Austin Freeman

Durant, Oladipo show their moves in Goodman League



  1. Austin Freeman0:14
  2. Kevin Durant0:05
  3. Michael Beasley0:11
  4. Korea0:13
  5. Poland0:24
  6. Washington0:02, 0:49
  7. Iran0:20
  8. grant hills0:31
Sun, 25 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

This years in Washington dot com. I'm on hand to watch Kevin Durant at the Goodman league fastball plastic watch a local talent. On the plate but throw deep boat hit the the Michael Beasley who lobbed it up and -- Korea Austin Freeman. I slam there'll be found. Hit it over now. Comes up with a feel right here from Iran finishes at the other end with that I think -- -- down more from Poland -- -- look fold up. From just across half court of a feeling that fray over grant hills. Friend. And there. Work an -- deep on defense take a look stepped back behind the arc and hit that three after -- and ran out of the last -- but all was. Good. CSN Washington dot com.

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