominant physical -- for. It's that he is an unforgiving course that the report. He's been shot -- He's been real shock and you -- -- -- all the -- shot he will stick Q like Lou and I think it's toughness it's just -- the completely unheralded the -- not one but can middleweight but one Robby -- -- And Henderson did and then Jake shields managed to hang on I think he's super super talk with them. In the end up they have the skill thing would work to appear he does not on the floor if you don't endorse it here maybe the -- -- -- on top and even then. She'll have problems if you guys who were not merely as gifted that were severe -- figure spend as little time on his back if anybody in the UFC. I don't think there's -- of the number reason to believe that you can do -- -- here but. But the idea that appeared won't come in there and steam -- Jake shields is pure. In three and Thomas didn't -- knowledge you dream. Giving away free stuff -- a -- prize pack when it took -- ball on Twitter. At -- green on -- Bellamy. -- -- with somebody will as always you can join us on FaceBook. The -- on who can control the show on Twitter at yet end the white six. Blue collar on the greens and -- has -- out of those. He had in Washington dot com.

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  9. CSN Washington dot com. Everybody I'm Jennifer Williams for Comcast sports net and hear what Mike Mike winner by unanimous decision. Cut try to describe that and where it's and. Goes on leave while I'm so happy I worked really really hard and I just represented my team team realized of was in my

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  12. CSN Washington dot com. Seemed like get under way he. They went and worked out. I feel I'm in. I can't see it. I can't. Of the unpleasant stuff you like stadium like to get dirty like that I'm still family event no profanity from. CSN Washington dot com.

  13. in ten times over so hot. You know I can't remember being as excited for UFC vitamins Rashad Evans. And Jon Jones in April and then I had never been as jacked up for UFC fight top before that but this is the top pilots and I can't wait for Saturday

  14. he did give me a couple years ago is coming back to you ten times over so not. You know I can't remember being excited for UFC vitamins and Rashad Evans and John Jones in April when I had never been as jacked up very gutsy fight. Top before that on that

  15. CSN Washington dot com. Ricky can. And everything. There. Okay. Okay. Okay. I had. If you like yeah luck isn't talking. And when you media market and the gallery and the ball reacts. CSN Washington dot com.

  16. CSN Washington dot com. Well it was a packed house for the weigh ins for USC 148. But it. Good stare down scuffle between tale and Anderson Silva with any indication. Of how electrifying this fight will be. Fans are and for an event and may go down as one of the bags. Game. That that's the end. CSN

  17. down another hall of fame moment there. You know what we do how would you describe the face of the sport right now you from. UFC thirteen to USC 140 your career has really stick it stood the test of time how would you describe the landscape now my. I think

  18. CSN Washington dot com. Here's a question for both of you like you were born in southeast DC the fighting at a temple hills Maryland that this is. A pretty huge national stage what does this mean for anime in that area. It's it's huge is one of the biggest things ever before and made in this area a

  19. anything else that might should be aware of Mike has really good power I don't think Fred I don't think we showed in the UFC about I've seen in training before he's got big time power I think you view he has to make enjoy more feel it. He can get

  20. anything else that might should be aware of Mike has really good power I don't think Fred I don't think we showed in the UFC about I've seen in training before he's got big time power I think you view he has to make enjoy more feel it. He can get