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Fast Break with John Feinstein- 2/7



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Fri, 4 Oct 2013|

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Csnwashington.com. What is it that you learn from what would you know. Every time I talk to any coach in basketball. A ball but these -- they trying to instill in their play at Davidson his name what was that you picked up from there wouldn't be your post. Well I think that there -- a number of things very first thing is as well for the game and the game was the most important thing you know one was bigger than the game. And in that carried over -- coach this team no one was bigger than the team and his -- embodied. That type of spirit. I mean they had great talent. But they also played -- -- and that's to the genius. Coach would you ecology the USA basketball you have some guys we Eagles. And you very good at the game they've they've been -- put it all seem to respect you very much. You have to think you guys like progressive you thank you you put the USA basketball back where it belongs on the top of the people rankings. How was then I guess that that that journey for you and what what went into. What's been a tremendous job opportunity for me for the last eight years to work with this caliber of player for our country. And you know whatever talks about their egos and they do have big egos and they need to. We'd like that it's -- Not a -- -- is bigger than USA basketball. And they've been. Unbelievable to war when they've been great representatives. On and off the court for our country and I think they've all enjoyed it believe that obviously enjoyed. The success that we've had. Coaching college players and also those players. For the average fan out there what the similarity in -- -- while there's not much similarity and you've coached young man. Who haven't cross bridges yet. And you coach men who have crossed a lot of bridges. So with the younger players they've pretty much have to adapt field. But the older players we need to adapt to one another. And you need to change your style. Somewhat to make sure that -- while the best practices. Of everybody involved. To be there for your team. Overdrive one guy told me they look at image -- Kobe Kobe at this jolly who wants to win but he's one of the hardest working guys out there. He respect you tremendously and what is it about Kobe Bryant that makes him so special. While he has a passion to be the best -- he can be all the time. And what that means -- that you're willing to do all the -- -- -- work. -- -- see them countless hours. That you have to put in. To be that good and he does things he probably prepares -- harder and more. Anybody who's been in the NBA. For the last decade and a half. Get through local guys that few Colts. Grandiose Tommy Hamilton to. Two guys that are hungry and wants to respond basketball hall of fame your thoughts on what those guys rob -- Tommy and grant are like sons remain. Their gifts from god realize. They were as good as they weren't players they're even better as people. And our relationships have grown. Over the years to where we're dear friends. They were spectacular basketball players. Who made me look good to be quite frank with you have a lot that I elbow problem. But thank you available we know you made you look good -- make the team out -- CSN Washington dot com.

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